Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Using children to attack the first amendment.

I was a teacher for a year as anyone that has read my previous post will know in addition it was the worse job I ever had and would never go back. The main reason has been too much government interference with no consistent policy and no discipline required or expected of the students, especially the politically correct ones. The waste and corruption is so bad I have no faith that it will survive. I've often during my year I was getting MY biggest education was how the heck did we ever get to this point that we have a completely failed system that's a black hole of a money pit that produces such anemic results? I've gone over many of the rulings and I think two of them signified where we went wrong and why American education system that used to be the envy of the world has crumbled to one of the worse in the industrialized world and closing in on being worse than the 3rd world.

If anyone thinks I'm going to say the 1954 ruling that broke segregation, you would be completely wrong. As tensions from the racists swirled things up for having our country finally do the right thing as treating everyone as equal with equal opportunities to succeed to the best of their abilities isn't going to be one of them. Of the two is the ruling that stated all children are entitled to a public education (if they can't afford a private one). That will be for another post because that one was bad enough because it allows those that disdain and hate education be allowed to destroy it for those that do. No, the one that got us started on this road was the 1963 ruling against prayers in school by that evil and vile woman O'Neil who started the American Atheist group. Well, she's entitled to her beliefs but this ruling was the first that started judicial activism that is having all of us to have her beliefs, as well as any crazy idea, crammed down our throats (she suffered a horrible fate by her own kind as she was murdered, as her son and grand daughter, by one of her ex employees that robbed gold coins from them. Guess someone worshipped that gold more than her life).

With the latest ruling from a case where a Kindergartner wasn't allowed to share a book that was his favorite reading from his favorite part of the book. It was found to be a violation of the separation clause of the constitution. What was his book? Well, most of us that value freedom know already. It was the Bible and he wanted to Psalms 113. Quoting the 1963 ruling as being the rule of law of religion is to be kept out of the schools, even a 5 year-old during show and tell can't bring a Bible or read a passage out of it. Even though Muslim students are allowed to bring a Koran and read from it (the policy of Multiculturalism supersede the separation clause), the Church of Satan, Wicca, Buddhist, and Goths are allowed to bring their literature and share it. Christians are not.

The clause that is being misapplied is in the preamble of the constitution that congress will write no laws establishing a state religion. Though it wise to keep the church from being the state as was done in England and several European counties, and just look at what's going on in the Middle East, and yet nobody has a problem of THAT religion being integrated in the curriculum, they don't want the Bible. Before 1963, school was often where American values and morals was taught. School was the medium where right and wrong was taught at the basic levels. After that ruling, it seems anything and everything was fair game including abortion, gay marriage, class warfare, balkanization, gang banging, sexual promiscuousness , just insert any outrageous act (I refuse to put bestiality, but give it time). It took away ALL judgements and brought in the era of moral relativism. Now, today, the gangs are running many of the school, corrupt and greedy politicians, unions, and bureaucrats run the schools, philandering, drugs, sex, prostitution, who are any of us to judge now? I saw all this going on, and I was demonized for being aghast about it. Now, learning what history has taught me to how we got here, it doesn't surprise me any more, now it saddens me.

So now, a 5 year-old can be viewed as an agent of the government establishing a state religion. How did we get to this level? Well, given from my previous post of how most Americans don't even know, much less understand, the history and development of our constitution and would fail a citizenship test, it doesn't take much to understand how dumbed down our education system has been made most Americans that most can't understand what was really meant by the establishment clause. We have the attention span of when I was 5, hyperactive, and on a sugar rush. It was to keep the GOVERNMENT from establishing a state religion, not to restrict the expression in the public sector by INDIVIDUALS. If an individual wanted to show and practice their faith, provided it doesn't infringe on another person's freedom, it was permitted. After all Washington and Jefferson express their religious faith and they weren't condemn. I believe they would be crucified today. Throughout the forefather's writings, they had faith of the rights and freedoms written were endowed by our creator (be it God, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, whoever) of our inalienable rights. They believe our freedoms came from a creator. They never intended for individuals to have their express of their faith squelched as they put Freedom of Religion in the first amendment. Unfortunately today, as that 5 year-old learned, people have made it Freedom FROM Religion. Be careful what you wish for. 100 million people were killed by government ran by those who believed in Freedom From Religion in the 20th century: Communists. Just look at Stalin's and Mao's body counts were and that was their own people. Seems now that we're all willing to suffer a similar fate. I pray that I'm wrong and we'll get back to our American values and get back on the right track. Thank you, and (smile) God Bless.

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