Thursday, June 18, 2009

The dangers of the NSF and why Obama Supporters are wrong.

A report is out at the Boston Globe from a reporter that is in the middle of the fight in Tehran. Basically, we're getting details from someone right at the source. Not from speculation or hearsay, but from an actual person testifying to what they did and see for themselves. Evidence that would be acceptable in a court of law. As I read the article, two things stood out to me. The first is who's doing all the dirty work for the Mullahs and the Hitler of Iran. The other were from the comment sections. Both showing either their stupidity, bigotry, or ignorance.

The first part of this blog is notice that who were doing the dirty work of the illegitimate government, a truly illegitimate government, not one that won the recount and had the losing side crying foul even afterwards, every independent agency confirmed the winner had indeed won and having them cry sour grapes. A group of civilian security forces are the ones with the batons, water hoses, and rubber bullets. They're the ones doing the beating, spraying, and shooting of the protesters who had their election truly stolen from them. These are the ones that are enforcing the oppression by the Mullahs and their so called President. They have access to the military and their weaponry and it will be a matter of time before they start using them. However, the Iranian civilians are still coming out. They taste freedom, know the price and are willing to pay for it.

Now compare this to one of Obama's promises to establish a National Security Forces that is just as well funded and armed as the military since he has no faith in the military. This force, like the one in Iran, only answer to the President. Basically, this is a civilian security force for the President, not for the people which the President, as Commander in Chief, is empowered to use for the protection of the people of the United States. By having a civilian force that only answer to him, it will invite abuse just like those in Iran. A person with that kind of power as history shown is too prone to abuse it. Abuse it all in the name of restoring order or personal protection. The chat of a dictator as we see going on in Iran right now. Do we want to risk a person to have that kind of power, even here in the United States?

The second part is those who are commenting that Obama is doing the right thing by taking no stance. First, by taking no stance, he's taken one in favor of the President and Mullahs. He's supporting them in their oppression of their own people. As he has with all the other dictators around the world, he's given his seal of approval because he has no opposition to their goals or tactics.

The part that galls me is the supporters showing their complete ignorance of history. They believe BO is being wise by non-action because the rebels don't want to be associated to the US. This not shows their ignorance, but their hatred of America as well. Iran, which is Persian for Assyrian, have been pro West since the Persians regained their homeland from the Muslim. They are enemies of the Sunni Muslim and the only true ally they have is the Western world. They have historically been pro Western, and the people have been mainly pro west. They desire our products, they tend to wear western clothes (find another Muslim nation that does that without penalty of death), intercept our western tv shows and radio broadcasts. To day that they want no association with America shows a lack of historical knowledge.

This wasn't the case after the first Gulf war when the Persian Shiites rebelled against Saddam begging for US aid in overthrowing the government. Bush senior, like BO, didn't want to get involved and the rebellion was crushed. Had we aided them then, we would had gained an ally with the Shiites in Iraq, despite their radical Islamic views, but Bush senior felt undermining Iraq would had made Iran too big of a threat.

To show more of their ignorance, they're claiming if we aid the rebel, it will play into the Islamo-fascist hands by claiming the unrest is being cause by Western influence. They don't know their enemy. Since these rebels are winning so far, the Mullahs and the President are claiming we are involved dispite BO's statement anyways. I'll wager they'll soon say the CIA or some other covert organization was behind the uprising. Truth doesn't matter to these people, just as it doesn't matter to the left here, so they will lie to empower their position. BO's pacific stance will only embolden them to crush this rebellion like Hussein did in 1992. The big difference and hopefully it will be enough is the civilians have to know the US won't get involved because they didn't for their Iraqi brothers and put that in their calculus. If so, the rebels may have a battle plan that will see this regime topple and a major threat removed. May still have someone anti-American and Israel, but is responsive to their people. One that isn't so eager to get the bomb and start a war that can engulf the entire world. As it stands right now, there are too many stupid and/or ignorant people in America to realize and support those that are willing to avoid this disaster. Pray that right powers over wrong in this struggle. As I've just seen, BO supporters sure aren't.

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