Friday, June 12, 2009


There was a recent article about how race plays a large part in a person's choice of matrimonial mate. When the numbers were out, turns out white women will not marry an Asian and 90% will marry another white male. The men turned out to be more interesting. Turns out black males, about 7% will marry an Asian, and only about 70% married a black woman. The lowest of the same race matrimonials. I was interested in the Asian marriage number by Americans mainly because I'm married to one and was interested in how many are in our group. As for interracial, it was the largest behind Hispanic to white (doesn't matter on the gender) marriage in the US. The ones most likely were black men. The person least likely to marry outside their race were the white women and they, relatively speaking, will not marry an Asian. Well, 80% of women are registered Democrats, so take away about 1/3rd of those who registered as such because of the propaganda that the Democrat is the party for women's rights, that means about 2/3rd of women are Democrats because they're die hard liberals with the feminazi mentality. This will explain a lot of what I observed next.

While I was studying this, an advertisement was consistently coming on my wife's shows that she watches while online. It's a show about a bunch of selfish, mean, bitter, combative women and the cruel, vicious, vindictive and down right mean and destructive behaviors that they exhibit during their weddings or the preparation there of. Some of the clips shows a priest with a black eye, a woman taunting one of the maid's of honors to tears, one throwing food at the caterer, a woman destroying the guitar while the guest watch in horror, a fat slob (I'm only eyeballing her weight but I would say around 450 pounds) laying on a chair whining how one of her guests isn't suppose to look better than her, and lastly, one woman throwing, I'm assuming one of the usher, I hate to think it's her new husband, into the air what is at first appearing to be the Gardner belt tossing. What I found disgusting wasn't so much the behavior but the captions all written by other women how they love the show. A show that shows complete horrid behaviors, acts of cruelty and meanness by totally selfish, monomaniacal women. This is what passes for entertainment by the women of this country. I say, they prove my point when I get assaulted and disdained because I got a Filipina woman. American women make terrible wives.

When I was seeking another wife, I wasn't going to accept an American. I find them to be too selfish, competitive, and downright mean to be a good spouse. Oh, I hear how I can't take a woman that's stronger than I or has a brain. Well, to the contrary, my wife is smarter than I am though I can't convince her of that. I aced my first science course and it wouldn't have been possible without her. We're both qualified to join Mensa so she's a smart cookie. In fact, I actually wanted a woman that was smart, and be self sufficient without me because heaven forbid if something happen to me, I know she and any children we may have, will be taken care of. I had been viewed as wanting a sex slave or a maid to keep after my worthless butt (their words, not mine). We do well in taking care of each other and with our combined intelligence, I've finally have the confidence and the resources to make it as an engineer. If I hadn't met my wife, I doubt I would entertain pursuing, much less trying to make it a reality. After all, I wanted a partner for life to enhance and better our lives. Isn't that what marriage is suppose to be about?

We met using a Yahoo international dating service. One thing I learned during my time online and before with the research, American men are the most desired and pursued followed by Canada, Australia and, this surprised me, Japan. I was surprised that Europeans weren't higher but I would find out why and for a blog for another day. What wasn't a surprise was that American women are the least desired. It's well known all over the world that American women make the worse wives. Unless basically, you're part of a sleeper cell, American women aren't pursued by foreigners. Before I get that Americans don't need foreigners, keep in mind, they would get no responses even if they did. Their reputations preceeds them and foreign men know how mean, vicious, competitive and downright nasty Western women are and want nothing to do with them. Given most are from patriarchal societies, they know it will be a match made in hell and that's without the cultural differences. To see this show, which is watch by foreigners by the way, shows how bad and stupid it is to marry an (liberal) American woman. Oh, sure, not all are that way, but far too many are and the goods one, or emotionally healthy ones anyways, are too far and few between. I wasn't going to gamble on another bad marriage by betting on bad ponies anymore and neither do foreigners even if it means escaping poverty.

It really says something that there are men who rather live in poverty than be married to an American woman. Shows like Desperate Housewives and Bridezilla are going to add to the stereotypes. Heck try to find a show where the female charaters aren't the smart ones while the men aren't stupid or incompetent fools. Good luck. The fact these shows are so wildly popular with Western women goes to the heart of the character of Western women. Why they are so low on the desirability. So bad, that here in the states they are having laws making it more and more difficult for American men (only American men) to be able to find and marry foreigners. Under the guise that all men are evil and abusive and all foreign women are stupid and desperate, they passed IMBRA that states, unless you're seeking on a megasite (Yahoo,, etc), that you must give up information, some my own mother doesn't know, to a woman before you can even say hello and with restrictions that are so tight to make it nearly impossible to bring her here. In fact, some want to make foreign marriage completely illegal. Gee, lets just repeal the 1967 law that legalized interracial marriage. Given how white/Asian and Latino marriages are starting to increase (over 5,000 just to Filipinas and over 15,000 overall in 2008 just in foreign marriages, the highest on record and have been increasing 14% a year for the last 10 years) mainly because Western women are so horrid and frankly aren't interested in life long relationships anyways. This will have a huge backlash. I, for example, would seek work overseas (the jobs are going there anyways) as most men would just seek love out of the country or will just plain stop looking. This will kill our ability to procreate to maintain our society (we need immigrants to keep from falling in decline as it is right now given the cultural attitutes especially by our women) because they will have nothing to do with the choices we have right now. This also proves the point that the women here are so bad, they need a law to force us to actually consider marrying them.

As our society caters to the likes of NOW and other radical feminist groups as well as other leftist elements in our society, we're going to have more and more bridezillas to come. As for women refusing to marry an Asian man. Don't worry. As with most other men all over the world, the feeling is mutual.


The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Man...crap...someone who thinks like me...this is bad...

You are so right. Now what made them that way?

I want nothing (ok, one thing) to do with most women anyway. But if they put that stuff on fenceposts men wouldn't need them at all (at least the American ones)

I think you have the right idea, if you can find one that our culture hasn't ruined I am sure women are wonderful.

madmath1 said...

What made this way is tired and old, the disire for power and the hippie movement of the 60 gave them and entrenched this mentality. The opposition to the powers that be at the time, to all the traditions and institutions. Now look at what we got. Women so vile, selfish, mean, venomous, and downright disgusting that sex alone isn't enough to attract us to them. Fankly, I wouldn't want the "one" thing from them because you sure will pay 10 fold for it or they might have buyer's remorse the next day and cry rape. Another weapon they use in their quest for power.

I did find out that hasn't been ruined by our diseased culture: in the Philippines. Yes, she is quite wonderful and far better not only in just the "one" thing, but all things as well. Especially her intelligence without the hatred.