Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why I have no faith in the liberal American Voter

A few stories and the reaction, or the lack there of, by the public has me disillusioned about the American voters ability to see reality and make good, rational, and intelligent decisions. Sound harsh? I sure hope so because we're in so much trouble as a nation and most of us are just plain either too stupid, ignorant, complicit, or burying our head in the sand thinking ignoring the problem will make it go away. The stories of late really show how we're turning in a completely opposite direction of what made us great and becoming more of a 3rd world banana republic and so many seem to envy those societies. Why, I have no clue. Guilt perhaps, but the rational is disturbing.

The first story I find disgusting is the David Letterman and Palin issue. David Letterman shown himself to be a pervert and a sick SOB. I mean he kids about raping a 14 year-old. A minor. If any other man had done what he did for everyone in America to see, he would be in jail where he belongs. Larry King gives me the same creeps as well, but he's not done anything to Letterman's perversion. I have a 13 year-old daughter and this man promoting for her raping, let's just say, being a rational and alert man, I like to have 5 minutes in a dark ally with this man. I'm sure I'm not the only one. What makes me more sick is this man is having a rating boom. I don't know if it's sick curiosity or Americans are just that sick to be actually supporting this pervert because he's going against Palin. Which ever, this makes me have complete disdain towards my fellow Americans for supporting him at all. Now he's going to profit from this is just sicking. There's no backlash against HIM, but HER. I mean a parent defending her daughter's honor and safety is vilified. I mean come on. I guess America is starting to side with perversion, but that's been going on for awhile. Have we become that anti-child. Where is NOW because of his misogynistic views (update: I found out that NOW with a New York Lawmaker are pressuring the CEO of ABC to fire him. I don't care for NOW but I do support them in this cause.). If a conservative had done this, he would be in jail now. I guess women are expendable as long as a liberal is doing the attacking.

The next is the firing of Miss California. The vile comments against this woman because she expressed her personal view is just despicable. I guess freedom of speech is only acceptable by Americans only if it's politically correct. This woman had received death threats. So this is the era of tolerance by the homosexual lobby? Seems they're the most intolerance and violent of the groups given the vandalizing of churches and boycotting and blockading of business that were supportive. This woman was asked to speak in gay film promotion and to pose for Playboy. They had the gall to say one of reason she was fired was the nude photos that she had before she competed for Miss California. What hypocrites. With all the brine and hatred she was receiving from the appearance she was being required to appear at. Appearance I'm sure was set up to make her go through the hatred and threats of the homosexual supporters since she wasn't allow to appear to say at a church. Talk about being set up to fail. However, most Americans are siding with the vile, disgusting, perverted homosexual madman Perez Hilton.

The last has to do with two incidence going on in world politics. The North Korean threat and Carter's peace envoy with Hamas and the Palestinians. During the election, the BO team down played these threats as hyperbola by the Bush and McCain teams. That they weren't really threat and that diplomacy was the answer. After all, if we feel their pain, they'll become our friends. Well, North Korea now is making more nukes, more threats and ready to go to war with South Korea, Japan, and the US. They don't see us as a threat and after China's backstabbing at the UN where they voted for the sanction but not for the enforcement making the sanction meaningless, they have tipped their hand that they're backing the North Koreans. With the missiles that NK is developing, they're a major threat to South Korea and Japan, and they know it. Japan could go nuclear if they need to and they're starting to feel it. All the while, within a year, NK can develop missiles that can hit Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. I guess that still doesn't constitute a threat. BO's response. We'll make it voluntary to searching or seizing ship in violation of the sanction. Oh, I'm sure the NK's are pooping their pants now. Not as much as BO is because talk about no spine against an obvious threat. And people here aren't upset at all. I'm in the nuke zone and people here support the North Koreans and Obama's stance which is being caught with his pants down and in the position to showing his support for gay marriage. I don't believe if NK nuked one of our cities or one of their nukes destroy one of our cities through a terrorist cell the people would react against them. The people here, like BO, would rather capitulate than fight for our freedoms.

Carter's visit, is as far as I'm concern, is an act of treason. I don't care he's one of our ex-president's (and by far one of the worse). His bedroom relationship with a group that we define as a terrorist organization that murder children in school buses, smash the heads of 4 year-old girls with a butt of a rifle, that shoot up schools and disco clubs should have us outraged. This man is associating with murderous madmen and we say nothing. These are people that would cut the head off your school aged child with glee and delight, and our envoy is negotiating with them. What are we using for leverage? More targets? We should be calling for this man's arrest, instead we're supporting his beliefs. That there can be no peace without the involvement of Hamas. Are you serious? Hamas has vowed in their charter that every Jew is to be exterminated. They are an organized death squad and we support this act of diplomacy. What a disgusting display of cowardice on our public part. To also believe he's doing this without the support of the Obama Administration ignores recent events as well. Given by how the public, with a few exceptions, we're all for support of this insane path.

The American public, with a few conservative groups, have completely have sided with the path of evil, destruction, and the capitulation to tyrants, terrorist, and perverts. We no longer speak out against stupid and perverted statements. We don't speak out against evil regimes shooting missile, detonating nukes and breaking agreements and threatening war. We don't speak out against cohering with evil, murdering madmen by our own head of states. Seems that the American public and the American voters has lost their convictions. Unless we develop some courage and brains, evil is going to proliferate. What a sad final testimonial for our country.

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