Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The illness of socialized medicine.

There's a lot of comments about BO's proposed universal health care. By better terms, socialized medicine. This subject is closer to me not only I have the same issues and concerns as well as anyone else. Heart disease runs in my family and it can hit me without me knowing what hit me if I'm not careful. However, that's not the part I'm most concerned about. My wife is a medical school graduate. Her career goals keeps facilitating because we don't know where the medical industry is going. We have concern about some ethical issues regarding the pharmaceuticals here as well. The biggest issue is the socialization. I will be the deathbed of my wife's desire to becoming a doctor.

With socialized medicine, comes bureaucracy. Our current system is far from perfect and does need reform. The biggest is the free care that illegals get accounting for nearly 50% of the costs. Bureaucrats are the biggest reason why we have the headaches we currently have. HMO accountants are the other. We seem to want it all, but don't want to pay for it. The reason the system needs reform right now is because we have a semi-socialized medicine as it is right now. Giving medicine to the non-productive at the cost of the productive. Right now, at least the productive can purchase some decent care. Forcing the taxpayers, like those in Canada, is going to exasperate things worse.

Let's take a look at what we do know with what we have right now. Think of the DMV, the Post Office, and VA are merged to provide medical care. Long waits, rationing, and poor care. VA is government controlled and the scandals that come from that organization is shameful. The government claims that improvements are going to be made, but never do. I'm going to just use this model as being the government model that will be emulated and with good reason. The scandals happen for a reason. Government is terrible at providing services to their own people. That's why they have special health insurance in the private sector. Canada is so bad that the rich comes here for medical treatment over the year wait and the rationing.

We tend to think the government is an unlimited supply of money. That the government can print what they don't have from the taxpayers. That doesn't work because of inflation. The costs will only skyrocket since the government never audits their books or clamp down on the fraud that are perpetrated against them. Like I said, we think they're have an endless supply of money. When things are given to people for nothing one things always follows: more demand than expected. When no costs are involved, people tend to go overboard on the product or services. Take a look at the housing market when the prices and financing didn't required any capital from the home buyer. The market overheated to the point that it melted. The same will happen with health care. Canada's biggest headache is the hypochondriacs. Since it costs them nothing, they will go through the system again and again and again til someone, mainly a quack, will finally give them what they want and treat an non-existing problem. Illegals use the ER for any little inconvenience. A sniffle, to the ER, a slight cough from allergies, to the ER, get knocked up and need to punch out the child so they can become an anchor baby, to the ER. Get the picture? Free care will invite the nut jobs or the abusers to overuse the system.

The second will be price control. Ask anyone in New York what rent control did for them. Not only did the rent skyrocket, but scarcity as well. When a private owner invests in property, they access their risk and determine what rate of return they're going to accept. If that goal can't be met, they're not going to invest. The results is high rents, low quality, rotting buildings and low vacancy rates. Now add the government that doesn't invest for an economic return, but a political return. So if a socialist don't like a conservative, they can be denied service for whatever reason and if you think I'm exaggerating, ask all those GM dealers that lost their dealerships. They all have one thing in common. They're all Republicans (and accounted for 80% of the total profitable dealerships). Liberals and socialist are the nastiest, meanest, and backstabbing people in the country. You want your health care to rely on the decision that these people? If so, you're sicker than I thought.

When government gets involved, the first thing to go is individual choice. With the current system you have a choice who to see and what services you can have. If you don't like a doctor or feel that a treatment or procedure isn't necessary, you have a choice. Will that be the case if the government is making the decisions? Can they even make it in time? Government is slow, inefficient while the market reacts in real time. Government, especially the one in power right now, is oppose to individual choice. History have shown, once a government takes a choice away from their citizens, they never return it. Not without a major uprising.

The next big headache that will result will be scarcity of doctors. Given the legal headaches, mainly created by lawyers that write the laws so they can profit from them, it's difficult to get anyone to go into the medical profession. People see riches in the profession, but that's slowly declining and malpractice insurance is so high, as much as a 3rd of the total costs. The costs are so high as it is, that it takes a doctor on average, 23 years to pay their student loans. Now the government wants to control costs and they're already regulating the pay that financial execs, so it's no leap they'll do the same in the medical profession. Given the dollar figure they're giving in the financial sector, most doctors will make less, after expenses in the medical practice and taxes, will be less than the average income earner. So, a person is going to go to school for 10 years, go hundreds of thousands in debt going to medical school so they can make as much as a dishwasher? I don't think so. It's a problem in Canada, Cuba, and Russia and it will be the same, if not worse because of the lawsuits that can follow and you can't sue the government (unless you're an illegal).

This will make the care like those in VA hospital that don't sterilized, give poor care, have incompetent doctors because a doctor that's worth a damn can do way better in the private sector than in the government system. Scarcity of medical supplies will increase to cut on those costs, and eventually, care will have to be rationed. The government will decided who should get what. Only have to look at what's going with GM to see that's happening. You're a smoker, no care you poisoned yourself, overweight, no care you got yourself like that so now pay the price, a conservative, no care you're evil and stupid and need to die. Get the idea?

Socialized medicine has been a disaster everywhere it's been tried. Margret Thatcher begged, BEGGED, that America doesn't follow the path England made back in 1990 before she left office. She knew first hand what socialized medicine does and disintegrate the system and England has been trying to reverse course, but once the teeth of socialism get into the flesh of the political and economic body, like a pit bull, it doesn't let go until the jaws have completely clamp down and devourer the flesh. The same here. Not only will universal health care not make the current system healthy again, but will likely make it sicker til it dies completely.

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