Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The high costs (and Tax) of Transporation.

One of the great freedoms we have in this country is often the one we most take for granted. We all know about freedom of speech which is under assault, freedom of religion which is under assault if you're a Christian, freedom to choose our Representatives, freedom to be educated, or the freedom to choose our own path and destinies. However, one freedom that never gets any mention or credit: our freedom of movement. Look at what happens in totalitarian states, how often does a person have a right to move about to other countries, within their own country, or even within their own city? Must movement is often restricted. Just take a look at some sections of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Pakistan where women not only forbidden to drive cars, but can't even show their faces (literally) in public without a male escort. The ability to move about without any infringement of the powers to be is a freedom that should be guarded. However, here in the state, we have taken that freedom for granted and now our lack of vigilance is about to hit us and most likely in ways we never would had envisioned.

Our current administration had created two policies that will infringe on this freedom and nobody really is taking noticed. The first is the war against global warming, pardon, I mean global climate change. After all, when the cultist need to cover his rear end when his illusion is exposed so he can keep his fraud going. We're going to regulate the co2 that's produced to combat this climate change. Never mind that the proof of our contribution which is about (remember, I know how to analyze statistics) .3% of all the so called greenhouse gases that's produced. The rest is created by nature and geological means like volcanoes that produce about 93% of all the greenhouse gases. So we're going to basically going to destroy what's left of our manufacturing base to regulate a gas which benefits will be insufficient at worse, suspect at best. How they're planning to regulate this gas should have all of use sipping tea: taxes.

The plan is to sell ration cards like those that were used during World War 2 to conserve energy. Saving energy is a worthy cause, however why are we rationing a resource we're not short on while we're not at war on a global scale, not like in World War 2. We have enough supply to provide our needs. Now BO and company, for the sake of the earth of course, is going to have us have to BUY the right to use any energy all in the name to regulate the co2. That means you're going to have to buy ration cards, which goes to the government's general fund so it's a value added tax, so you can just USE the energy. That means when you go to pay your electric bill, you will need these ration cards or the electric company will have to turn off your power. So using your computer to read this is going to require you give your tribute to Uncle Sam. The gas you use to heat your house is going to require you to contribute more to Uncle Sam. The gasoline you put in your car is going to cost you because you're going to have to have those pesky ration cards. Even a flight will cost more because the airline, as well as you, are going to have to purchase the limited carbon credits. Now, soon, we're going have to choose having the lights on vs. heating the house vs being able to get to work (if there's still a job left to go to). So our freedom of movement is going to be infringed by this tax. Not to mention staying in the 20th century. What's more insulting: the government, as usual, will be exempt from these policies, so they can still suck up as much juice, use as much gasoline, and heat up the building as hot as they like. That goes for agencies as well as personal. How fair, heh?

The other infringement is the regulations they're putting on the auto industries. We're hearing about the gas mileage, which I personally have no beef against. I've been driving smaller more efficient cars all my life because I don't want to contribute to the wealth of the oil companies as much as anybody else and they full fill my transportation needs. However, what BO is planning is we're going to go the way of Europe in the ridiculously small tin cans on wheels that nobody will want to buy (thus we'll be forced to). Those that need heavy duty vehicles for the ranch, farm, or the construction they work for will be out of luck. I can only imagine what this will do for the construction industries. Perhaps they'll join a government branch to get the exemption that will be needed. Many of these regulations, especially the "going green" regulation are just unrealistic. As I do my studies of mechanical engineering, I'm learning the difficulty of "green" power. Mainly it's a source that can't be stored or needs a massive volume of storage room. They're not economically viable at this time and BO's attempt to force it down our throats isn't going to make it happen. All it's going to do what regulating supplies always does: create scarcity. Soon nobody will be able to go anywhere and we're all going to be in a great deal of confinement.

The wrap is that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. The flames of hell are heated hotter when the good intentions are layered with unrealistic expectations. What we got is an administration thinking of a good intention, eliminating co2, with unrealistic expectation, we can go green if we force everyone to do so, and the result will be catastrophic not to mention a restriction on our ability to move about. If one thinks walking or biking will be the wave of the future, remember China already does that and they're the biggest greenhouse polluter on the planet and will not be a part of this reduction of the greenhouse gases. So in the end, what are we going to be giving up a good deal of our freedoms for and how sufficient affect will it have. Seems given the current technology, seems we're going to be giving up a lot to gain a very minimal, if any, benefits. That's not change I support and I doubt people voted for. In third world countries the lack of mobility is the greatest impediment to the citizens there. And for us, it won't just restrict our movement, but anything that uses fuel. Even mowing our lawn will be problematic. So Godspeed all.

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