Friday, May 22, 2009

The myth of homophobia.

I've read some crazy law enforcement and court rulings, but this may take the cake on absurdity and should really get us riled up against the homosexual mafia that has seen to take a hold in our body politics. If that makes me a homophobic, you got it wrong because a phobia is an unreasonable fear (see my blog about Islamophobia) of something. I have no fear against gays. In fact, I've found that I get along better with them than many heterosexuals, but I have no such desires. I've often have determined that their behavior, as long as it's kept in the privacy of their own home, doesn't harm me in any way, so I have no ill will or malevolence against them. What I do have a problem with is that I should by force accept their behavior as normal and allow them to display it if I own a Christian business or in my church. I don't believe in dictating what they do in the bedroom, that will be between them and God, but when they do force their beliefs on me outside their bedroom, I have a problem.

In Britain (seems a lot of crazy laws and rulings are coming from England lately) a man has been convicted of a hate crime, the crime of homophobia because some were "feeling" threaten by this man. One claimed that he fear that this man is going to come out and stab him. What was it this man was doing? He was video taping them in a public park where his children often play in and turning it in to police as evidence as lewd acts are being done in public which is an actual crime in Britain. Well, the English aren't seeing it that way. Even though the only thing this man is armed with is a video camera that's set on record, they find this is an act of hate against these people because of their sexual orientation. So now this man faces years in prison for the act of being vigilant to keep sexual acts being done in public so his children won't have to be a witness of it.

In this case, I would say what they do in the privacy of their own home is none of our business, but these guys are doing it in public. Though recording prostitutes in the act isn't considered a hate crime, provided it's a heterosexual act that's being preformed. I could argue that's a hate crime under this reasoning because it's sexaphobic. After all, aren't prostitutes allow to have the right to make a living? Perhaps, I'm not going to debate the morals of prostitution (though I do oppose it, you're not going to stop it either) so what boundaries are we going to accept as acceptable and reasonable. Last I checked, I could go out naked, play with myself and say I have a right to privacy. The public sexual exhibitionist are making that claim and that the only reason they're being target is their homosexuality, so this man should go to prison. Well, it doesn't work for me taking care of my own business in public and this argument is spacious. It's an attempt of making anyone that opposes anything on morals grounds, especially Christian moral grounds, as being a hate crime and silencing them. Freedom of speech, especially against homosexuals and Islamic hate mongers, is gone. Now this man just trying to have the decency laws of his community enforced is now is looking to be the sacrificial lamb for the enemies of free speech and the homosexual mafia that has plagued the western world. I'm all for privacy and keeping my nose out of it. It should go the same the other way around. A man shouldn't go to prison for doing the right thing because a group just doesn't like their views but that's seems to be the mentality in England today. What we should worry about is that the US is next. If you think I'm crazy, just look at what happened to Mrs. California and she was just expressing an opinion that she was asked directly about. No acts, no obtaining evidence, or even "harassing". The left here went berserk calling her a hate monger and a few other names I can't repeat here. How long til it will be a crime for how you think, even when there's no malevolence? Freedom is dead in England now, and soon the US if good people are going to continue to do nothing. We don't accept hetrosexuals performing sex acts in public, why are we allowing homosexuals?


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