Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Iranians get it. Americans don't.

Seem everyone is putting in their two cents about the events going on in Iran. I'm not going to be any different. There's a very good reason why, especially in the blog sphere, that this big news: it's truly about democracy. As our media, like our supposedly spineless President, is all too willing to downplay the demonstrations in Iran and the response by their Hitler, those of us on the blog sphere, from what I'm starting to get from other postings, are seeing this for what it really is: the beginning of the fight to restore democracy in the world.

Iran just had an election that was about as fair as one of those wrestling matches by the WWF. You know the one with the real short guy about 220 pounds and 5'5" against the 6'7" 450 pounder. Or as fair as a debate from the White House with ABC. This election was fixed from the get go. Dictators don't believe in elections. They don't believe in the will or the wisdom of the people. That's why they're dictators. That's what makes a dictator a dictator. So what's a dictator to do during the election. Rig it so that not only is he the winner, but by at least 90% to show how he has more support than those in democratic countries. However, how it was done was sloppy and obvious. The destruction of 4 million ballots was the prime motivation in the recent outcry.

The people of Iran have shown they no longer are going to tolerate this dictator or his Imams anymore. It's not easy for me to admit I'm wrong, but these demonstration have proven, at least by the Muslims in Iran, that I'm wrong that the people support the murderous regimes. As in this case, they want him and his nuke happy Imam out. This show that the people of Iran, at least quite a few million of them, are willing to risk life and limb to show their displeasure and desire to no longer support this insane, suicidal lunatic. Here, in a country where this is no freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or the rights to bare arms, unless you're the government, out in force demonstrating their will and desire. The people of Iran get it. They know what freedom is and what the price is and willing to pay it to rid of themselves of this dictator. After several dozens, by official reports before the blackout by Iran, have been killed over it and yet the next day, they're still out. Many have been beaten and arrested. Several members of the Republican Guard have been arrested, show the well pampered and equipped military unit is showing signs of opposition which can lead to a revolution like in Romania when the military joined the rebellion. Now all they need is some support and a major world threat can be thwarted as well as freedom can shine from another country, a country in the Middle East no less.

However, Americans again show that we don't get it. BO made his lame excuse of not wise to appear meddling in Iranian affairs. How pathetic. The media has bought it hook, line, and sinker. Many in the public are buying it as well. It comes as no shock because a lot of what happened in Iran has been going on here for decades. Especially here in California where Diane Fienstien continues to win re-election despite the evidence of voter fraud. We have 3 million voters that are illegal aliens, dead, invalids, out of state, or pets that continue to show up on voter registration rolls and vote. In a few counties in the last election, she got more votes than the total number of registered voters. Huffington, the last person to run against her found 150,000 such votes in three days showing election fraud was taking place. The results? Since she won by 300,000, she still won despite the votes. This was from what he was able to find and prove in just 3 days. Since no real investigation went on, as with ACORN and their thugs at voting polls with batons, irregularities in the voter registration and evidence of multiple voting as one man admitted on the air, and 3 places confirmed, that he voted for BO 7 times.

What has been the results of this evidence and incidences? Not a peep. No outcry from the public, no investigation into the "alleged" fraud, no news report of the suspicions by the media. Nothing. Back to who's going to win on American Idol. We have a man who isn't qualified to be President as required in Article 2 in the Constitution as he's never produced his original birth certificate and still hasn't. We have elections being stolen from the people in dozens of districts and we are totally apathetic to the whole thing. We seem to think either our freedoms are so solid that no tyrant can possibly take them away or we need to have more control in our lives because freedom is something most of us can't seem to handle. Either way, we're going to lose our country. Liberty will die and with thunderous applause as in the Revenge of the Sith as those around us won't even be aware of what we lost.

The Iranians are fighting for the life of a republic in their country. They are fighting to be free of a suicidal lunatic. Something the Germans refused to do and we don't want to meddle in. BO is all too willing to meddle in Israeli affairs, Palestinian affairs (and where did we get for it, they tried to assassinate Carter, their best friend), South Korean affairs and they're being threaten with nuclear annihilation, but he won't meddle with dictator. And yet, we Americans are saying nothing. BO is showing himself to be on the side of the dictators: Castro, Chavez, the leader of Iran. Perhaps the reason he doesn't meddle because he doesn't want the freedom fighters to win. Regardless, if we settle for this, then we will have the government we deserved and right now, that's not much of one at all. Fight the good fight Persian freedom fighters. We, in America, may need you to free us someday.

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