Tuesday, May 5, 2009

U.K is K.O'd

So, are you here to read about my view on the fight were, to my wife's delight as Pacman is a big hero in her home country. Well, sorry, but that is not what this blog is about. Turns out England has shown their surrender to their principals today when they exposed a list of 16 people that they are banning from the country which include: an Imperial Wizard (don't blame them there), the head of Hamas (well, they are a group of terrorist thugs), the Hezbollah terrorist that was released by Israel that murdered a 4 year old girl by hitting her head with a rifle butt. Basically a lot of horrible people. However, the one name that's garnering the most attention, and I think the real reason behind this list, is a radio talk show host: Michael Savage.

Seems strange that Savage, who I have listen to since he debuted 15 years ago and one of the few that I can stand to listen to consistently, though at time I think the man needs to take a chill pill because his angry overtones can be a bit to handle, he's the only one that consistently speaks his mind. You get to know this man because his biggest draw isn't the political commentary, though that does garner a lot of attention, but his life stories. He's the man in the street that we could meet in real life, not many of these phony baloney's that claim to be conservatives then turn their backs on us when the heat is too hot in the oven. He's the number 3 syndicated show (behind Rush and O'Reily) and could easily take number one if he truly wanted it. He's humble enough to know if you're number one you've got no place to go but down.

Seems lately, he's been in the cross hairs of both parties because this man is an independent conservative. He doesn't just tote the party lines like the two parties in control often do. He speak independently of his own opinions. As he says often, if anyone from the UK ever listen to his show, just one man's opinion. His motto is his support of Borders, language, and culture and how the political body have been assaulting the borders, language and culture, which what makes a nation and form their sovereignty, and holds no barge on exposing those that corrupt and break down our nation's sovereignty.

The biggest issue that seems to get Dr. Savage (He has a Ph'd from the University at Berkley in epidemiology) is his stance on illegal immigration. His very first show was on his study (which was published by the way) on immigration and the spread of diseases. When the swine flu hysteria was at it's zenith, he vehemently criticized the BO administration for not closing the borders with Mexico where the flu epidemic had originated. As done in history, when a outbreak starts, one tries to contain the outbreak and keep it from infecting the healthy population. When the administration made their stupid comment of can't do it because it's like closing the barn after the horses escaped. Well, the dumbness is that there are millions of horses still in the barn, he just rather let them all get sick than to offend the racist Mexican base. This sparked a tirade form Rep. Stephen Israel (D-Hampton's) that called MS a hate monger, a liar and needs to be pulled from the air because he is fragmenting hate against Mexicans. Now, no more than a week later, UK does and using the same stupid and downright lie that Israel used. Almost quoting him verbatim. This raises my suspicion that as the Administration work to shut down talk radio, Micheal Savage, the one who will fight against it to the bitter end is now targeted by the UK. Seems like a first step, since the liberals are internationalist to use this as a legal presence to shut him down. If you're thinking I'm a comspirialist, just look at the work of Stephens and Ginsburg in the Supreme court. They have tried to used such reasoning in their court rulings and this wouldn't be that far of stretch. If the UK find this hate speech, why aren't we?

Folks, liberals and conservative alike, should be outraged that Michael Savage have been made equal to terrorist and mass murders. To quote that his presence would incite hate and "disrupt public policy" is doublespeak. Given how the mosque do way more than anything he's ever done while screaming in the street of going to hell, we will cut your throat and we're going to convert and kill you all is protected, but saying closing the borders to stop the spread of Swine flu is hate speech, England has got some serious issues and they're all perverted. If a man can be banned because of the way he thinks, then who's next? Who will decided what thinking is in the best of "public policy"? This is step towards tyranny and I don't find it a coincidence that this Brit uses the same language and only empathize Michael Savage and how what he says and think, though it never had lead to any violence, needs to treated the same as terrorist tells how this government doesn't get the war that's right in their own back yard. The UK made a huge mistake. He's not going to go down and unlike the check suit Republicans, he will fight them and he will sue this defamer and most likely will win. If not, then we have a lot more to fear now than swine flu. We will have to morn the death of the freedom of speech.

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