Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christians misunderstanding of Harry Potter.

I was reading an blog about how Christians should embrace the Harry Potter series. I really never gave it much thought though once upon a time in America, I was one of those people that did oppose the Harry Potter series because of its references to witchcraft and wizardry. Then again, I was opposed to The Chronicle of Narnia until my children whined, cried, moaned and groaned me to finally see the movie and got a heck of a surprised when I started to piece where the movie was going. I thought it was going to be some New Age BS because of the mytholocial references. Only afterwards did I learn about C.S. Lewis and his life which made his books from one that the movie was based make so much more sense.

My point being, before condemning some one's work, perhaps one should find out what it's about first before making a judgement. I remember in the 80's when books on communism was being removed from libraries. I thought it was a good thing til one man told me I'm against communism, but unless I read about it, how do I know what exactly it is I'm against? A point that stuck to me to this day. I got my first exposure to Harry Potter when my niece was watching the DVD of Harry Potter and the Scorcer Stone. I was 40 minutes into the movie before I realized what it was I was watching (I didn't even know about his lighting shaped scar). It wasn't what I was expecting from those I heard condemning the series (which was in the fourth book by this time). It was about hope, courage, discovery. Nothing of obsession with the occult or reverence to dark forces, unless you want to count Voldemort and the Death Eaters. However, the magic in the stories are the tools and weapons used by both sides. It's no difference using Chemistry, Physics and Engineering to forge materials and devices like planes, tanks, guns, and radios to defeat fascism. In the essence of the story it's about how love, courage, friendships and a moral supremacy are the greatest strength to defeat a literal monstrosity in Voldemort. Given our moral relativism that is so prevalent in our western society, having a faith in the supernatural with moral absolutism, the biggest being the greatest strength in the human spirit is love, is something that needs to be encouraged, not disdained. There enough of it in the world already.

So, why is it Christians are so vehement against the series? Why are they so outspoken against the child wizards and his courageous and virtuous allies? It's one of those evils dawned from the beginning of time: ignorance. They hear the words magic, wizards, witches, potions, etc and they click on some Bible verses that are being misused. They refer to the verses about mediums, witches and warlocks that Jesus and those in the Old Testaments referred to. They misunderstand the context of these verses: obsession with the occult. Those that are referred in those verses are allied with God's adversary. Many are obsessed with predicting the future or speaking to the dead. Other words, obsession with New Ageism, Satanism, or just plain human cults. The Harry Potter stories are nothing of the sort.

The stories are about the righteous protagonist, Harry, Ron, Hermine, Dumbledorf, Hagrid, etc that abide with a moral absolutism: love, courage, truth, friendship, selflessness, loyalty, life. Take a look at the Death Eaters or those that follow the path of the Dark Lord, Voltemort: lies, deception, misery, bullies, vileness, cruelty. Often it's the protagonist that triumptant. However, the stories don't hide reality: sometimes evil wins and often with grave consequences. The path to doing what's right is often met with dangers and difficulty. A lesson that many seemed to have lost. That it's far more difficult and you will have to fight to do what's right. It's all to easy to fall to the path of evil. All evil needs is good to do nothing. Our protagonist take on the challenges with many issues being taken by the horns and address in such conveyance that often, ones doesn't even know that it's being address. The biggest is class warfare.

The main conflict is those that follow the ways of the Dark Lord are racist or elitists. They think only those of pure blood, without muddle (non magic folks) blood should be taught the ways of magic. They believe mudbloods (those not from two magical parents) are to be excluded. In fact, they are to be killed. Only those in their merry little band are worthy of life. Sounds a lot of what we're hearing in the health care debate. It's the biggest mudblood, Hermine, that masters the big spells and figure out the most difficult puzzles that allows Harry to often triumph.

The biggest lesson that is often overlooked this the moral supremacy. Those on the dark side, not only are they miserable, vindictive, corrupt, and deceitful, but they lack a moral code. The only code is death to muddles and mudbloods. Life means nothing to them. One of the most memorable moments was in the order of the Phoenix when Voltemort was trying to invade Harry's mind. Harry attacks back with the line "Dispute all your followers, you're alone, and lonely. You don't know courage, love, or friendship. You're pathetic and I feel sorry for you." That was enough to enrage and break the Dark Lords hold on him. True evil is the lack of moral compass that the Death Eaters and their followers lack which is often leads to the lack of love and strength leave Harry's enemies short of his defeat. Much like the White Witch and her followers in the Chronicle of Narnia. Christians recognize that as being the ultimate deception of Satan and evil that plagues the planet. If the two part movie of the Deathly Hallows follow the book, this will be greatly empathize and will result in as the main element of who wins in the final conflict.

J.K Rowlings was thoughtful and intelligent in her story telling often giving moral lessons without anyone realizing it. In my favorite one, The Goblet of Fire, we had a mystery that Agatha Christie (my favorite of all time) would had been proud to had written. As we learn we have an enemy in the gates plotting Harry's demise with fragmented clues as to why, the clues were all there done with such subtlety, that it gets overlooked til the culprit is finally caught. Made me smack my head. A lesson about trusting those within, why you hold your friends close and your enemies closer because if one gets inside your organization under the radar, OUCH! With horrible and tragic consequences at that as well.

Though I can understand the misunderstanding, Christians should learn from our history. How misunderstanding can lead to tragic and disastrous consequences. That if one's going to oppose something, best to get the information first of what it is you're against. Though the terms used brings up the negative stereotypes, as I learned with the Chronicles of Narnia, not all terms are defined as you think and metaphors used aren't what you think they are. Ignorance may be bliss, but it can be tragic and disastrous as well. It can make a fool of you as well. For now, I'm off to have a pint of pumpkin juice while fighting off the White Witch.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hawaii's Cover Up.

The head of the Health and Human Services of Hawaii have now deemed that Obama's birth's certificate is indeed real. Good for them. Hoping that the birthers will now disappear, they're making this very same claim that they made 8 months ago. Like 8 months ago, it's going to do nothing to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii as claimed. The reason is simple. The certificate they're claiming is real isn't proof of the locale of his birth.

The certificate they're claiming is real I'm not going to dispute. I'm going assume that the certificate they're endorsing is indeed real. It's just simply isn't PROOF. The certificate is an announcement of live birth. You see, it's not proof of where nor when he was born. The facility is claiming that the man was born. Good, they've proven that Obama was born, something that wasn't even in dispute, and they're verifying it. However, proof of citizenship it isn't. I tried using mine when I applied for my passport which, obviously, requires proof of citizenship to obtain. To my disappointment, my certificate wasn't sufficient. I had to pay $15 to the county of Alemeda to go through the microfilm and find my actual documentation with all the details of where, when, whom, and by whom. Four weeks later I had my actual and long form proof of my citizenship and six weeks after that, I had my passport.

I find it interesting that what wasn't good enough to prove my own citizenship is good enough for Obama's. It wasn't good enough for me to get my passport but is good enough to qualify Obama for the Presidency. This again is making the man an exception to the rules that we all are required to follow. Birthers aren't the cooks that the media, no apologies to traitors like Coulter and O'Riley, makes them out to be. They're constitutionalists. Yes, they made claims about McCain's who was born on a military base in Panama, but by international laws, those bases are US soil, thus he qualified, end of story. He had his long form with the details, BO doesn't. They are just applying the constitution as stated in Article 2. The left, media, and those in government have viewed the constitution much as they view God's 10 commandments. They are the 10 suggestions or out and out wrong some have argued. Same with our constitution. They're just suggestions or out and out wrong. If you don't believe it, look at some of the rulings by Ginsburg, Scouter (good bye and good riddance) and Sotomayor. Frankly, this constitutional debate of the interpretation of powers, in this case the people to demand the enforcement of Article 2 and what does it mean to be natural born, isn't new. Teddy and Taft had a difference of options of the constitutional powers. Teddy though the executive branch had absolute powers only restrained by what was forbidden in the constitution while Taft thought the executive branch was only allowed the powers that were defined as being allowed in the constitution. And Taft was Teddy's VP, later becoming president.

This whole issue is over does Obama follow the definition of being born on US soil or not. One can still get a certificate of (live) birth in their home state, even though they're not actually born there. This is what the State has certified as being real. It doesn't prove that he was actually born in Hawaii. It would still allow Obama to be a US citizen if his parent of US citizenship is of legal age (which she wasn't at the time). Otherwise, this only proves that Obama was born to a US citizen. That's it. This determination does nothing to prove the legal fulfillment of the Article 2 provision. In fact, it doesn't even prove that he's even a US citizen because his mother was a minor, at the time, and his father was a British subject of the state of Kenya. If he was really born in Kenya, that would make him British and unqualified. In fact, it could make him an illegal alien. All of this could be resolved with a $20 long form which he refuses to do, has spend over a million dollars in suppressing and was the first executive order that nobody is ever to be given access to his long form or obtaining any information on getting his long form. Rather odd behavior if he's telling the truth and the media is accurate about his citizenship. After all, I'm all willing to pay a million to repress a $20 document to prove my citizenship. Perhaps I should had tried this with HSA when I applied for my passport. Somehow, though, I doubt I would had made my trip and would had drawn a great deal of unwanted attention. I don't understand why supporters of the president, that they claim is repairing the constitution that Bush ripped apart, criticize those that do likewise for BO. Talk about ripping the constitution to shreds. As far as I'm concern, Hawaii has proven nothing other than they're in his boat. If Hawaii wants to put this to rest, just pay the $20 for him or grant a waiver and just produce the form. However, this assumes something that's not in evidence and why this issue won't go away: that the long form exists in the first place.

To see if this issue is finally at rest, just watch over his reaction to those in the military that are refusing to follow his orders. This is a crime that's punishable by death if severe enough. Yet every one of those refusal has resulted in BO rescinding the order. Unheard of in military history. The argument that the military members are making is that since BO isn't legitimate, his orders are all illegal and thus aren't required to follow them. In fact, under the agreement that liberals beat us to death during Bush's terms, the Gevena Convention, our troops, if their claims are correct, are obeying illegal orders and thus won't be under the protections of the the Geneva Conventions (like it matters to those animals they're fighting). So they can cuts heads of our troops and civilians because we're under an illegitimate and illegal regime and it would be all legal under international law. That makes us the terrorists (which liberals all think of America anyways) and them the freedom fighters. So far, all challenges to BO's orders have resulted in rescinding which is unheard of in of itself. It does makes sense if the birthers are correct and he's covering his rear. If he is truly legit, then the court maritials would begin, but that will require him bringing the proof of his qualification under Article 2, his birth in the US, which still isn't available. I predict that the rescinding will continue.

Simply put, this doesn't prove, legally, anything and the challenges will continue. I find it interesting that such a cheap document is so vehemently being refused to be produced and the offender is obsequiously being protected. Never have I seen a refusal of doing so simple with the conviction and cover up on such a massive, and passionate, scale. Very odd behavior from a man that has nothing to hide. Not so strange from a man that has everything to lose.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pat Condell message to aplogists of evil.

I saw this on the blog Monkey in the Middle. This man may have a past I don't agree with and most likely will agree and disagree on a same number of issues, but as for Islam and multiculturalism, this man says it in a way that I only wish I could. This summation should be the battle cry of conservatives on the issue of Islam and Multiculturalism.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Two sided Justice.

I fear what would happen should Obama gets his National Security Force and we may get an sample from jolly ole England. In England, their police forces are getting swamp with complaints and reports from crime against English law by their Muslim populations. Mainly with forced marriages and honour killings. The police forces don't want to upset ethic sensitivities so they're considering of having a police force consisting of Muslim officers and allow the choice of having the investigations and court proceedings in Sharia courts. I nearly gagged on my dinner.

First of all this is national suicide. England is already in deep trouble because of their Muslim population with crime and contempt for English law. I thought one of the purpose of a sovereign nation is to make laws and have them enforced. What's the point if you're going to allow foreigners and certain citizens to usurp those laws. The main reason is these groups have grown so much that the police are giving up on how to police them and just give them what they want. This is a very dangerous precedence.

Now a Muslim can have the best of both worlds. If he's wronged by an English man, he can choose the Royal court, if by a fellow Muslim or to dodge a crime he committed against Britain, Sharia court. After all, if a Muslim goes on a jihad in England, which court do you think he'll want? What will that court rule? I don't see Muslim going to English court to answer to the crime of terrorism when they can go to a court with their fellow terrorist on the jury and get acquitted on jury nullification every time. This is a recipe for a holocaust in English, if not outright anarchy. A servant can't serve two masters, and having a system that will be rigged against those that don't respect a country's laws and culture is going to take advantage of the more permissive one.

How did England ever get to this stage. Simply put, they allowed too many of their enemies in, let them do what they want all in the guise of multiculturalism. Simply put, this is the endgame to a government that no longer respect or protects their borders, language or culture. Now an enemy wants to overthrow them by multiplying to the point of changing the demographics. Well, now that's happening, they want follow the laws and culture of the 7th century sewer pipe that they left to turn England into a 7th century sewer pipe. Because England refuses to defend their borders, language and culture, they're being invaded and overran by their enemies and they're simply wearing them down. Add the race card that they've been playing and they get even more.

The biggest obstacle in the judicial responsibilities have been the language barrier. One police chief stated that a white man won't be able to converse with a sikh. First, why isn't speaking English required to being allowed in the country in the first place? I also find the statement racist and more of the hatred against whites that's perpetuating all over the world. So the solution is to become a second class citizen in your own country to foreign invaders. Really smart there England.

What's going to happen when the interests of the Muslims are in conflict with England's? Now having their own armed police force, it isn't going to be pretty. Given what goes on with police forces in Muslim countries, it will lead to tribal conflicts with means they will jihad against England and the police force will turned against it's own employer. Happens all the time in Islam. It's all about which thug rules, not the rule of law. Something England has forgotten in their haste to alleviate their white guilt. Perhaps I'll put that on their tombstones if they're allowed to have one when their Islamic enemies are through with them.

Acting Stupidly. Presidentally!

Obama has come out regretting his choice of words over the Gate's arrest. Frankly, knowing the man from reading his books, the only thing he's regretted is how this whole thing backfired in his face showing him to be the foolish, bigoted, and stone cold racist he is. As the facts in the case is coming out that it was Gates, not the white police officer, that was the aggressor and instigator in the case, it made Obama look, 1, really foolish, 2, really ignorant, and 3, really racist. This is the man that was hearlded as being the uniter. Yea, first thing, break up the moral of those that defend us.

First clue that he was about to step in some deep doo doo and show his true colors, his confession of first, Gates is a close friend (no surprise there considering Jerimah Wright) so he may be bias in this case. D'uh! You think? Is it because he's a close friend, or just because he's black. After all, in his book he denies his white heritege because of the bigotry that whites people promotes so his mind was made up. The second, spoken right after the first so let no disclaimer be overlooked, is that he didn't have all the facts in the case. Then why go out and make a statement that implied that he DID have all the facts and can make a conclusion that the police acted stupidly in arresting Gates? Now he stills has the audacity of hope to keep the blame on whitey by claiming things would had turned out better if cooler heads had prevail. I agree. Problem is it was Gates that needed the cooler head, not the officer. Despite his claims to what he thought would protect him if the facts, which I'm sure he did know but hoped the media would white washed, pun intended, wouldn't hurt him in the end. Didn't take long to claim that insurance, did it?

I learned a long time ago that if you're going to stick your neck our on a limb, you better know what you're talking about. Our POTUS didn't do that and admitted as such from the beginning. He took Gates' side because as a black man he must be telling the truth and white men are all evil, racist, and slave masters. This is from his own book, so his statement didn't come as surprise and didn't really anger me because it's what I come to expect from him and those that support him. A stone cold racist. Once the facts came out that Gates instigated the aggression, spew the racist line and the media wasn't able to cover it up, he had to take an about face. Does anyone here really believe he would had taken an apologetic approach if the facts were covered up as attempted by the Boston Globe when they pulled the police report? Too bad for them it was out already (which I read in complete awe). To brand this department which comes from a state with a black Governor (who's also racist as he jumped the bandwagon against the police department), a black major, with a black lesbian police chief in a country with a black president and they're still playing the race card. The sad fact is despite Gates' criminal, racist behavior, he's going to get away with it using the race card as the misconduct charges are being dropped which I'm sure not from a lack of evidence, but political pressures.

The statement about not having all the facts but making conclusions shouldn't had come as a surprise to anyone. He's goes to Iran thinking that they can be talked to submission when the facts are out there they want their bomb, they want to use it on Israel, and they will steal elections and murder their own to pursue it and their antagonistic political grandstanding. Yet, he's going to talk to them expecting something different. With North Korea which Bolton, who really got hammered by the media while ambassador to the UN, warned has not intentions of disarming or letting down and shown that, called Hilary (and I'm sure they think the same of her boss) stupid, unintelligent, and laughable (they said funny, but I know what they really mean) and left the talks leaving the whole situation a power keg waiting to go off. He thought he could just talk his way into peace. Talk about not having the facts. How about just plain ignoring them. Seems to be a common trait for the administration.

So, seeing how ignorant, bigoted, and down right racist this man is, what will he do if he gets his National Security Force that only answer to him? What would had happened to this police officer if he had? Anyone getting the dangers involved here? How much more does he have to do before we realized what kind of man we put in the White House? Some in congress are starting to realize and little do they know, they're going to be first on his list because that's what dictators always do: go after those closest to him first. People should be up in arms about this. Seems we're waking up, so perhaps some good will become of this. His approval rating is below 50% in just 6 months of his first term. That's the lowest after 6 months of any President.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gates isn't only stupid and racist, but transparent.

A lot is being published and written about the incident at Harvard with "Professor" Gates and the Cambridge police department. Basically, a residence saw two African Americans breaking in a residence and called 911 to report it. Nothing out of the ordinary there and hopefully all our neighbors will do likewise for us if they witness what looks like a break in. Since this residence has been broken in before, it's good that this good Samaritan called to prevent an encore. Remember this because later, Gates will show his stupidity and racism over this.

I often side with African Americans distrust of the justice system because there are factors that goes against many of them. However, those with wealth and prestige aren't effected. I went over the reason has more to do with income than race and since most African Americans are on the poorer side, they often get the shaft in our system of justice. If race was a factor, OJ would had been convicted of the murders (when he was rich), not the robbery (when he was poor). P. Diddy wouldn't be able to twice shoot a gun in a crowded night club and get away with both. So if one is of wealth and prestige, they shouldn't worry about the justice system.

I read the police report. I know the racists, like Sharpton who couldn't get the drool off his lips before marching onto the scene of this will just say the police officer is lying and was the one acting inappropriately. However, this fool, Gates, did it front of several witnesses including the woman who made the call. What I don't understand in all this it was the woman's call that started all this and she was white as well, but it's not her that he vents his ire against. She was right there, but he, by his own admission, didn't even addressed. The moment the police officer arrived, according to the report confirmed by the woman that witnessed the whole affair, started off on him immediately accusing him of racism and harassment. Gates claimed that the officer didn't give his name to make a complaint though the witness confirmed the officer story that he did FOUR times. The officer, once seeing the man's identification and convinced that he was indeed the resident of the facility, was trying to leave, Gates kept coming after him, screaming racist and asking, for the fourth time, the officer name that he gave and followed the officer out the door and continue his tirade drawing a crowd that was frightened and shocked over the whole sorted affair. Gates said that the officer continue to question him and then arrested him inside his home. The story from the others there aren't conforming.

A few other facts just don't add up for Gates. He claims that he couldn't lock the front door because it was damaged from a previous break-in. First, why wasn't that door fixed because after a break-in, it's not uncommon, especially at Harvard, for the thieves to return for second helpings? The other, if the lock was broke so that the door doesn't lock, why didn't they go through that door in the first place? Why break the back door (so now both doors are now broke)? I suspect that he knew people were on the lookout for burglars. The other is his complete noncooperation and contradiction with the witnesses. If I was falsely accused of a crime and the false accuser was right there, I would be going after them, not the police. I would be convincing the police that the caller is racist and after me because I'm white, black, Asian, etc. So he breaks in the only good door, goes after the officer not the caller that's right there, and eggs on the officer. Given that this man wasn't all that hurt or scuffled, I'm not likely to take his side. Add that he's a professor, and I've had my fair share of minorities professors, especially affirmative action hires, they see racism everywhere. This reeks of a set up.

The first thing he does isn't get a lawyer, but call the media creating this circus. I would be threatening false arrest, false imprisonment, civil rights violations. But he decides to draw more attention and screams racism. This shows his motive over this incident and he's did a pathetic job of covering it up. I wonder what would had happened if he didn't show. Why cry racism because they won't protect a black man's property of course. This man was looking for a fight and get his name in the papers. Not to mention he's perpetrating that blacks are always victims. This man is teaching at Harvard? The school that Bush went to? My, how the mighty has fallen. The fact Harvard is taking no stance on this, not getting the report, taking notes about what their police force witnessed when they arrived, speaking to the caller, has demonstrated how cowardly they're going to handle this and let Gates have whatever he wants. Most likely a settlement of a lawsuit when he files it against his employer. This is too obvious that this man is a bigot and is using the race and victimization card to achieve a racist goal. Why now only Gates knows and he's not telling the truth, much less anything else.

I'll add, that when BO was campaigning, I was explaining to my mother, an ultra leftist that I don't get along with very well and my wife gets upset by my treatment from her, why I will never vote for the man. That he's a stone cold racist and Marxist. When she called me a name that no mother should ever say to her son, I explained why from his books that I've actually read. He HATED his grandma and viewed the evils in the world are all orchestrated by white greed. So for him to take a stand and bad mouth the police department and calling them stupid and racist comes as no surprise. Even thought BO admitted that he didn't have all the facts (so why make a comment that can come back to bite you in the butt?) but he was sure it was racism since the police officer was white. This is what we have in the white house. I'm certain of one thing. If the officer had been black and the professor was white, I'm sure this story would be spun completely the other way. God, I hate it when I'm right. Expect more policies to exemplified more of this racist mentality from this administration.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obamacare is making me sick.

History is filled with pathways to hell being paved by good intentions. With this current health bill, not only it's obvious this pathway to hell is being paved with maleficence, it's so obvious that it's funny. Take the meeting that obot Canahan gave the other day selling the Obamacare to those present. It's clear by how he states the selling point with the passion of a dead, cold fish, but just by the merits of his statements that he's so full of BS that he's fooling nobody. His statement of how through efficiency that the government will actually make a profit, yes a profit, a positive cash inflow, of $600B. The laughter in the room was explosive. Canahan was definitely most annoyed. I guess this stooge was expecting complete support of Obamacare and expected those presence to be the brainless auto trons that voted for the man and just accept the Messiah's message of his miracle cures for everything, economy, racism, class warfare, and now health care. What's in this bill is anything but health care.

This bill is so bad for our health that the government itself isn't going to allow itself to be on it. As Kevin Johnson of the Black Sphere had noted while he was giving his stupid and ridiculous speech blurted out, "If it's so good, why isn't congress a part of it?". He just ignores the question and continues on his selling point. Anyone ever noticed that when a bill for a bad law is written, one of the first thing written is the government's exemption to it's mandates and this bill has quite a few mandates that should give us all pause. People never exempt themselves from good intentions. Since it's human nature to avoid that which is against our own interest usually, African Americans continue to vote for this racist party, it's a good indication that this bill has malevolent intent.

There's a passage that requires that senior citizens within every 5 years must meet with a counselor to go over dying with dignity. First, the bill doesn't define what a senior citizen is. So given this, they can define it anything they want. 50, 60, 70, 20 year old with a chronic illness? The other they don't define what dying with dignity means. This is the part that should raise the alarms. Leaving such a term so ill defined should give us all a sick feeling. This is to set up a federal mandates to all the states of physician assisted suicide or better yet, let's call it for what it really is, a code word for euthanasia. Using the death by dignity, they can justify any medical condition to warrant the medical profession to legally murder citizens. You think I'm crazy, a lunatic. Well, it's been done before. It was done in Germany. They had nationalized health care just before World War I and Hitler perverted that nationalized health care to do several crazy things. One of which was human experimentation. Now will things get that perverted with this health care plan? To be honest, since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, I have to ask the question are we willing to take that chance. This bill gives such absolute power of the government of our health care, and death with dignity can be made to define quite a bit. A depressed person desire to end it all, Trig's Down Syndrome, a 4o year old with painful hereditary arthritis (which runs on my mom's family) or anything that diminishes the quality of life? Who knows? It's not defined and on this basis alone, this should be shot down.

The next is this so called private insurance option. I have to admit this a nice piece of propaganda. Take a look at the numbers and reality for citizens and businesses, especially employer provided health insurance, and the intent of this provision becomes clear. First, the mandates that the federal government would have can basically regulate the individual and employer to eventually only accept one source: the federal government. Remember, the government mandates, not competes. The other, the government mandates that those that don't provide health insurance to pay an 8% penalty if they don't provide health insurance. Since that benefit, in general, is about 17% of their payroll expense, hummmm, let me think about this and do the math. I can 17% to a private insurer or 8% to the government. I wonder which one they're going to choose. I remember a call to a talk radio show how a small business owner praise the plan because he can't afford to give his employee's health insurance so it's great that the rich will be forced to care for his employees. I guess he didn't read the bill too closely. He's going to pay for with the 8% surcharge. So for those small businesses that couldn't afford to pay for any are going to get hit hard by this that can only lead to lay-offs or worse, going out of business. For those of us that choose that we don't need it and spare ourselves of the expense, well, we may not have a choice in the expense if self employed, or working as independent contractors. We're going to force to cough up our share of the tax, which is what this 8% penalty is. So much for choice of having health insurance or not.

Next, will be the costs. They state that since so many more of us will have health insurance, if you want to call it that, that will lower the costs because our hospitals will no longer be burdened with those that can't or won't pay. When has the government ever controlled costs. Spending is the one thing that the government does well. To get an idea how bad the costs will be, take one of the health insurance that government does have already: Medicaid. When LBJ promoted this weapon in his war on poverty, it was to cost, at present value, of $9 billion. It's well over $100 billion and wrought with fraud. In fact, it's the biggest victim of fraud in human history with about, estimated, $33 to $40 billion in fraudulent charges. That's about 40%. The biggest reason this fraud is so rampage is the government has no policy or backbone in investigating fraudulent practices. In fact, it encourages it. Much of the fraud is billings for goods and services never done as well as unnecessary procedures, and double billing. The reason is the government does no auditing or investigating of such practices. It's not their money, so they don't really care. It will be no different with this plan. The government has never been efficient as insurer, that's why we have private insurance, but with escalating costs, regulated by the government in this plan, it is sure to put the private insurer just on this basis alone out of business. Then, as the statement in the series Highlander stated, in the end, there can only be one.

Lately now, abortion is making waves over this bill. What concerning prolifers, and with good reason, is the lack of illegality of abortion on demand or even using it as anything unless it's necessary to preserve the life of the woman. This leaves it open for basically, anything. If the government decides we're too overpopulated, this can be used to do China's one baby a family policy. How about gender selection like in Sweden? For quality of life issue, those with Down syndrome, CP, Sac's disease, etc.? The lack of illegality makes abortion an option to enforce policies that the congress or President sees fit. This can be a very dangerous precedent. What if the government decides we have too many white people, it's too traumatic for a child to live with a single mother, just name your crisis. If I seem crazy, well, remember, BO sees his grandchildren as a punishment to his daughters. What's worse? What protections will we have against eugenics? Since there's no illegality of using abortions for such a policy, it's open for interpretation in the support of eugenics.

Lastly, given the lack of protocols, this leaves the system under the mercy of the will of those that pay their paychecks. Often with price controls, which this government is going to do, comes scarcity. When the scarcity gets so bad that medial care needs to rationed, how will it be determined who gets what care and who gets the option of dying with dignity? I remember an episode of Voyager where the Hologram doctor was stolen and put to work in a hospital where a person's care was determined by computer. What was the main criteria? How valuable the person was viewed to be to society. So a government worker (not valid under this plan since the government isn't forced to use it) was more valuable than a student, an engineering was more valuable than a waitress. Guess who go the care and criticalness didn't factored. A student was denied care because a plant operator need the medicine to make her skin look younger. Ok, a bit of a stretch that a life saving procedure would be used for cosmetic reason, but the point is, a person of higher status will get care for a minor issue over one less "valuable" major care. How did the endgame go in that episode. He make the administrator a patient in his own hospital by tricking the computer thinking he was someone else. Since the computer deny him treatment, the doctor obliged til he agreed to scraped the system. Frankly, it would be best we scrap this system before it begins. Otherwise, we're going to get a lot sicker as a society.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Paula is unhappy. Too bad!

I've heard that Paula Abdul is unhappy with the lack of interest to get her signed and with a pay raise, unlike with Simon who doesn't have an interest in returning. I, for one, am sick and tired of Paula's mental tizzy fits and her awful appearances on the show. She's nothing but a drunk and stoner and too many times it shows during her appearance. I for one will be dancing and singing, and believe me, I don't sing, if this woman quits. She, as well as Seacrest, is why I got sick and tired of the show and stopped watching. Not to mention the talent of late has really been bad. Yea, the show is popular, and Paula is with the younger watchers, but guess what? The show won't suffer and they would be wise to dump her.

Though the largest voting bloc is the 18-25 crowd, they aren't nearly the largest viewership bloc. That distinction goes to the crowd the 18-25 hates and have complete contempt for: 50 and over. More 50 and over watch the AI show and frankly, they're sick of Paula and her stupidity. The woman adds nothing to the show but drawing the horny youths. They'll still watch because it's AI and they want to text their votes (look at Senjiya as an example. A kid that was on WAY TOO LONG) and he was as annoying as heck. The shows rating have been declining because the largest blocs are sick and tired of Paula and her whining as well as Seacrest and his childish antics. The show has become too much of a comedy act and amateur hour with the hosts and judges than the competition that made it popular. The show is in trouble and the producers know it. They're still stuck with Seacrest and his grossly over compensated contract, but they can be rid of their biggest embarrassment and hence why they're not reallying interested in her. Paula with her childish, whiny attitude is now using he media to cry, "I'm not happy!" Well, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I haven't been happy with the show the last 3 years, and last year was absolutely the worse.

Having 4 judges was a mistake. It just makes Paula more jealous, bitter, and inebriated. The talent, which Paula never really seems to have any criticism for unless it's so bad that it's both funny and painful, in never really critiqued. Only when the act both sucks and blows will she even really make any form of judgement. At least the other judges gives us some critique. Randy does the best without it being overbearing which Simon gets a lot of heat for. Paula would be just as content and effective if she was made Obama's ambassador to the UN because she has no backbone or knowledge of what's she's doing.

So with the shows future really in doubt, being less entertaining or even exciting, and disillusioning their largest viewing bloc, the producers know that they need to make some changes and the biggest one is Paula. Her act is stale and unmotivated and the lack of young voters won't effect the show that greatly. Mainly losing horny adolescent males isn't going to put that great of dent in the show. Losing their main bloc will. If Paula is unhappy with that, then too bad. Just take another shot and go on with your tirade. I doubt anyone is listening any more any ways.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The lessons from "How to Kill a Mockingbird".

I was at my mother's and she insisted on watching one of the classic movies (as well book), How to kill a mockingbird. This ranks as one of my all time favorite movies because it was short, simple, and powerful. To judge facts and people by their character and not by the content of their skin color. A message that would be immortalized by MLK two years after the movie came out. Seems that the country has learned its lesson. Too bad, it seems, it was the wrong lesson. There has been improvement and laws passed to make such injustices unlikely, but the practice has had a lot to be desired.

There's a lot in the African American community and their culture and attitudes I'm completely in disagreement and conflict with. Affirmative Action, hate crimes, multiculturalism, Rap, Gangsta Culture, reparations, etc. On some occasion, I can see why they often think in the pattern that they do. However, when it comes to one of their crusades, I often find myself in their trench. That battle is their distrust of the justice system. Don't get me wrong, I think the justice system is by far the most superior on the planet created by man. However, that system works only as well as it's applied evenly. Seem in too many cases, bias proves to be an all too abundant contaminate.

In the story, an African American is accused of raping one of the white residences of the town. He's defended by, at that time, a liberal lawyer who's white. The judge is a white male, the jury consists of 12 while males, the police are white males. Heck, all the prosecution's witnesses but the accuser are white males. The evidence clearly show that the man is innocent of the charges of raping and beating the woman. The attacker who did the beating was left handed which two of the witnesses, her father and boyfriend, were. The defendant's left arm was made useless from a cotton gin accident (remember, the story was written during the 30's) so couldn't had caused the bruises that was done to this woman. She claimed he attacked and beat her from behind and knocked her out (hence why she never screamed since she lived so close to other residences), but got a good look at him. It was clear that she seduced him and used that he couldn't use his left arm to have her fun with him. When the father and boyfriend found out, one of them gave her a lesson and pinned it on him. None the less, the verdict was never in doubt. The defendant was found guilty.

This lead me to think over something that's coming out in our justice system as learned from the lawyers for the Innocence Project that uses DNA testing to prove the innocence of many falsely convicted now ex-prisoners. When it comes to eye witnesses testimony that proved to be the only piece of evidence that convicted a person (in cases of rape, murder, or attempted murder), it turns out 25% of the time the witnesses were completely wrong. When African Americans are the defendant, it's even worse at around 40%. Proving that witnesses often get it wrong in their identifications. With percentages like these, statistically speaking, there's something wrong with the procedures. Turns out, when it comes to identifying defendants, witnesses have been making determinations based on a false premise: that the man who done the crime is actually in the line up or photo ID. A segment of 60 minutes did a sneakily demonstration of it by showing a clip of a man robbing a house and we get to see the crime through a window and get a look at the crook. We're then shown a lineup and the interviewer picked, as well as my mother and her boyfriend, #5. I said I don't find ANY OF THEM to look like the guy and they looked at me weird. I got the last laugh when it turned out I was right. It was none of them. 89% of those that did this demonstration picked a person in the line up demonstrating that fallacy of how witnesses will always assume that the guilty culprit must be in the line up.

Give that when African Americans are in the line up, 40% of the time (that we know of), the witness picks the wrong person. Having some education in Statistic and Statistical Analysis, I can tell you that getting it wrong at that much higher of a rate with just honest mistaken Identification the odds are about 3 billion to 1. Statisticians reject anything 5% or under which is 20 to 1 or higher. Long shots at 40 to 1. This is way too skied and means something else is creating more bias. So to be African American and in a line up, one can start to see why one would be antagonistic even if they're innocent.

The other has to do with the death penalty and another bias most people aren't even aware, or perhaps do, but not to such a smaller level. When my history professor asked the question what's the biggest factor involved in determining if someone gets the death penalty or not, most people said race. Since his master thesis was based on this question, he did extensive research and his findings took us in the class by surprise. No, race isn't the mitigating factor that will determine for an equal crime, who gets the death penalty or not. The factor is what is the value of the victim to the value of the killer. If the killer is a tramp and that defendant murders a banker, he's value is zero while the victim's is in the millions. That defendant is going to get the death penalty. Compared that to say when OJ murdered his wife. The man didn't even get convicted, much less saw the death penalty. Seems that justice isn't color blind. It has a bias towards green. When applied to race, which ones are the ones that are poor and which ones are not. Turns out white women had the highest value and are the ones you're most like to get the sentence for. The lowest valued? Black women. Actually I did some on my own and looked at one other and found one that's even less likely to get a death sentence for: children. Seems children have the lowest value in our society, but I will note that the murder is predominately the mothers and predominately white women, the highest valued.

So it seems since the 30's, there really haven't been much progress in making justice more blind and equable. The same bias are still there, just not so egregiously or so easily manipulated. Cases such as the one mentioned and written in the book aren't so easy to railroad, but the percentages are still too high. 40%! I wouldn't be trustful either. I still believe most people in jail are where they belong. I still believe most of those that are convicted are guilty of the trespasses they're there for. However, I used to believe it was a fraction of 1%. Now, I'm not so sure it better than a crap shoot since it can be 40% for one group and that's rely on the honestly of those that do the DNA testing. Instead of a fluke less than 1% which clearly that's an overly optimistic appraisal. The leader of the Innocent Project, who I think is a snake, but I can't argue the numbers, thinks 1/3 of people in prison are wrongly convicted. I tend to think now he could be right. We, as a society, haven't seemed to learned to clear our bias's in the justice system. Rely too much on witnesses that can and do make mistakes without collaborating evidence, and will place the value of a person over equable under the law or just plain justice. Who knows what other flaws or false premises are out there. I've learned of two and it changed quite a bit of how I look at evidences and weigh them a lot different than I did before. Til then, I will say that we really haven't learned much and that, frankly, is scary.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The sign of racism?

Seems the black community is outraged again. Then again, when aren't they outraged it seems. Seems that blacks are the most angry and irrational people behind the Islamic Arabs and that gap seems to be narrowing. What has them up in arms this time makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. The black community is up in arms with their cry of racism and bigotry over a sign. A sign in Houston shows a picture of MLK with a caption that King was a Republican! Seems to African Americans, that's the worse act of race treason.

The billboard ad was posted by a black conservative and the reaction to his ad has been swift and nasty. Seems when it comes to the African American community, at least they're consistent. They've called the man racist names, call him a race traitor, an Uncle Tom, an Aunt Jamima, a sell out, the usual nonsense. Why is it that African Americans are 96% democrats? Why is it that part of being African American is supporting the Democrat party? The ignorance in the history of this party demonstrates that 96% of African Americans aren't only ignorant, but racist as well.

The Civil Rights movement was an ugly chapter in US history. There's no deny it. Breaking the entrenchment of power from one group is never easy or bloodless. Just look at what goes on in banana republics and Islamic countries. It was no different here. However, liberal African Americans are so racist and so filled with hate that they can't see or think straight. Think I'm being too harsh, will I had to put up with a lot of abuse from them when I was teaching and in the neighborhood I live in as I live in a predominately black neighborhood and anger is the emotion of life here. I hear them arguing and shouting at each other every night. Constantly giving me grief and accusing me of "thought" and hate crimes because I won't give them money as if it my responsbily. Especially the women at their men. The statement of one of the opposition to this concept demonstrate this. "To suggest that Martin could identify with a party that affirms preemptive, predatory war, and whose religious partners hint that God affirms war and favors the rich at the expense of the poor, is to revile Martin," said the Rev. Joseph Lowery, the former president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which the slain civil rights leader helped establish.

Let's take a look at the above statement. All the wars in the 20th century was started by Democrats. Yea, we had the war on terror, but was in the 21st century. I don't know what history book they've read, but World War I was fought by Woodrow Wilson, World War II by their biggest hero who vowed that he would never be photographed with a black man, FDR, Korea was by Truman and Vietnam by Kennedy/Johnson and Korea and Vietnam were preemptive. So what is this pastor smoking because I want some. Religion that partners with God affirming with war. Most liberal African Americans are joining Islam. If that's not a religion (which it isn't, it's a death cult, but historians and political institutions consider it a religion so I will for this discussion) that promotes war, then what do you call it? Aggressive negotiations? So many more African communities are under seize by this evil religion and they all vote democrat. Let's also take a look at the rich and who they vote for. Those that make $250,000 or over (rich by BO's standards) are registered as Democrats over Republican by 2 to 1. It's the middle class that's predominately Republican. Not the rich. So if you're going to spread your racism and class warfare against the above mentioned groups, this pastor should look in the mirror first. I look at his statement and wonder who's really reviling Dr. King.

What's worse, many liberal African Americans are starting to scorn King's message because of their racism. The debate surrounding the ad is the latest skirmish in the ongoing battle over the King legacy. Foes of affirmative action, for example, often cite a line from King's "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963 in which he prayed that his children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the "content of their character," an adoption that makes black liberals fume. But in the latest fight, civil rights veterans may be surprised to find that some black conservatives agree with them. Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R), who is running for the U.S. Senate and is head of the National Republican Committee, denounced the King ad. Why then did he take the RNC position then? Donald E. Scoggins, president of Republicans for Black Empowerment and a former member of the association, said it was a terrible idea. I like to know which is the terrible idea. The ad or judging people by their character? Why do they oppose the idea of spreading King's message that promotes color bindness in our society? Seem to these so called conservative African American it seems to be opposed to both. Is it any wonder that main group in this country obsessed with race (other than the racist whites in the Democratic Party) are the 96% liberal Africans that vote blindly for the Democrats?

Let's look at the history of the party that liberal Blacks are so loyal to. It was the Democrats that started the Klu Klux Clan and protected them while they were doing their policies of terrorism, intimidation, and lynching. To many conservatives these are evil and disgusting traits, yet the Democrats supported them. They have an ex member in their party with Byrd. He now regrets having been a member and the action they did. However, he was a willing participant and is he regretting it because they were defeated in the 60's? Would he say that today if they had won? The Democrats where the ones that were spraying the water hose and siccing dogs during their demonstrations. Does anyone remember why Nixon won the 68 election? It was those images. What was it that started 96% of people that were so badly oppressed to give their blind loyalty to a party with such a history?

As stated in the organization, in 1960, King was arrested for trespassing during a sit-in and held in Georgia's Reidsville prison. Fearing for his son's life, Martin Luther King Sr. appealed to presidential candidate John F. Kennedy to secure his release. When King was freed, his father vowed to deliver 10 million votes to the Democrat, even though Kennedy was only a reluctant supporter of civil rights. That began four decades of black people voting for liberals.

It wasn't Dr. King that started this blind following, it was his father. This lead a group of people, 96% in fact, to blindly follow a party that has a history of hating them and thinking lowly of them. I'm not going to say the Republicans aren't without their problems and history. Especially the last 20 years, but nothing to the level that compares to the Democrat party and the propaganda they spew. Affirmative Action is supported by the party not because they want to level the playing field like the racist blacks think, but because they think they're so stupid and lazy that they couldn't get a job unless employers and institutions were forced to do so by race. Asians have proven that affirmative action isn't no longer necessary in the talent market, but don't tell that to Democratic supporters. In the end, they don't even know the history of their party. They don't understand they support a party that thinks lowly of them and why they give the government help with affirmative action. How the party buys their votes by having them dependent on them with their social spending. They stirred the pot to maintain their power with their class warfare knowing that they will maintain that status quo. Heck, the unemployment of African Americans since BO was elected has gone from 5.4% to a whopping 18.4% (that's more than triple) and that's just in 6 months, but who do they support and love. The sad part they're not the only group they think lowly and keep poor and impoverish, but yet they give the largest following. After all, getting 96% of people to agree on what time to eat lunch is impossible, but not for support to an evil and racist party that demeans, oppress, and impoverishes them. Yet, they call conservatives racists. How sad. I fear Dr. King is turning in his grave today.

The birth certificate. The issue that will not die.

Seems that this issue about BO's birth certificate just won't go away despite all the media's and leftist jurist attempts to white wash it under the rug. In every legal proceeding, that courts have dismissed or toss out the suits basically calling them baseless or without warrant. However, a case in the military is taking this issue on another front. A front the leftist can't protect the possible illegal alien that's in the office and this could be the president undoing.

A member of the military is refusing to follow the orders of his so called Commander-In-Chief. When I saw the reaction by the Administration, I was completely shocked. The trooper won and had his orders rescinded without explanation. Now the President can rescind orders if he so chooses, but to rescind one because of a trooper's refusal. That's unheard of. In fact, it's an act of mutiny that is punishable by death if severe enough. Instead, this man gets to stay home. The question has to be, especially with this totalitarian socialist in office, why? Why would BO blink and deny this man the order to mobilize into Afghanistan, a war that he actually believes in and let him off the hook? Especially since the media and courts are letting him get away with his fraud of citizenship. The legal challenge our trooper claimed will provide the answer.

The claim the trooper made is that since BO refuses to provide the legal and legitimate birth certificate, he's not the legitimate Commander-In-Chief. That makes any and all orders he makes illegal. Under the Geneva Convention (remember that one folks? We were beaten over our heads with it during Bush's war on terror), any member of a military following an illegal order, like shooting civilians for example, will not be protected by the provision of the Convention for the treatment of prisoners of war. In essence, if he should be capture by the enemy following any of Obama's orders, he will not be under the protections of the Geneva Convention and the enemy can legally do anything they want with him. Since in the world court as well as our federal court, the burden of proof will be that he is indeed following an legal order and that means Obama will have to provide the long form birth certificate or else he and the trooper will be guilty of giving and following an illegal order and will be subject to the prosecution in military court of the enemy. So in order for Obama to win his case against this guy and have him commissioned to go, he just needs to provide that $15 piece of paper. Since he's continuing to continue in his escapade that he doesn't have to (spending over $100,000 to avoid producing a $15 document), then he has no choice but to grant the troopers request. Without his birth certificate to prove that his order is legal, he has no legal recourse against the troopers claims.

This is proving to spark a major upheaval in the military. Many others are now filing the same motions and claims against Obama. Should this continue, BO has a major problem on his hands and would explain why he wants his own civilian force that only answer to him. Because should the military not be bounded to him and he keep refusing to provide the proof that will allow him to keep the discipline, then they can mutiny and this could lead to a coup. All of this would be LEGAL! All Obama has to do is provide that $15 document. Put it to rest once and for all because his leftist buddies just can't help him here. If he discharges him, then he can sue and, unless he wants to lose by default, will have to fight it out in court and it's military court, not civilian. He has no control in those courts and remember who are the ones that defend this country and it's not the cowardly, pacifist morons that vote for him and run our media and courts. He would be completely exposed and vulnerable. That's why he's conceding his request to be deny deployment.

If this was a poker game, he would so badly lose this hand. This proves that he has no cards to play. Basically he's got the 2 7 unsuited pocket that so badly hurts a players hand and everyone with a brain and knows how the game works, knows he's got a weak and losing hand. Why are the Muslims so delighted, why Russia has so much contempt for him, why the dictators think he's their greatest buddy. To put anything more into the pot would be a foolish and a waste of political capital. Obama isn't going to play this hand because he knows he's lost. He knows he was born in Kenya and all the covering up will not protect that fact in a military court. Should that get out, he would completely lose control of the military because lets face it, 80% sure don't believe or support this man. The rest of the house of cards would crumble quickly after that as the media will have no choice to save their own rare ends to turn on him. With the media, he has nothing left to charm and con the useful idiots. Though he'll have his racist minion fighting to the bitter end, that would just lead to another civil war that this time the President would lose. Seems our military have been between us and totalitarianism so many times. Every time they been up to the challenge. Now to hope the rest of the military will be up to this challenge as they maybe fighting the biggest battle against the biggest threat to our republic in history. A battle that they maybe able to win without firing a single shot. The only real threat left is the communication czar attempt to keep this news from everyone by shutting down the blogosphere. Be valiant my fellow bloggers. We're the only support our military has to fight against this darkest and biggest threat to our democratic republic. Stemper Fi!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why CA's budget mess is the worse ever.

As this state sinks further into red ink and the debacle of the budget hearings go on yet again, this crisis is by far the worse that state has ever had and since the federal government is following the same erroneous methods that got us here, things are only going to get worse. Unlike in the past where we had issues but can recover financially, this time there won't be any such recovery or panacea to get us out of this financial nightmare. The state of California is about to seal their entry into the 3rd world banana Republicanism.

This isn't the first time the state has been short in funding for the budget and the feud of who should get what. In my 44 years living here, the budget has only been passed on time 6 times. After four decades of deficit spending (with a few exceptions here and there), basic math has finally caught up with the state and now we're in a stranglehold that we can't get out of.

First, what is different about this one that the other 43 weren't? This isn't the first time the state has issued IOU's. It's been done twice before (though one was for only two days) and the banks in the past had no issues with cashing them. Basically treating them like post dated state checks with the post date unknown. They eventually will get their money and with interests. However, these aren't ordinary times now. Banks no longer have the capital to extend such credit to worthy individuals much less an unworthy state. The banks just don't have the money anymore and the current state of the economy being the worse since the great depression with the money supply tighter than it ever has been since the Fed been established, they're not about to risk what little they have left to this state.

What's worse, in the past, the state had money. It was a matter of who got how much and where. There was reason to have faith that the state will eventually pay their IOU's and the interests. Now the state's credit rating is the lowest among the 50 states. In fact, we're on the verge to being classified as junk bond status. The state no longer has the money. The crisis in this case is to do something the politicians here have shown incapable to doing: cut spending. We have over a $20 billion shortfall, no more credit so we can't borrow our way out of it, nearly a $100 billion in bonds we're responsible for mainly education bonds that have produced absolutely nothing. So no money or credit, why would the banks take the IOU's? They're not worth the paper they're written on.

This is having a major impact on the economy as well. Many businesses now have no income from their dealings with the states and their suppliers are demanding their payments. Putting these businesses in a bad situation of having providing goods and services yet no revenue from the fruits of their labors. Now they're not going to be able to afford the business and that will mean even more layoffs. State employees, which I was one as a teacher over a year ago, are now being paid with IOU's or just plain not at all. Here, this will be a disaster beyond belief. 30,000 lay offs already (I being one of those and still looking over a year later for another job) this isn't going to improve the education of our children or the business climate of our state.

What's worse, our politicians either don't get it or don't care. Their districts are rigged so they will get re-elected no matter what since the districts are gerrymandered to insure their election. In fact, the governor was just criticized for derelict of duty to the people because he wanted to call a special session to force the legislature to work on the budget. What was it our stupid politicians were working on that got them so upset with our governor? They were working on a bill, and I kid you not, defining honey as nectar made as food from bees. I was like "huh". They needed to define this as a state law? While we're losing jobs at a frightening pace (already over 12% and will hit 13% this month, might hit 14% by the end of August), our politicians need to take time to define something we all learned in Kindergarten (well, maybe not here). We can't pay the bills or seem to even care. Businesses, as well as productive working people, are leaving the state in droves. People are not being paid or businesses are being shafted by our state. We on the verge to being classified as junk bond status, and these politicians are arguing over the definition of honey. I couldn't believe the stupidity.

So, as this state sinks further and further into a hole we can't get out of, the time has come to face some facts are else we're going to completely collapse. First, tell the special interest to go to hell. I mean it in those words. We simply don't have the money to cater to these people, especially the illegal aliens that suck up $30 billion in services. Cut them off and we're out of our quagmire, but that's not going to happen here. That would be considered too racist. Also, it would be political suicide since illegals vote here and they would vote out anyone that dare oppose them. However, we need to tell others, the teacher's union being the biggest one, we just don't have the money so deal with it. I know from personal experience because when the city of Vallejo filed for bankruptcy, the union accused them of lying and demanded yet more money and threaten a strike. I still couldn't believe it. The solution the city came up with was unfortunate and bitter, but was the only viable option: lay offs. The union put up a pathetic fight, but when there's no money, there is none. I would had preferred they laid off the unnecessary administrators that make over 100K and don't do much of anything. Why not lay off the excess bureaucrats, the excessive aides, or cut the politician's salaries (about $144K for 1/2 time) because they sure aren't earning their pay. Who knows what will get cut but since the politicians and their minions aren't going to take a cut, somebody is.

What's worse is, every time this budget is delayed, these politicians are breaking the law. However, there are no penalties for this. Perhaps if they're in jail, lose their pay and per Diem's for every day it's late until the budget is passed, then this would cease.

I don't put too much hope in this crisis and our government to resolved the issues. There's too much corruption, too much favoritism, and just too much entrenchment of bad policies and habits for them to change for the better. I just know one thing. As this stalemate continues, this state is in more and more serious trouble and will become an all too juicy target of a Marxist president to resist to give a bailout and take over the management of the state. Giving 12% of the electorate to him and setting up a most dangerous and destructive precedent for the other states that are in the same situation.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The future of America.

I have linked an article that was written by a well to do business that supports liberal people and causes. Despite this, LA is biting them in the rear for being successful. This is what I expected when the left took over the federal government. Now the local government of LA isn't afraid to be the banana republic that the whole state has become. It doesn't matter to the 3rd world citizens who you are or what you stand for, it's all about power, greed, and having control. Even though this company has been successful and promoting the liberal causes that LA, like SF, is so proud of, they won't hesitated to take their class warfare to them. In essence, they will eat their own.

This is exactly what BO has in store for us once he's done neutering his Conservative enemies, at least economically and politically. Tyrants first target once they have the complete power they crave is to go after their own kind that they suspect isn't completely on their side. They don't want someone from within to take away their power. What LA is doing is no different what BO is doing on a national scale. Just that LA has been doing it for a lot longer and have progress far more than the federal government has had a chance to advocate. What got me is the unemployment, frightening by this author's standards, is still 3 percent lower than the state average. LA controls 55% of the state legislature here in the state (why 2/3rds requirement was passed by Prop. 13 that they hate) so this mentality is also in our state government and why California is in the mess that it is. If things continue, this will be the norm for the whole country.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Obama Cult!

My wife was watching a segment call "inside a cult" on Hulu a couple of nights ago. In the Philippines, there aren't many cults to speak of since the country is 85% Catholic. Unless you count Islam as the death cult it is, there really aren't any cults that comes from the Philippines. So she was completely aghast and shocked over the way the members were so willing and open to the teaching and whims of their leader and how they accepted anything and everything he mandates as law. When one believes a man is the actual son of God, they don't question him and are willing to give their lives up for him.

Having been in a cult myself, I know what goes through the mind of those all so willing members. I'm not going to mention the cult I was involved in. It's a part of my past I rather forget about. Fortunately for me the cult I was in was unique in the sense it worshipped an organization instead of an individual. That protect it's members from the desperation of the individual that leads to tragic consequences. However, once a member is completely engulfed in such a cult, their thinking goes by the wayside to complete submission to the will and commands of their leaders, no matter how insane, irrational, or contradictory they are to facts. In the segment that we watched, the man made a prophesy of the end of world on October 31, 2007. However, when it didn't happened, not only did they still followed him because God gave a reprieve, they celebrated his extension. I can only wonder what will happen when the enviably happens because their leader is 66 years old. Faith can inspire men to accomplish great feat as well as terrible atrocities.

What did all of this have to do with anything? I take a look at what's going on in the country and can't help conclude that the entire country has been taken over by a cult of its own. The Obama Cult. I'll call it Obamanation. Take how this man does one blunder after another, breaks one promise after another and not even attempting to hide but rationalize it or just out and BS about the numbers and the impact. 95% of us not having to see any increase in our taxes while they're about to skyrocket. No more earmarks and the first spending bill he signs has 9000 of them, the most in US history. Pass his stimulus bill or unemployment will exceed 8% and now it's 9.5% and still climbing. How he needs to save GM because it's too big to fail and not only does it fail, but the government has nationalized the corporation as well as the banks and financial services. He's promised repair to America image and has accomplished to making looking like bigger fools for the taking. The media is now being nationalized with ABC now reporting right from the White House. If this had happened under Bush, there would be impeachment proceedings going. This is just the start, but on promises he's kept, we're pulling out of Iraq, a war I never felt never should had been started, but I never stabbed the troops in the back like the leftist animals have as well as disarming our nuclear arsenal.

This man has spend more in 6 months than all the other president's in history combined and yet people are calling him fiscally responsible. He's disarming us and allowing dictators to rise up and threaten their neighbors at an alarming rate, especially Iran and North Korea, and yet he's being praise as bringing us closer to peace. He says he supports the troops but not the war yet they're disdained and hated by the media and his supporters. One supporter called them hillbillies that live off the taxpayers. Nice attitude for those that defend their ability to be such stupid morons. Those that are coming home and not to the death zone of Afghanistan are going to be vilified and blamed for all the evil in the world. One supporter believes that our military has killed more people than all the dictators in the world combined. I guess the 100 million that the communists killed, mostly their own citizens, escaped this dense, dimwitted fool. He promised a transparent government, but instead we got one of the most clandestine administration that won't even release the man's birth certificate or even public records of visitors logs.

Yet, all this man does is sell us out to our enemies like his disarmament agreement with Russia with no oversight or confirmations. I wonder what's the odds that Russia will keep their end of the agreement. This man goes to country and apologizes and undermines America and embolden her enemies. This man is on a one way course to self destruction and suicide by these policies. Yet most Americans are content with the man. The thing is this man shows his actions are irrational, contradictory to his statements and promises, defy logic, and are a recipe for disaster and yet, given by the polls, he's still popular and people still have faith in him.

Having a state run media and the people don't see demonstrates the power this man have over the masses. He's shown clearly to be a fraud and is going to take us on the path of destruction and disaster, and yet, though 75% don't care for or believe in his policies and he's not taking us in the right direction and in the completely wrong direction, 60% believe he's a good man, a good president and doing a good job. If this isn't the mentality of a cult member, I don't know what is. I've been there before and what I'm seeing is beyond scary now. I'm downright frantic that the people of this country have been taken in by this man seeing him as a messiah though the fruit that he bares is rotten to the core. Even though he's shown to be a fraud, people still have faith, BLIND FAITH because there's no more evidence that he anything but a self serving opportunist at best, a traitor at worse and people still love him and believe in him. The media and the spin they put on him is so irrational that it defies explanation. The people of this country, the 60% that think he's a good man and doing a good job, are completely basing their believes on wishful thinking. The fact that he can do no wrong when most everything is wrong or as 75% are saying putting on the wrong path demonstrates that rational thinking has gone out the window and it's all based on the faith and believe in the man no matter what the facts demonstrates and all really without question by anyone but those outside the "group" has all the earmarks of a cult.

History has shown that when it comes to cults, the endgame isn't pretty. 90% of cults end for mainly one huge reason: self destruction. Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones People's Temple, The Branch Dividians (if you believe the official version, but if the government hadn't killed them, they would had themselves) have ended the way cults usually end: by suicide. BO is taking us on a suicidal course. The direction that cults take when one man has all the power and will of the people. If his empire dies, the people die with it and him. Once the endgame is over and there nowhere else to go, when a man has absolute power and about to lose it, he dies and his followers tend to die with him and in great numbers and doesn't discriminate either. 23% of those that die in cults are children and they don't discriminate by race either Given how we're capitulating to our enemies, it's only a matter of time before one of them decides to give us what we're wishing for (even though we don't know we're actually wishing for it and in some cases embracing it). Time to wake up and face facts here before the nation face the endgame of the Obama cult.