Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How much more of North Korea are we going to take?

The People's Republic of North Korea (cough, cough) is making their boldest and most dangerous threat since going nuclear 3 years ago. Now they're threaten us with nuclear annihilation if we, the US, stop and inspect their ships in response to the recent UN sanctions. I would normally say it will be interesting to see how our President will react, but I know the answer already since he has a infraction for dictators. He'll do the usual whining and crying to the UN, the UN will give even more harsh words to North Korea and North Korea will make more threats. In the end, the UN will show it's impotent and BO gets to let one of his breatherns more power on the international scene. The real players, as stated before, will be Japan and China.

North Korea threat of the US is provoking a war is a bunch of propaganda. Even by Kerry's so called "International test" we would be in our right to inspect and fight the North Koreans should they follow through with their threat. The problem is BO has no intentions of stopping Jon-Il. He's no friend of Japan or South Korea since they're democracies, not dictatorships. He's just stall with the UN and give us a bunch of BS speeches or distract us with health care. I fear of North Korea attacked South Korea, he'll not want to appear to interfering with Korean affairs like in Iran even though he takes credit for inspiring the democratic freedom fighters, though he really supports the Hitler of Iran.

Japan is the country that's going to be the most threatened by North Korea's action. The Japanese and Korean have a long history of antagonism and enslavement (mostly by Japan) and have no love between them. It's much like the Palestinians vs. Israel only they don't share a common border. North Korea doesn't really want to annihilate South Korea. She needs her man power and resources to continue her fight against Japan and to support her main ally: China. This will pose a major nuclear threat to Japan and this country knows all to well about the consequences of a nuclear horror. I find it impossible that they are going to sit while North Korea continue with the means to level their cities. They've gone through that twice in the past and there's no way they're going to allow it to happen again.

What is galling me is he's threaten the US and we're just sitting around with our thumbs up our rear ends. This man is threatening to make BO's birth home to glow in the dark (ok, he really wasn't born there, but by his lie he was) and he has absolutely no concern about the annihilation of his birth home. We all know that North Korea doesn't have the means to carry out their threat against us (yet). It is clear that they will should they get the means and so far, with support of the UN and passage of the "International Test", we're still doing nothing. Just cowering in the corner in the fetal position say let's talk about it. What's left to talk about? They're not interested, they're going to do whatever they want and they're going to as long as we continue to have a Laissez-faire attitude about it. The one day, we will find out the hard way that America's enemies, be it Muslim, Cuban, North Korean, China, or Russia, will annihilate us without hesitation and we will have nobody but ourselves to blame.

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