Friday, May 22, 2009

The new faith of prisoners.

Recently in New York, a plot to blow up a synagogue was foiled. It wasn't really news that it was a group of Islamic fanatics. That part of the story is a tired and true segment that's in the news of nearly every conflict that's going on in the world. After all, of the major 16 conflicts in the world, 15 are Muslims that can't get along with their neighbors. The one exception is the Protestants/Catholic conflict in Ireland which has been going on nearly 900 years. Seem old hatreds die hard. What made this cliche attack stand out. It was who attempted the attack. It wasn't die hard Middle Eastern radicals. These men were home grown and . . . they were all paroled or released prisoners.

Islam's greatest appeals isn't happening in the streets of America, but in her prisons. When one takes a objective look at the facts, it only make sense that Islam appeals so well to the prison population here in the states. What is it about Islam that makes it so popular to the prison population? Look at what landed the criminal in prison in the first place: violence.

I have not deterred from my stand that I have no love for Islam. Just read from their evil book the Koran and it's fill with hate and the divinity of violence, hatred, death and murder. Any infidel is to be converted or killed. They're the Borg of our time. So, if you're a violent criminal and an lunatic Imam comes to you and state that his God loves and appreciates your perpetuation towards violence, what would you think. Islam takes the hate and violence these prisoners have and give them Divine blessings for them. They're taught that they're righteous and the American system that they oppose or that bringing down the man is a divine fight worthy of Allah's praise and blessings. The appeal only makes sense. It's a faith that they can be themselves and have God's blessing all the while justifying their bigotry against the society and her citizen that they committed their crimes against.

What is getting worrisome and anti-American is how our political body is supporting this. In prison, official must, by law, respect and provide the means and services for Islamic converts. They are required to let them have a mosque, provide Korans, and not infringe on their right to assemble and worship on public grounds. What happened to the separation of church and state that I hear from the ACLU? I guess mosque and state isn't included. Try doing that with a reformed and peaceful Christian faith in the prison and you'll end up being an inmate at that same prison. The war against Christian is now including the indoctrination of the enemy faith in our prisons now.

After 9-11 and the numerous attempts here on our soil, that the political body would wise up and realize that the faith is a contributor to the hatred and violence that's perpetrating these attacks. Too many think that it's the impoverished and desperate that do these attacks, hence why they are recruiting from our prisons so effectively. Take a look at most of the suicide bombers and perpetrators of the attacks are and you're in for a shock. Most are well educated (in Islam that is) but usually comes from middle class families. All of the 9-11 terrorists were well to do. None were impoverished, but the attackers of terrorism in Islam does seem to have one thing in common: criminal records.

There's a segment of Islam that's never talked about and without an understanding of it, you'll never understand the motive behind the suicide bombers and the terrorist attacks. Anyone that's study philosophy will get a study in freedom vs. fatalism. It's the fatalistic element of Islam that motives so many terrorist to be terrorists. Fatalism is the belief of predestination. That everything about one's life is predetermined. Fatalism literally means "it is written". In Islam, your fate is written, predetermined by God (Allah) before you're born. Everything that happens is all God's will. We have no choices, just puppets in God's design. The only choice we have is to choose if we will go on a jihad, or a holy war, and be willing to sacrifice our self to Allah. By making this choice, you can change God's will and be accepted into paradise after being chosen for hell. In Islam God has decided if you're going to hell or not before you're born. Now how do you know which one?

In Islam, since you're predestined to eternal paradise or damnation, how does one knows what that choice is? Simple, by how well your life goes. If you're living in mansions, have wealth, prestige, then you know you're one of the chosen ones. If you're living in poverty, left handed, an infidel, or A CRIMINAL, then you know that you're one of the damned. All 19 terrorist on 9-11 had criminal records. Strangely enough, 14 of them were convicted of homosexuality (I'm not going to make this an anti-homosexual argument, it was their "crime" that motivated them, not their orientation). So, you're in prison condemn to hell for eternity and Bin Laden's mouthpiece comes to you and gives you an option that will get you out of God's damnation list because of your crime to his paradise list. What choice would you be making?

So we have this kind of mentality and brainwashing going on in our prisons. Now they're being given a faith that not only allow them to continue their violent tendencies because they're not wrong or criminals in the eyes of Allah but to go on as before, just change their targets. To go on a jihad and they will receive God's grace. In the Middle East, it's criminals from middle to upper class prisoners who go on the rampage to regain their family's honor usually. I know this from my wife's aunts and uncles who in the past have pressured her to do likewise and her only crime in their eyes (until she converted to being a Catholic) was she was left handed. One of those curses (the biggest headache I have in my marriage is she still believes that she's cursed by God, just that it isn't Allah, but Jehovah). Islam is giving prisoners a means of rehabilitation without having to rehabilitating any of their behavior. In fact, in many cases, it makes them even more aggressive and violent.

So with Islam egging on what got them into prison in the first place giving rehabilitation without any responsibility to change for the betterment of society, or even to respect the society, it's no wonder why Islam is becoming so popular in our prisons. What are we getting once they're released? More and more anti-Semitic attacks and who knows what's next. Who know what sleeper cells are out there from these prisons and the teachings they've received while in prison. I hope that I'm wrong. I just know the 3 to 5% of those that end up in prison do enough damage to our society and only about 1/3rd of them are violent. I can only fear what will happen when the worse of the worse are released on a holy jihad. This policy of letting Islam spread while Christians are locked out need to be either stopped or go both ways. The ACLU and CAIR should not be allowed to have their cake and eat it too. Otherwise we become no different than the banana republics of the Middle East. I do know, attacks like those attempted in New York are going to continue and escalate.

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