Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez's lesson about the 1st Amendment.

Seems over the weekend, Perez Hilton got a lesson that he didn't care for. The results was a much needed and earned punched in the eye. What this man did to Miss California was bad enough, but the hypocrisy that came after this incident demand retribution. Seems now Hilton is on YouTube crying like the whiny baby that he is condemning the tour manager of the Black Eyes Peas over a tirade from entries from his blog (why anyone would read what this monstrosity has to say is beyond me) he had about the lack of respect he has for the band. Will.I.Am, the leader of the Black Eye Peas, tired and want nothing associated with this vile man, asked him to stop posting about the band on his site. Hilton's response, which was done in person, was to say he didn't have to respect him, the group and basically called the women, Fergie, a fugly bitch and Will.I.Am a faggot. Well, after that hate filled display of complete immaturity, the tour manager punched him in the eye. No wonder the Black Eye Peas love that boom boom pow. In this case, so do I.

First lesson for Hilton that he definitely didn't learn as he was whining like a two year old in his YouTube video: the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech. It does guarantee a receptive audience. That's the main gripe this man had about the whole thing. That the band and their manager didn't accept his chastise . Well, just because you can say it doesn't mean anyone has to listen to it or accept it. Something BO doesn't get either and why he and people like Hilton are such a threat as Hilton demonstrated over the beauty pageant escapades. We don't have to like or accept what you say. Hilton was saying that the band violated his rights by not accepting him or his attitude. You may have a lawsuit against the band, but not a civil rights violation.

Second lesson he failed to learn. With freedom comes responsibility. That was obvious from the Miss USA contest. He did every irresponsible action to punish Miss California for not being receptive of his lifestyle and why I feel that the Homosexual mafia is the biggest danger behind the Socialists. They will not tolerate anyone that doesn't believe as they do that their behavior is normal and moral. Like the Socialist that infest the Obama Administration, they feel anyone that disagree with them are morally wrong and need to be silenced. They have a policy of "shut up" for dissents. Not much different from what the Allatolas are doing in Iran. They're just not using guns yet, but should they get the NSF, then they will. Basically, if you make a statement, then there are going to be consequences, as the Iranians found out. The consequences may be a backlash. If you act irresponsibly, you will get irresponsible reactions. Getting punched for making hateful comments isn't all that unexpected, but for this homonazi, it was completely unexpected and now he wants blood.

See, freedom comes with responsibility. If you own a gun, you're responsible, or should be a beef I have with the NRA on some issues, for the misuse of that weapon. We have freedom of the press as well, but it doesn't give us the right to slander or libel anyone. That's irresponsible, but it's going on all the time in our society with the media and many blogs and websites. There are gossip site that have people anonymously make posts that say evil, cruel, and often unsubstantiated statement that have ruined lives. Yet these sites are up because of freedom of speech. Actually, they're up IN SPITE of freedom of speech. We have the right to private property, but that doesn't give me the right to make a dirty bomb that can kill millions either on that property.

Hilton still doesn't get it. He thinks he's a victim of bigotry. As for the punch, he's a victim of bigotry all right. His own. In his verbal rhetoric, he degrades Fergie as being something of an unattractive women. I've seen her and using my freedom of speech and responsibly. If he find Fergie of the Black Eyes Peas as being unattractive, then he has no right judging a beauty contest in the first place. It also shows, in my opinion, how crazy and mentally deranged he is and it gots to make me wonder if too many homosexuals are just mentally eccentric. Take what you will of that opinion. One thing I know. I'll take responsibility for it. More than I can say about Perez Hilton who proved that he can dish it out, but can't take it.

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