Thursday, May 28, 2009

The real danger of Sotomayor.

Well, Bo has his first attempt to mold the Supreme Court to his image. Given by his first choice, he again is showing his true colors and nature. Seems the only things about this judge is that she's 1, a Hispanic (though any non white person would do), 2, a woman, and 3, a racist, and 4, a sexist. The fourth one was a surprise that I didn't think he had anything against males, but then again, a lot about the man surprises me. This is by far the most radical and extreme nominee every brought up to the supreme court and that's saying something given Ginsburg. What makes this dangerous is the political football that is being played out and given our government's history, we're going to be setting up one dangerous precedence.

This woman has stated that a woman of her race and gender is naturally wiser than a white male that hasn't gone through her experiences. Well, that's a bit of a stupid statement. Men and women are different, no matter what the feminist say, so they're going to have different experiences and have different reactions. To expect judges, who are human, to have experiences and bias that will determined how they think and judge goes without saying. That's human nature. However, when I read the definition of racism it states a belief or ideal that one is superior to another simply based on race. Well, if what she said isn't racist, as well as sexist as well, then what is? How much more bigoted can you get? This woman, especially after her opinion on the New Haven Fire Fighter case doesn't show her bigotry, then we are lost as a nation and what's ahead is going to get frightening.

This woman has been overturned in 60% of her decisions by the Supreme Court. In fact, her case against the white firefighters because the test are too unfair because not enough blacks aced them (never mind none of them actually studied for the exam, they were expected to be promoted based on race) then the test aren't fair, nobody will be promoted (unless black or Hispanic) is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court. We may have the irony this woman may rule on her own case or have it overturned while going through the nomination hearings. This woman as been chastised by CLINTON appointees as being a braggart, loud mouth, having no respect for the law or lawyers that oppose her views. A true activist judge. She doesn't believe in state rights unless it benefits the minority bigot. She makes Ginsburg look like June Cleaver in comparison and I never thought I live to see the day that could be even conceived as possible, much less see it for myself. Many on the left find her to be too extreme of the left. She as unqualified to be on the Supreme Court as Ginsberg's was with her radical views, perhaps more so.

Though she has one heck of a personal story, that doesn't make her qualified for the highest court. I was hyperactive, in Special Ed, poor, a child of a single mother. Doesn't mean I should be on the court, though I could do a better and be more judicially fair and balanced than she ever could be. If you think I have a thing against Hispanics, my life long best friend of 32 years is Mexican. I have nothing buy love for him and his family of 2 other brothers, his sister, and his mother who was a single mother. I frankly could care less about her race and gender, I only care how well will she respect the Constitution and the rule of law and her records show she respects neither. This will radically tip the court to be more towards the left than it already is because Souter, as liberal as he is, has some basis for the respect of rule of law. It's how it's to be carried out that I differ with him with. This woman makes Souter look like a Boy Scout in comparison.

Here where it's going to get dangerous. She's actually a test by BO to see if he can get a radical through this senate and onto the court. If she gets through and becomes the next Supreme Court Justice, then you can bet the next one will be even more radical. This man wants to change the court from one that respects the rule of law and the Constitution to a racial leftist communist supporting court. This way he can change our country to the Communist state that he's envision. What's worse, he most likely will get his wish. Republicans in the past have never put up a fight against radical leftist nominee. Look at Ginsburg. Supreme counsel to the ACLU, believes in international law over ours. Basically, beliefs what the laws in France say should supersede our own. Thinks the age of consent should be 12, believes prostitution is constitutionally protected, that terrorist have constitutional rights (guess it's good when it's our enemies that's being protected) and all this was revealed during her confirmation hearings. What was the final vote? 95-3. Look at what happened when Clearance Thomas was nominated. The media and dems had a cow. Got a Anita Hill to lie about sexual harassment. Her testimony and supporting witness contradicted themselves so much (two of them had the so called incidences happening months before she even met the man) and what was the final vote of that nomination? 50-50. Dan Quale broke the tie by voting for his confirmation. There was nothing in the man's background to support that we wouldn't do anything but interpret the Constitution and hold those powers as written therein and the dems still voted against him. The democrats don't care about our Constitution or rule of law. Given if Al Frankan succeeds in stealing the final senate seat, they will have a filibuster proof senate and will sail in any radical BO puts out there. However, given the Republican's history on radical nominees, I don't even think it will matter and this court will be radically changed. After all, just last fall, by a 5-4 vote, the court ruled we have the right to bare arms. Souter was one of those that voted in favor (Roberts was the traitor voting against). Now they can review it again and the vote will now be 5-4 in favor of rescinding and God only knows what else after that.

We need judges that can over come the bias of the party lines and make fair and impartial judgement based on rule of law, not personal vendettas. We're on the verge with racial tension being as they are. If we get racial bigotry in our courts and legal system, then we should all take a trip to the Balkans. The tribal and racial hatred has plagued that region for 1300 years. We'll be just bringing that bigotry and racial hatred to our system of law and bring about more balkanization of our country. Frankly, I've seen enough of it. I like to get us on the path that brings harmony to our country. I thought that was the hope and change that BO promised. Or is it, the hope and change he was promising is the hope and change the racists here wanted: to balkanized and eliminate the white race. Well, this appointment will be a step in that direction.

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