Saturday, June 27, 2009

Universal feelings.

I was watching a Japanese drama (more like soap opera, but a hole is a hole is a hole I always say. Good thing it has English subtitles) with my wife. The main observation was the jealously the other chefs had towards our protagonist in the story. I was stating that to my wife and she said something I never really thought about. How that jealously is an universal feeling among the human race. Often times, there are times I have thought that feelings to certain situations are unique to myself or my culture. How silly of me. However, there are time in the political area that American in general are seemly thinking the same way. The one that comes to mind of late is the drama brewing over in South Carolina over the affair of the governor Sanford.

Men and women cheating on their spouses is as old as time. Though every generation acts as if they're discovering sex for the first time, the fact is sex has been around since humans have first set foot on Earth. It is human nature for the need and desire for intimate relationships. It's the second most powerful drive in the human psyche (self preservation is first). Though I won't go into details, I've been around the block quite a few times over my lifetime, but not while I was married to my first and definitely not while I'm married to my current one though she keep pestering me about my emotional well-being with her. The desire and attraction to others aren't going to go away even after making nuptials. However, the question becomes from my point of view, since sex invokes the same feelings physically, why have an affair when you're not going to gain anything more, physically, than you would at home?

What gets me about this affair is the media fixation on it. I remember when Slick Willie, also known as Bill Clinton, had done the same and a woman that was half his age. The media response was it was none of our business. Now that a Republican has been caught with his pants down, it's worse than the suppression of the Iranian protesters. Well, that's the overwhelming media bias for you there. The big question is why men of power tend to abuse their marital privileges because this seems more common that what goes on in the civilian sector.

Though I hear stories from those that break their bonds, what would make such people commit such acts. I find them to be contrary to my natural instincts. Biologist (my wife is one) believe it's just nature to spread the gene pool as much as possible. Would explain my wife's constant fixation on am I QUITE satisfied with her. However, there are animals that are monogamous in nature, penguins, primates, whales, dolphins just to name a few. In fact, the higher up the evolutionary chain you are, the more monogamous the species are. So since man, so I think there are those that differ on the opinion, is the highest, so with one of God's greatest gifts to mankind that should be guarded, why doesn't one stay monogamous as a specie? It seems it comes from the one thing that separates us from the animals: reasoning. Reasoning, the ability to reason and make choices is the main difference and come with great responsibility. A trait that is abused all too often, hate, murder, theft, infidelity, etc. Things that occur in nature in abundance, but we're not animals. We have a choice. Why choose a path that doesn't really gain anything of value?

The biggest reason I've been able to observed is one of the partners will stop treating the other with any respect. Instead of being a life partner, it becomes a means to an end to gain selfish ambitions. Though I'll get a lot of nasty responses for this but the heck with my enemies. The feminist movement have done so much to destroy first femininity in women that they become so undesirable that men will flock away from them. When Bill Clinton started is affairs, my first response was look at what he's married to. Hilary is a woman that everything is a means to an end. Including her marriage. Every wonder why they only had one child? I don't think because she was on birth control, but she was the birth control. The feminist movement have made intimate relationships a battleground in the war for power. Everything by feminist groups is about power. Money, sex, politics it's all about empowerment over men. When sex is used as a weapon, is it really a wonder men stray away from someone that used it for intimacy? Though sex is the same physically, it isn't emotionally. The feelings one has for their partner will make a HUGE difference in the emotionally element. A lesson I learned from my second wife and seems for her as well. Makes her a bit more paranoid because she sure doesn't want to lose that emotional bond. Heck, my divorce was devastating enough and I wasn't nearly bonded as I am to my current one, so I sure don't want to go through that again 10 fold emotionally. Since I have a wife that isn't into emotional power over me, our intimacy have far more emotional return.

The other element from the feminist movement is, as I've written many times before, is the demasulation of men. What was once revered is now despised. Matters, support, chivalry. These are traits that men have naturally to please their ladies and gain that intimacy that we crave. Men are simple creatures, feed us, shelter us, and love us and we're happy. Women are far more complex emotionally. Add the anger, disdain, and power hunger that the feminist movement have instilled and intimacy becomes a battleground that men rather avoid. When I was searching for another wife, I wanted someone educated, but an educated American meant someone that's been put through the feminazi curriculum. So that means, I would have to look outside the country which I did. Oh, I'll hear the battle cries from the feminazi, but I cared what they thought, I would be in another miserable marriage. You see, you can't have a war in the home and have intimacy. Judging how Mrs. Sanford has been reacting, I can see that there's no love in that mansion. A house but not a home. Don't give me she's hurting over the affair, I'll wager she was cold and indifferent to him long before the affair happened.

Now there were infidelity before the feminazi movement. As with the feminist movement, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Seems with power comes privileges. Privileges that often invites abuse. Sex seems to be one of them. Why, when there's no emotional reward, do men of power abuse that power? That one I wish I knew. I believe it's an ego booster. The one in power can have whatever woman he can then he must be extremely masculine. Whatever. It's a lot of thing. Biological need but there's no intimacy and no emotional reward. Just the same ole same old that brings no real satisfaction. Like a drug addiction, one gets in the habit that they need the next fixed not because it feels good, but to keep from feeling bad. Like in the Philippines, where infidelity is rampage because divorce is illegal, one senator had 12 mistresses and 86 children. That man has one big ego boost. It's claimed he loves them all, but does he even know the names of a dozen of his children? How about his mistresses? Does he know their dreams and desires? Does he even remember the births of his clan? I remember mine and that was from a woman that bumped heads with me.

The wrap, some people will do the wrong thing because it gratifies the I want now attitude, but men for the most part are simple. Be good to us, we're return the favor. With the war of the sexes in full force in the American culture, love and intimacy often take a back seat and that's the main reason for infidelity. Given how cold women have become in our culture, say the likes of Hilary or Mrs. Sanford, with the privilege and temptation that comes with acquisition of power, it become easier and easier for men to overcome their nature desire to be intimate and seek biological fulfillment. Perhaps gaining more intimacy from the "other woman" because they're competing with the wife. As long as love remains a battlefield and a battle over empowerment, stories like Clinton and Sanford are going to continue. The biggest difference will be the media bias in spinning them.


The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

DUDE, you nailed it better than I ever could have. That was great. I have tried to explain that in words for so long now.

Basically the female culture of this country is diseased. I want very little to do with the average american woman.

madmath1 said...

Yes, so true. Why I married a foreign woman. I find it sad to get intelligent and thought provoking shows, I have to watch foreign movies and series. The diseased feminazi culture has really degraded our society.