Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Media lapdog!

I seem to keep saying this, but just when I think this government can't get any bolder, it does. This time with the help of the media. Seems that ABC is now under the lock and key of the Obama White House. LITERALLY! ABC now has a station inside the white house. Anyone with a brain knows the media is in bed with the Democrat, or is that Demoncrat, party. The media bias hasn't been much in doubt, but this move completely eliminate any one's argument that the media is balanced, fair, or as some extremist that feel the media isn't leftist enough, in the pocket of the right.

ABC has now moved in the White House. This should panic America because this represent everything the 1st amendment was design to prevent. Freedom of the Press was created so the media would be protected in their watching over our government from criticism of those that are elected to represent the people of our republic. It was never meant to be a mouthpiece of the government, though reporters had the right to do so if they choose. However, it was never meant to be a matter of policy for the media. Freedom of the Press was suppose to keep the media from being under the control of the government. Now we have ABC running reports right out of the White House itself. What was to prevent us from having Pravda here in the state has now been materialized. What's worse is this is being done by choice, not by force as often done in dictatorial states like Venezuela. Chavez must be impressed that BO didn't have to force the nationalization of the media.

What makes this even worse, is that ABC is protecting this administration. All the while of promoting the debate over health care in this country, no debate against BO's plan was allowed. This was a President that campaigned that he would be different from the Bush Administration in that he wanted debate and will government according. As this latest gaffe has demonstration, that too is a lie. Not one opposing view was given. All ABC did was pump the propaganda to the people. Gave the world of the messiah as if it's the cure all and wasn't willing to listen or entertain any opposing views. What does this say about ABC's watchdog ability which is what the prime directive of media is suppose to be. I say they lost all credibility and will no longer take anything ABC states with any credence. I will only refer to them to get what is the administration's position is because they will do that with 100% zeal.

Now that this precedence has been established, what's next? What will happen if, let's say, Fox News start giving rebuttals? Will ABC be calling for the nationalization of our media? The argument can be made that for the sake of national unity, something BO voter's expected when they elected him, we need to have the media on the same pages on the facts that are given by our President which so far have mainly been distorted or down right lies. Hitler said if you tell the big lie often enough, it becomes truth. Seems we have an all too complicit media willing to telling the lie and now are no longer fear showing it. It will be interesting to see what NBC and CBS will do next. I fear they'll be tripping ourselves to get into the White House and have their own room to be in favor with their messiah as well.

In the end, this is a terrible day for America. Her media is no longer afraid to show their allegiance to the Democrat party and be their propaganda machine. This is the beginning of the end of the free press here because now all they'll want to do is appease the occupant of the White House. Something the media was never conceive of doing. Now a voice of big government and no longer of the people or their interest, the media has taken a huge step backwards for the health of our republic and a huge step forward for totalitarianism. The Hitler of Iran, Jon Kim Ill, Castro, and Chavez must be proud. Next on the list: Freedom of Speech.

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