Thursday, June 11, 2009

What part of NO don't they understand?

I went to San Fransisco to the Filipino Embassy to complete some legal paperwork and renew my wife's passport. As she was taking care of business at the embassy, I had to find a place to park (no easy feat in this city). As I parked the car in a parking garage nearby, I was leaving when I was approached by a petitioner would I like to have equal marriage rights for all. I asked her what part of no from the state citizens do you not get? She proceeded to call me a bigot and hate monger and our evil kind needs to have it crammed down our throats because that's the only way we'll ever be bought to doing the right thing. I told her she was a tyrant and left. This encounter epitomizes that mentality that we face against the homosexual mafia.

As we finished, and I took the other entrance because I didn't want to encounter this bigot petitioner, especially if this young woman had seen who I chose for a wife, would had led to another conformation and I know those, when you're a conservative with morals, in this city, I would be putting our lives at stake. I mean look at what happened to Miss California today. Officially fired for not full filling her contractual duties. Though I don't blame the pageant's decision because she really did breach the contract, this woman was constantly harassed and vilified in the media. This lady was constantly being threaten and called nasty names. The vileness and brine from the media over her honest opinion that they asked for was used for political reasons which I'm sure was why the question was asked in the first place. Who's next by those on the left against those that don't agree with them? I think the lady's (and I use the term loosely here) response tells the story.

After being told no over and over, and those countries that have homosexual marriage, it's really clear that the homosexual mafia really don't want marriage. Where it is legal, they have barely reached a 1000 marriages. They have the same rights et al by civil unions. The real objective is they want to gain legitimacy. They want it be claim by force of the gun of government that they are normal and have those who have morals to accept their behaviors as moral. They want to dictate to God what He will accept, not the other way around.

They have gained great ground over the last 20 years. You can't get away from the propaganda. The schools teach it so well that many Priests are calling it an epidemic. They are receiving so many confessions (they haven't said who, unlike the left that vandalized and harass those that disagree with them) that it's becoming normal. Twenty years ago it was rare, not it's nearly 2 out of 3 young women today. You think the media isn't influencing the minds towards that homosexuality is just as normal as eat, sleeping and heterosexuality? Given the tactics they're using, it's clear what's next if they get homosexual marriage legitimized and it's not good: hate crimes.

It's becoming clear to me that their real goal is to get the Church to shut up and have their morality crammed down their throats. To make it that any pastor, Rabbi, monk, or Imam that claims homosexuality is a perversion, a crime against God, man, or nature are committing hate speech and need to be re-educated or jailed. The catch is this will greatly backfire in their face if this come to pass. The pastors will take it quietly because they misguidedly believe it's not the Christian way to fight. The Rabbi's as well. Perhaps the Monk who think morals are relative will accept it. However, the Imams and the Muslim will never yield. The one thing I will give Muslim credit for and I wish Christians and Jews had as well, they will fight to the death for their faith and moral foundation. They will not let anyone that oppose their death cult just waltz in and tell them otherwise. Not that I'm promoting Jews and Christians to have their own version of a violent jihad. That they have the faith, desire, and passion to fight for their God and faith. As it is not, they have followed the path of appeasement with their enemies. To forgive and turn the other cheek when their enemy is unrepentant and determine to their destruction. Once they're done silencing or criminalizing the Christian and Jews, do they think the Muslim will yield. We've seen how that turns out.

They think once they're isolated, they'll yield like the others. What they're going to get is a war. Does anyone think once they take the rights of others that the Muslim won't call our their sleeper cells and declare a jihad against the homosexual mafia and the government that backed them? They will broadcast it on TV for crying out loud. Thing could get so bad that it could very well start a civil war. Sound Alarmist, take a look at what goes on in Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Southern Philippines, Sri Larka, Yemen, Oman and any other Muslim state. As we are not, we're a Secular Republic based on Judeo-Christian values. Once that's destroyed, the vacuum left over will be taken by the group with the largest numbers and will and it's not the homosexual mafia. Since the left has no real will to fight, it won't be a war who's victor will be in doubt. Perhaps if this worse case scenario comes to pass, then and only then will they wish they had listened when it was said that no meant no.

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