Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who will rule: those seeking redemption and the righteous or the greedy and corrupt.

I often watch sci-fi shows. They often make me think about ethics, morals, the direction of humanity, and consequences of actions that most in the major media outlets as well in politics and academia often tend to overlook and just want to ignore as unnecessary or worse, as just plain wrong. Seems in the world of right and wrong everything is shades of gray. Moral relativism, as stated previously, has a stranglehold in our political and academic bodies here in the western world. Even the religious schools are starting to follow suit and we wonder why so many are turning their backs to God and morals.

The episode was from the show of The Outer Limits called Heart's desires. It's of four outlaws (cattle rustlers and murders) in 1872 Oregon that are granted by an alien (why does OL always have aliens in it?) disguised as a preacher that gave these criminals the ability to turn matter into energy. Basically the power to disintegrate anything they wish as well as any weapons or projectile, say bullets, to be useless against them. To they have the power of complete destruction. Well, you know what they say about absolute power. Three of them use their new powers for evil. Rob, steal, and murder. One is seeking redemption because he doesn't like what he's became before the power was granted to him. For one of them, he realizes how evil his partner is when after a posse tried to kill them and realizing they can't touch them, he kills one of them anyways. The man killed simply because he could not because the men were a treat. This leads him to turn on the partner but not as adept, he's killed instead.

Two of men are brothers. One of the brothers is the one seeking redemption. They're feuding over how he wants to put an end to his crime spree and start anew. The older brother wants nothing to do with it using his past as grounds that what he seeks is no longer possible. The brother are betrayed over money stolen from his by the other two (now one) and seeking revenge (the evil one scarred him). They get into a brawl that leads the older brother to kill the surviving partner and then turn on his brother when we refuses to continue having the alien who's witnessing this spectacle, to take the power back from him (in fact, he never uses it). The older brother proceeds to finish him off while the younger brother ex girlfriend (why he wants to redeem himself) tries to shoot him. The experiment for the alien is over and he takes the older brother's power and the girlfriend kills him.

So what was the alien reasoning behind all this? The alien is a conquer and they test a planets threat to them not by the best that the society has to offer, but by the worse. He was witnessing what our malcontent will do and see if they will be a threat against their invasion or not. Given that in the end, friend fought friend, brother fought brother, the alien figured that we will annihilate each other before we even built our first interstellar engine. His conclusion: we are not a threat to them and most likely they don't need to invade the planet. Just wait til we kill each other off first then can just waltz in.

So what was the main moral of by the writer of this story. The author asks the question: who will rule us? Those that seek redemption and righteousness or the greedy and corrupt? Over 100 years later, the outcome is still in doubt. What a heavy dose of thinking there. As I look at what's going on around the world, the outcome is nowhere near in doubt. Just look at the rulers of today with all our technological advances. We can convert matter into energy today. That's how a nuclear device works. What good is coming from that? Only MADD has kept it in check so the corruption of our own self interest has kept that power in check, but for how long? Most of the world is ruled by kings and dictators. The western powers are falling into decadence with the corruption and greed by the representatives in their congress or Parliaments. Then there's the UN. The most corrupt and greedy institution ever created by man. Can anyone really find a leader that's concern with the betterment of their citizens over their own greed and corruption? If you can, I sure would like to see it. Because as long as we're overwhelming being ruled by greed and corruption, we're going to be an endangered species and our time of reckoning maybe sooner than we think. Al-queada terrorist are just 60 miles from obtaining nukes, or perhaps just a year away from developing them themselves. Once that happens, all bets with MADD are off. These people greed and corruption is rewarded through death and destruction. There's nothing to keep them from wanting to use these weapon and we will be on the verge of total self annihilation. Thus the alien antagonist in this story will be right and they will have nothing left to fear from us. In the end we will do their dirty work for them all the while doing nothing to prevent. The good people need to stand up and stop this. Otherwise we will all suffer the fate of greed and corruption: death.

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