Monday, June 29, 2009

Is Democracy Terrorism?

In California I've had to put up with some stupid, insane, and corrupt statements in our political arena, but today's statement tells all of what the Democrat party thinks of democracy and the people. What's has brought up what I see as a dangerous mentality that's a major threat of our democratic republic can be demonstrated by California Assembly Speaker. Basically, the state's version of the speaker of the house. Karen Bass (D-LA) the speaker of the Assembly was asked the question, "How do you think conservative talk radio has affected the Legislature's work?" Asking one of our politicians to do work is asking an Illegal Alien to apply to come to this country legally before coming here. It's not going to happen. The leftist socialists are up on their manifesto, any problems you create, create a straw man and attack it. It's the straw man that was selected that should be an eye opener to ever American that love their Democratic republic. Her response was as follows, "The Republicans were essentially threatened and terrorized against voting for revenue. Now [some] are facing recalls. They operate under a terrorist threat: 'You vote for revenue and your career is over.' I don't know why we allow that kind of terrorism to exist. I guess it's about free speech, but it's extremely unfair." Take note who she blames for the state's woes.

Terrorized against voting for revenue. I don't think the left have any brains what so ever because she either doesn't know what she's talking about or just confessed to the Liberals true objective. Revenue is income generated from providing a good or service. Since government provides neither, they don't generate revenue. They assess taxes. They take by force by the state's police power our money and then spend them on governmental functions, or as in this state, dysfunction. It's scary that this woman believes our money is revenue, something that they earned and are entitled to. Words have meaning but the left with their moral relativism have made most words meaningless since we can assess whatever meaning we want. Bass, you don't generate revenue, you take our money by force in the form of taxes. To you a rose by any other name smell as sweet to you, but to us that have to actually work and earn the money you take from us, a skunk, or a turd, by any other name will still stink as badly.

Note who she calls terrorist here? This line should scare you because she's calling the voting public that don't support her extortion a terrorist. Californians are paying some of the highest taxes not only in the country, but the world and during an extreme recession and with unemployment approaching 14%. Now that the voting block, the will of the Californians that aren't illegals living in LA who get everything for free and elect this racist and stupid woman, are saying no, we're terrorist? She is calling the voters of California (that disagree with her) terrorists. So evil, death worshipping maniacs that fly planes into building, MS13 gangs that kill children in the street, La Raza that threatening anyone out of the race to have nothing aren't terrorist, but voters are? You see, this racist woman don't want to listen to the voters that are sick and tired of having what little they have with inflation starting to increase, wages decreasing, and our state taxes approaching the federal levels. We pay 9% sales tax and 10% income taxes, the 2nd highest to Washington state that doesn't have an income tax and Vermont that has 13% but that kicks in 350,000 where ours is at 85,000, so for the lowest 99.7%, ours are highest. We pay the highest gasoline prices, have the highest housing costs, despite the gains in the real estate, though our property tax rates are low, that's only because of Prop. 13 and misleading since taxes are based on the value of the house which are far higher than any other state. Now those of us who aren't in the beneficiary like in her district, are sick and tired paying taxes and fees. I haven't included things like car registration fees which are the highest in the country, license fee where I pay $35 for the privilege to drive, law enforcement fees for business to keep them from being robbed, what's next, a fee for breathing. Oh yea, we got cap and trade. Excuse me while we say enough is enough. In a democracy, we elect Representative to represent WE THE PEOPLE, not your greedy projects and pockets. If you refuse to do the work and will of the people that empowered you, you get voted out of office. That's democracy. According to Karen Bass, that's terrorism.

She doesn't know why that kind of terrorism is allowed to exists? I guess being held accountable by the citizen of the country is to not be tolerated. I suppose no such protests or outcry's should be tolerated. What's her plan or desire, to be suppressed like those in Iran? Or in Cuba? Or in China? This woman has complete contempt for the people of this state and should be impeached. This statement is an declaration of her desire to have our democracy suppressed. Can you imagine what the press reaction would had been if Michael Savage, Rush Limburgh, or Shawn Hannity had made such a comment. They would be in jail right now or at least joining the rest of Californians on the unemployment line. Given the corrupt and socialist state that California has become, she'll be revealed as a champion for free speech and state rights. Yes, it's free speech, those of us giving our grievance to our representative on this outrageous and irresponsible budget we have in this state. This woman was one of those that is upset because prisoners just lost their long term health care insurance. Why are they getting it while those of that are working, those that are left, are paying for it? This is free speech. Karen's is hate speech. The hatred of democracy.

She thinks it's unfair that they don't get to steal more of our money to provide for those that don't deserve it and completely collapse the state's economy. I say good for the people of California that protest to this, have our representative response to our will. We need to get this socialist, totalitarian impeached and removed from office. She finds that unfair. GOOD! It's for the people, contrary to what their messiah lacks to say.

What also disturbs me is what the liberals define as a terrorist. Anyone that disagree with them, but those that commit heinous acts of murder, extortion, and threats aren't. They have butchered the English language so badly now that words are no longer having any meaning. I wonder how soon we won't be able to communicate the serious of situation because the meaning of words have been deluded so badly, that nobody can grasp the ideas or concepts anymore? Given this horrid display by our of the state's assembly women, I wonder if anyone knows what a democratic republic is any more? Given the stupidity and ignorance of the people of California, I won't be surprised this gets a pass like so many like her have before. In that case, I know that our freedoms and democracy has died. The sad part will be most Californians will be totally oblivious to it. So sad. It will just like when Lord Sidious took over the Senate in Revenge of the Sith. This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.

One footnote. In typical liberal fashion, she never answered the question.


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