Friday, June 12, 2009

The day I never believe would come.

As events unravel, I'm reminded of a book in Bible and a verse that had me believing the day of tribulation would never come. Now as events of late have shown me, It's becoming all too clear how not only is it possible, the time may be a lot closer than anyone thinks. The verse that got had me unbelieving for nearly 3 decades was the verse that in the middle of the tribulation, Israel will be attacked by all the nations of the world. I thought there was no way the US would ever join in such an attack. I figure either the US will be destroyed, or the prophesy was just plain wrong. Well, live and learn. With the election of the Islamic and anti-Semitic President, we're now in position to join that fight.

BO in his speech in Cairo has made it clear that not only is he a Muslim Manchurian Candidate and we've made a horrible mistake (read: One Big Arrogant Mistake America-OBAMA), we're setting up a scenario that many don't want to believe but becoming difficult to deny unless you're still an useful idiot of the left: an apocalyptic conflict. I remember when I was reading Revelations but stopped because it became too scary, I took refuge in the knowledge that as long as the US is Israel ally, it can't come true. Now comes BO. His speech in Cairo has made it clear to the death cult of Islam: he's on their side and he's behind the destruction of Israel.

It's becoming one of the worse kept political secrets is that he's telling Israel that they need to accept Iran with the bomb and that if they do anything militarily to attack their nuclear program, he will blame Israel for the consequences, not Iran. I like to say I told you so, but I think many voters wanted Iran to have the bomb in a feel good policy that will, in their eyes, look favorable to the Muslims. Little do they know about their enemies. They still thinking like in the cold war that it will be used as a bluff and never be used. These animals want to die more than we want to live. They will WANT to use the bomb and start an all out war because they can all go to paradise while the rest of use they will be laughing at while we're roasting in hell.

I couldn't conceive that the hatred and intolerance of the Islamic world could infect the US. What I wasn't noticing at the time was that the leftist movement that was starting to hit puberty in the country is anti-life and anti-American. I was too naive to see how they would be willing to ally themselves with this death cult in the destruction of the fundamental principles of this country and eat it away from within. Today, the Declaration of Independence is under attack as being unconstitutional. Gay mafia cramming their anti-life life style down our throats with the media blitz propagating them and viciously and vilely attacking anyone opposing. The class and racial warfare that is balkinizing our races to the point of total hatred and intolerance is reaching an all time high and not just here in the United States. Now, Islam is the only religion that is allowed to propagate and express itself while the others are systematically being silenced or made so ineffective in recruitment and works that they're dying.

So, now we're in a historic position to see everything righteous be destroyed or disdained to the point of apathy, a death cult to raise as a world religion, intolerance to the point of world calamity, and leaders in a position to put the precursor of the tribulation in motion. I try not to remember that old Chinese Proverb of will there ever be an end to these interesting times. Things now are too interesting. Whether you're one of the faith or not, if this powder keg is allowed to be sparked, even they have to know it's going to be one heck of bang for the world or perhaps we're so oblivious to what's around us, they're living in La La land thinking all is well in the world and always will be. I just know for those that do attack Israel, the consequences aren't going to be pretty. For Israel or the rest of the world.

God help us.

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Left Coast Rebel said...

God help us indeed. I really appreciate your comments on my blog - one of the best readers that I have! I just gave you a little plug on the tobacco piece I did too....