Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The price of failure.

When BO was elected, all I heard was how the US is finally going to go on the righteous path and peace was finally going to be restored in the world. How all the ills that America caused will finally be righted. How the Constitution was finally be put back together after Bush ripped it to shreds during his eight years. Never mind anyone could tell me how this messiah was going to accomplish this other than to say we finally will have change and hope. What changes and hope for what? The details was lacking. The liberals had so much blind faith in this man, they never conceived the possibility, much less the price, of his failure. So far, it's only been 5 1/2 months, and what I'm seeing isn't inspiring, optimistic, or bringing about any changes or hope.

First this change they bragged about. The change away from the polices of George Bush, one of the worse Presidents and biggest traitor to conservative causes and yet he was hated by the left, haven't not only had a reverse of course, but have been Bush on steroids. We're increasing the troops in Afghanistan, we're pulling out of Iraq, but nothing that wasn't in place before Bush left, letting North Korea and Iran continue with their nuclear program. Spending increased beyond the human imagination, and government growing by leap and bounds. All these policies were established by Bush and true conservatives criticized him for it as well as the left. Now that the left is in power, they're not only putting Bush's policies on steroids, but no longer find them destructive to the country.

What has been the price of this change and hope? North Korea is more bold and dangerous. They're now threatening nuclear war with South Korea, Japan, and the US. Given how weak BO has been towards dictators, in fact friendly towards them, they have nothing to fear from us. They know BO is weak and will throw a lot of harsh words, but will do nothing to stop them. The end results that they're seeking and so far gaining, is to be able threaten the South Koreans, Japanese, and the Western US and be able to black mail us. So far, their plan is going well.

Iran is coming closer and closer to the bomb themselves. Like their North Korean brethren, they do not fear the spineless US. In fact, we can't get out of that region fast enough in Iraq. Their speed boats are constantly harassing our ships and shipping in the area with Iran constantly threatening our shipping in the Gulf. With the US showing no will to confront and stop them, why shouldn't they? Now that the people are realizing how much trouble they're in, their economy going up in smoke, and the threat of an apocalypse, they're fighting back because they know the US isn't going to help them. BO has shown that with his stupid and pathetic excuse of not meddling in Iranian affairs. Just what the dictator ordered. The question will become will the Iranian people be able to do what we're not willing to: depose this evil dictator. It's sad we have the most powerful military in the world and the "hope" of peace in the region is hanging on unarmed civilians in Iran.

Europe think we're a joke as they mock this man while booing him for not being left enough. Israel is being asked to have themselves castrated. Netanyahu played a shrew hand by doing the unexpected by willing to cave but with conditions, which now have been rejected, that he knew they would reject and show themselves for the terrorists that they are: their right to exist and protection against attacks. Hamas have in their charter the destruction of the Jewist state and will never yield. In fact, not only did they reject it, but they tried to assassinate their biggest ally, Jimmy Carter. Yet the weak brained left are still on their side and trying to get gains for them. I don't about you, but if someone tries to kill me, I don't think we're on the same page or will come to an agreement.

Dictators all over the world are getting more bold. Sri Larka had slaughtered hundreds of their Christian civilians in their so called civil war. Russia and China are threatening our currency by attempting to replace the dollar as the world standard. Castro has been lifted from a ban that will allow us to lift the embargo that was established by JFK of all people. I guess JFK was wrong. Chavez is BO big buddy giving violent communist revolutionary books and nobody says anything about it. Totalitarianism is making a huge comeback all over the world.

Seems the only ones that are gaining the hope and change promised by the failures of BO's policies so far in foreign affairs are the changes that is allowing dictators hope they can expand and grow their powers. The change that gives hope for radical Islamic that they can gain more power and say in the world Arena by the reaction of those in Turkey and the fact Hamas and The Islamic Brotherhood, both banned in Egypt, being invited and present during his Cairo speech. The price of this failure is alarming and if allowed to continue, will see a threat and a holocaust around the world as never seen in world history. I would think to reasonable people, this price is just too high to be allowed to continue. So far, the only people to realize this so far are the Iranian civilians.

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