Monday, June 15, 2009

Netanyahu's shrewdness.

When I read that the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu has agreed to a two state solution I first thought I had turned liberal and gone delusional. Why would he, being Prime Minister before he knows what the terrorist minded Palestinians are like. With Hamas running things, a brutal terrorist organization that even murder and oppress their Muslims in arms, why would he think that things will be different than the previous attempts that not only ended with their true intentions being known, but with suicide bombers and rockets in their front yard? After reading the transcript of his speech I realize that he doesn't expect anything different. Hence he's shrewdness.

It's one of the worse kept secret of the BO administration where their loyalties are and that they're pressuring Israel to surrender to her enemies. He's made it clear to Netanyahu that any action against Iran will be met with them being charged with the atrocities that result and the responsibilities of the consequences. What's a man that's backed to a wall to do?

Basically, when playing basketball, a lesson I learned is that if you meet an opponent with equal force, you can impede their progress. Well, that's what Netanyahu is doing. He know darn well who his is dealing with and that BO is on their side trying to rally the world with the evil of Islam and turn the world completely against Israel. He also know that BO doesn't have a clue who he's dealing with. So give what is being asked but with condition you know darn well they won't accept that BO is insisting is needed for peace in the region. When it fails on his watch as well as the Palestinians are already condemning it. To have BO demand that they don't have the right to exist and Hamas has the right to arm and be a threat to Israel will show his true colors. This will back BO into a wall. He'll have to admit that his Muslim brothers really don't want peace or admit that he doesn't believe Israel has a right to exist and that Hamas has a right to destroy her. Either way, this won't look good in BO's resume.

The big question will be what will the endgame be? I don't think the timing was a coincidence to synchronized on the day the Hilter in Iran was re-elected (cough cough, barf). With the threat of a nuclear armed Iran and BO's support, this will only increase the international pressure on BO as other Muslim nations in the area will start to show their true colors as they have just as much prejudice against Persians as they do Jews. Not to mention, he'll be a treat to their existence. An element to the political football that is being fumbled here. Iran is an enemy to the Sunni's and if anyone has been keeping tabs in the Iraq war know how the Sunni's and Shiite's like to go at it. They hate each other worse than they do us. Just that they have a common enemy right now. If Iran goes nuclear, the Muslim world will celebrate as they did on 911 showing their evil nature, but afterwards, they will turn towards each other. The Sunni's will have a massive headache with a mortal enemy armed with the bomb. I don't think they'll be too happy with BO for allowing them to have it despite the BS we hear from them now. I believe, and would be my intention, to highlight that to my Sunni enemies and play that they won't be to gitty to have a super Iran in their backyard as Iraq will surely fall into Iran's hand given the political climate.

Netanyahu is playing the best hand that he's got right now. Making the Palestinians and Hamas looking as the evil terrorists that they are, their determination of Israel destruction and timing to highlight the threat that endangers the whole region. It's the best hand he's got. The question is will it be good enough to get a victory, especially in the arena of world opinion where they are getting decimated. If not, then all other points will become mute. It will be interest to see where BO takes it because really don't think he expects a conflict to arise. I'm sure he didn't expect Israel to agree, in part, on the two state solution. When things don't go as expected, this administration gets very unpredictable. Right now with the Middle East, unpredictable is too great of a danger to have.

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