Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The ignorance of the American people about the American Government.

A lot events are going on in the world of politics, BO is nationalizing major industries, we have a Supreme Court nominee, Tiamine Square is having their 20th Anniversary, school year is coming to an end. A lot of political and social events going on, but the things that have me thinking and wondering is where we're going politically. The massacre that happened 20 years ago was a prime example of the evils of Communism, but it never gets a mention in the history books or the media as today is the anniversary date. We're all tunneled in to not call a racist like Sotomayor a racist because she's a woman and Hispanic which is a racist statement in itself. The children that has gone through a year of school and most likely didn't learn a thing because our schools are so dysfunctional that my extreme leftist ex-wife has had enough. What is really a learning lesson is here in the information age is how little anyone really knows how our government is formed and how it's suppose to work.

My wife is all nervous and uptight because we got the immigration interview coming in a couple months that will determined if our marriage is legitimate and thus can get her 10 year permanent green card. Afterwards, she can apply to be an American Citizen and has been studying the test. She thinks it a challenging test, so I took it to see how well, I, an American born and raised citizen, know what's on the test. Of the total of 124 questions that can be on the 40 question test, I got 118 of them correct. Well over 90%. My wife on her last attempt was at 100. Good, but if 9 of those 24 question are on the test, she will fail the exam because you need to get 80% to pass. This has lead for me to come up with 40 of the question and try them on my fellow Americans. What I found out was devastating.

When I tried them on my mother, my ex-wife, her mother and sister that live with her and her husband, it was shocking. The highest was 11 our of 40. FAIL and MISERABLY!!! Not even close. I wonder if it's a coincidence that all of them voted for Obama. My mother's boyfriend who voted for McCain got 30 of them. 75%, a C but wouldn't had passed. My wife got 34 so she would had passed. This really had me looked on the Internet to see if this was the norm. Well, I don't know who voted for who, but most Americans should be deported to their ancestral homelands because their scores overall are just dismal.

My unscientific results confirmed somewhat what I learned on the Internet. 59% of Americans that took this test just based on the letter grading system of 90, 80, 70, 60, failed the exam. That's nearly 3 out of 5 people couldn't get a passing grade if this was a high school exam. 22% got 60 to 69%. That's over 4 out of 5 couldn't get an average passing grade. 12% got in the 70 to 79 range, 5.5% got in the 80 range and just 1/2% of the population got into the 90 range. That mean only 1 in 200 mastered this exam which I was in. It's pretty sad state of affairs that in our country, 81% couldn't pass the citizenship exam when based as a high school exam and if we were immigrants having to take this exam to maintain our rights here, 83%, that's 6 out of 7 of us would fail. Compare that to the 84% of immigrants that take the exam that pass and this should be an embarrassment to us all. Worse, this shows how too many voters don't understand what it is they're voting for.

With such dismal understanding of our own government, how is it we're going to be vigilant in guarding our constitutional principles when we don't' even know what those principles are? This explains why BO, who's not eligible to be president under the 2nd article of the Constitution got elected anyways. There was nobody watching over that our politicians are even eligible. Most don't even know what's in there, so how can they outcry about it. The small percentage that do did and was completely ignored and silenced. BO is nationalizing the industries which in the past has been ruled unconstitutional. Well, are the people are going to put the brakes on this? Well, if they don't know it's unconstitutional and why, how can they? Don't like the supreme court's makeup, do you know that congress can put up an amendment (if you know what that is, only 4 of those I surveyed even knew what an amendment was) to expand the supreme court to any number greater than 9? FDR threaten to do this in 1936 but backed down when the court gave so leeway on his policies. He wanted, and he had the congress to do it, increase it to 15 and put 6 of his cronies on the court giving him a 9-6 advantage in the rulings? We have activist judges all over the country now and nobody doesn't know why that's a violation of our laws. Judges, as defined in the constitution are to only interpret laws, not make their own or policies (as Sotomayor believes). Policies are to be determined by the legislature and enforced by the executive branches (those are the ones that make the laws and then enforce the laws for those that don't know). When judges decide what laws are and how they will define them, then we're stepping into tyranny. Only it's coming from the courts, not the President or Governor as many historians fear.

When the people don't' even know what the responsibilities are, they can support and rally behind those that step in and intervene on those that overstep their duties. It's going on everywhere and the voters are clueless. We can defend our republic (which many don't even know we live in a republic, they think it's a democracy) if we don't even understand its function. We've allowed abuses to happen and continue on mainly out of ignorance. When those that do understand tries to educate those that don't, we're dismissed and have demeaning labels attached (like racist, sexist, homophobes, etc) and the people just let it continue. Stalin stated that the best way to destroy America is like cooking a live frog. You set the flames low as so the frog doesn't really noticed the change in temperature. Ever increasing the heat slowly that by the time the frog notice it's being cooked, it's too late. His belief was if you take the freedoms away slowly, little by little so the people doesn't notice, then by the time tyranny comes in, the people will relinquished so many of their freedoms, they can't fight back. We're on the verge of that point of no return. Continue of this course of more socialism, ever expanding government, cradle to grave entitlements, complete trust in the media (which is a lapdog of the socialist) that brainwashed you that good is evil and evil is good, we're going to wake up like Poland did one day to tanks in the streets, phone line disconnected, and you're movement restricted. Ignorance isn't bliss, it's downright dangerous and if we don't get educated on how our republic works, we're going to lose it.

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Left Coast Rebel said...

Great points, we are losing our freedoms! I wrote a great piece today on the Tianemen square massacre, please read it, especially the end....ominous parallels to where we are in the US.