Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why we have no good role models.

Often I tell my children to pick good role models for themselves. My ex often asks me why and who am I to judge what is good. My, how I can't stand the moral relative crowd for they stand for nothing so they fall for anything like Global Warming. After all, it's up to each individual to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. Though there are some truth to that because we all eventually will decide what is right and wrong. However, we often need some guidance and inspiration. What we are getting now is exactly the opposite. Especially from the hatred and brine we get from the hip hop rappers. After all, does anyone after listening to their garbage rants ever feel good or inspired, to go out and be noble and do good towards others or go on a rampage? When was the last time a person was held for overcoming obstacles and pulling themselves by the bootstraps held up (Sotomayor doesn't count because like the rappers, she promotes racism as her inspiration, not hard work or virtues)? Octomom who cares for nobody but her own self gratification with the consequences be damned is now having her own TV show. I don't know about you, but I like to see that woman get punked instead of worship because her 14 kids are going to be screwed because of her behavior. I thought after Kate, Jon and 8 we had enough of children being exploited, but today, even that's a virtue by our perverted standards.

So, after reading a racist pastor's listing, I'm going to put in my own words the ten reasons why we don't have good role models and why this country is pretty much finished as a first world nation, a superpower, and heading towards evil.

1. Honorable people are attacked for taking a stand for morality and values. Take a stand for what is right or righteous at least in the past and see how long you go without having some kind of a phobia attached or being accuse of a hate monger. Against Muslims killing innocents, you're an Islamaphobe, against gay marriages, you're a homophobe, for personal responsibly, you're a hater of freedom or a fascist, parents being responsible for their children, you're misogynist, etc. One can't be one the side of righteousness without being attacked as being evil. Right is wrong in our society and wrong is right.

2. High profile scandals in sports, politics. and religion have caused us to become jaded. We have become so used to it and, as we'll see later, follow the paths of these jerks, that we no longer seem to care when one does anything right. We learned to shrug the scandal off and move on to the next.

3. Dads have less presence and power in the home. Most kids will not go through their childhood with an intact home. With the feminist war against males, their necessity for stable home life being disdained and hated, we will grow up expecting chaos and instability. Why not in the daily lives of our adulthood when we're grown up.

4. Success has been defined as fame, fortune, and power. Just look at the stupid hip hop rappers to see for yourself. Why everyone inspires to be a gangster instead of a doctor, an engineer, or even a police or fireman. When all we care about is the fame, fortune or power, the ends always justifies the means. Those that get in the way get what they deserve. Then what do they do when they get it? Do they do good or more for themselves at the expense of others?

5. Image often supersedes character. Hanna Montana gets my vote for this one. Totally without character, becoming another tramp with a Britney Spears meltdown. She's got the fame, fortunes and power but have no idea how to use it. But she's got one heck of an image. Just like at Bill Clinton. He had the looks and talked the talked, but he sure had a thing about women. Though anyone with a brain knew this man was a liar, cheat, soft socialist, and morally bankrupt, it didn't matter to the voters or the media. As often was said during the campaigns, it's not character that counts, it's the issues. Well, turned they were wrong and we've been doing down the path of moral decadence since.

6. Indulgence replaces sacrifice. Only have two words that best fits this: Daycare and Octomom.

7. The practice of self-discipline is losing ground. Just set foot in a classroom and see for yourself. All this crap about self esteem, it is at the cost of self-discipline. In fact, discipline is considered a dirty word. Just look at what happens when people lose it. We're ask to have compassion, leniency, that we're all human. Problem is when we don't have shame or lack of accountability for a lack of control, we get the chaos we have today. Nobody taking responsibility for anything and we actually believe nobody should except the taxpayers.

8. Seeking of “self,” on the other hand, is an over-practiced art.” As stated before, self-esteem is held above all else in our society now. So much over-practiced, we don't hold anyone, except Christians, Conservatives, and tax payers for any of the consequences.

9. Family values have become a political issue rather than an ideal to be embraced. In fact, it's disdained in our society. We don't promote traditional marriage, just gay marriage. We let our kids out loose having them entitled to everything but self-control, discipline, and an education. We let them have medical procedures without consent. We punish parents that get involved and have their children do what's right and call them abusive, oppressive, and incompetent. Parents for the most part are being stripped of their parenting rights and having the children the power of the parents. In one case, a father was arrested and sentence to counseling for abuse of his son. What was his crime? He didn't let his 16 year-old-son watch TV while he ate his dinner. As a parent, I fear my children learning they have more rights than I and abusing it.

10. Good people with deep convictions remain silent when they should speak up. This one is really a collary of #1. After all, if you're going to be attacked and in some case arrested for standing up for what's right, are you going to be so quick to speak out? After all, feminist are quick to attack Christian groups that won't hire lesbians but won't speak out of the abuses in Saudi where they're not even allow to drive, or in Iran or parts of Iraq where they're not even allow to show their faces in public or be out of the house without a male escort. I guess when it comes to losing your head, it's just better to attack soft targets. Just look at what happening here in California over Proposition 8. Churches have been burned, business vandalized and blockaded by radical homosexuals, a recruiting center was shot up. You think some of us are going to be so quick to support another cause say against Islam and their prejudices if it should come up like it does in Britain? Will anyone protect us, or will they protect the criminals (as with the blockading and vandalism)?

We have completely lost our moral compass. We view morality as relative. Something only each individual can determine for themselves. But we give no guidance or have any examples what typifies good behavior or valor. We disdain anything that requires strength, disipline or have us sacrifice for the better of the group or others. We often see them as fools or fascist. A history lesson to be learned from this. This moral relativism has been tried before about 5000 years ago. It was during the time of Noah where morality was guided by a person conscience. If you didn't feel guilty about, it wasn't a sin. So if I like sleeping with your wife and don't feel guilty, it's ok (pretty much ok by today's standards anyways. Just look at the Ashley Madison Foundation.). If I kill you and I don't feel guilty, as most gangster do, it's not sin. The results was things got so bad God destroy all but 8 humans. However, that's ok. Most of us don't really believe in God and if it should come to pass it rains for 40 days and 40 nights, we'll just blame Global Warming.

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