Friday, June 26, 2009

The Totalitarian's Best Friend.

If you thought I was going to give tribute to Michael Jackson, well, you would be wrong. The man was just a singer that, true, did have several hit albums and songs, but so what? Did he ever saved a life, feed a village, or have the world take a step for world peace? No. In fact, he was a freak that had some strange habits and peculation for children. The man was a great entertainer (and I find that debatable) but nothing more.

This is more of the lame stream media's much ado about nothing covering up the more serious events going on in the world and the complete failure of the current administration that is making the last one, a failure in of itself, looking like sheer genius in comparison. We got not one, but two insane lunatics, one with nukes that the US gave the means for him to create threatening our own solid with nuclear annihilation, and another working on getting them that believes in creating the end of the world and stealing elections being completely white washed. In fact, they're screaming louder because they don't like the lack of attention. However, this pales compared to the largest tax increase in world history being voted on as I write: The Cap and Trade bill.

This is by far one of the most serious bill in American history. This bill will allow the government to tax, though they call it a credit, and basically own the production of energy production in the US. Given how they want to regulate the carbon emission over what's being more and more proven a fraud over global warming, they're going to have more control and regulation over the US economy. Add the industries that already that's been nationalized and we're heading into some serious trouble here. This bill alone can bring the GDP of the us down 2.5% a year it's enacted. I like you liberals out there explain to me how decreasing the economy 2.5% a year while we're in the worse recession since the Depression with employment at 9.4% and increasing losing 2.5% of the GDP is going to improve the economy or lower unemployment?

What's worse, this has all the earmarks of the National Economy Department. Don't know what that is? That was a Branch of the executive branch of the Nazi party that regulated energy and economic resources. This bill has such powers involved. You want to relay on the government to tell who can get what resources or entitled to how much energy they can use? You think anyone that disagree with the messiah won't have their livelihood impeded or energy cut off? This is how dictators control their population. Stalin did it, Mao did it, Hitler did it, Castro did it. I'm not speaking theories here, I'm speaking historical facts. Yet none of this is being debated. In fact it's being hushed, rushed, and crammed down our throats. If these principals and science is so strong and factual as the supporters say, then why are they rushing and hushing this?

The wrap is this has been done before and with terrible consequences for the civilians. It increased the power and control of the government and oppression of the people. Bills that are rushed in rarely meet with good and/or positive results. Ignorance isn't bliss, it's the totalitarian's best friend. But hey, we're all up to date in the worship and history of Michael Jackson. After all, the contribution of a freakiest singer is far more important of the hijacking of the economy by power crazy minions.

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