Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BO healthcare should be nocare.

So, now that the glorious leader that is to end all the world's ills just by his election not only has the entire world starting to fall apart by its own entropy, but his response to it all is to shift gears and distract us with his next egregious disaster: health care. Basically he's outlining the nationalization of our health care by using mandatory insurance, either private or the "public" option, and having the government regulate (ie, take over) the cost and care. Since health care is 17% of our GDP, the largest sector of our economy, this will be a disaster of epic proportion, especially with the baby boomers getting ready to retire and will add to the strain to an already overburden industry.

The first thing this will do is escalate the costs. Two reasons here. The first will be simple supply and demand. With the boomers aging, their need for health care is going to increase and since the boomers are a large segment of our society, the costs will increase as the demand goes up. This is the natural pattern of economics. The second reason is as any Californian knows from when mandatory insurance was enacted, is when everyone is required by the police powers of government backing the law up, tripled our auto insurance. The insurance companies knew that we must have their products or risk arrest and having our cars taken (Illegals exempted of course). Here in California this set up a pseudo-monopoly that allowed the companies to fix the prices by the market being manipulated to them having captive customers. So will it be for the health insurance. Add that often when the government is involved, costs seem to go out the window because government never oversees the costs, and you have the potential to see an expensive industry to becoming out of control.

The next thing this will do is decrease the quality of care. I don't know about you, but when was the last time you look forward to going to the DMV? How is health care going to be any different, and that's just the management of the care. Don't forget, with the government footing the bill, they will make HMO's look like saints in comparison on who gets care or not. The long lines for care and by the time your number is called, the government can refuse to give you the care you need. If the government finds that it will be too costly (paradoxical, isn't it) or that your lifestyle was the cause, they can just refuse. Given the prejudices government have against smoking and some eating habits, they can refuse service if you have a lifetime habit of smoking or eating poorly. Heck, who's to say that political affiliation won't have anything to do with it? After all, when they shut down all those GM dealerships, the one thing all had in common was they were owned or run by Republicans. Not one democrat lost their dealership. One of the most shocking abuse of power I've ever witnessed by the government and it went mostly unreported. Now we're going to trust them to give us medical care without prejudice? I think anyone that believes that is just plain crazy or isn't looking at the character of this administration.

Third, as with government control of market forces, this will create scarcity. With every detail needing approval from a bureaucrat, and we know how efficient those clowns are, this will delay goods and services need to make the industry go. Supplies will become scarce, as well people. Working in the medical field is a highly prestigious and desired profession. Nurses can make $30/hour while doctors $100/hour. Who believe, as BO is doing so with the financial and auto institutions that he has nationalized, that their income won't be fixed? Those wages are going to plummet dramatically. This administration is after what is "fair". Fair in this case is that everyone makes the same wages. The governing principle of Communism. Given the lawsuit crisis that this industry goes through and the government on their backs, and I don't see people entering the profession. My wife, who's completed medical school, has no desire to pursue her medical license with this group in power. She rather go back home and practice in the Philippines. At least she will be allowed to do her job there. It's sad, but a 3rd world country like the Philippines will have better health care than the US if this continues.

Government never improves anything in the private sector. Now they're going to use their police powers to force health care on us. A power that was never intended to be used for insurance, meddling in the financial affairs of the citizen (unless there's fraud). A power that was set up only to protect us from foreign invasion, protect the borders and the life and property of the citizen. Somehow, forcing a 3rd rate health care system on us, where abortions and euthanasia is acceptable medical practice while extorting extreme costs from us was what the framers had in mind as protection of life and property. In the end, all this health care is going to accomplish is making us all sick.

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