Sunday, June 14, 2009

The threat of a real nuclear war?

Seems the nut jobs in North Korea are busying turning up the rhetoric. I have to say, I just plain can't blame them. Why? Simple. It's working. NK is threatening a nuclear war with the US, Japan, and South Korea, and any other country in fact, if they try to do any blockading of their ships in the high seas. What the Lame Stream Media has been overlooking is several aces that have been exposed under the sleeves of our opponents in the political poker game. Since I play a good game of poker (my wife is very good practice), I can tell by reading the eyes of our opponents what the hands they are holding really are. What's worse, our leaders have no clue what to do about but cower to the UN and put their tail between their legs.

First hand that's exposed is that they have revealed that they do indeed have a secret nuclear program and they had no intention of disarming. This should be really bad news for BO since he's going to try to resume the disarming talks with NK with China, Japan, South Korea and a few other countries. Hint: they've already tip their hand. They have no intention of disarming and will continue to use the US as an excuse. Since our own President has been blaming us for all the evil atrocities in the world, nobody is going to take what he has to say or our interest seriously unless it's to disarm and appease.

Second hand, China is pulling the strings. In their rhetoric, they mainly listed the US, Japan and South Korea that they're going to declare war with. Most political analysis have China oppose NK's development because they're a treat to the stability of the region and they don't want to go down with the rest should NK should start shooting off the nukes. Well, China wasn't even mentioned by the North Koreans. They're not expecting trouble from China so they didn't make mention of them. I think this was a Freudian slip or oversight. In poker, sometimes it's not what said or done that tips off the hand. It's what isn't done. This is a clear case of this. After all, China voted for the sanction, but support NK's sovereign rights not to be inspected by force but only if North Korea volunteers to. China is playing bad poker here.

Third hand, the US intents to do nothing, or perhaps, give up South Korea. This nut job in NK is threatening NUCLEAR WAR with its neighbors and the US isn't even having reinforcement or sending additional military forces in. In fact, they want to "talk". The same talks for the last 15 years that got us into this mess in the first place. The compromise that the Clinton Administration (you know, the husband of our Secretary of State) that gave them the nuclear reactor that they're now using to make nukes that they said would provide peace by giving them the means to make nuclear energy. Sounds a lot about the promise we get about another nut job in Iran, isn't it?

Frankly, if I was playing poker with this group, the US would be done already because I would wipe my shoes with these clowns that don't know what reality they're living in. I would call NK's bluff because they have no intentions of launching. It's really China behind all this and they're seeing how this endgame plays out. China is playing bad poker because they made their hand known and so obviously. However, China is fortunately that the US is playing worse poker if not down right 52 card pick up. It's China's hand I would be worrying about, but the US is too busy paying attention to China's puppet in this scenario. After all, if North Korea destroys South Korea and they're not a serious threat to the US (yet), so an attack would be the end of North Korea. This endgame is China seeking to see how the US will react to such crisis and to prepare to gain their interests by seeing what they can get without having to fire a shot, mainly Taiwan.

In the end, since BO and his cronies have no clue what game they're playing. Seems NK and China are playing Poker while BO is playing Go Fish. He's going to bring a spit wad to a gun fight and get slaughtered in the PR and political arena. NK just is playing to get more out of the west all the while, smell victory in getting South Korea back without having to actually fight while doing China's dirty work. The main wild card in this will be Japan who aren't afraid to fight and could go nuclear in two weeks. Will they do as the US asks which they have in the past, or will they go rouge and just do what they feel is necessary to defend themselves from the threat. I think this element of the endgame is what China is really looking at as well as the US reaction but most of us that see things objectively already know that. Will anyone wake up to this fact or will we just play into their hands?

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