Friday, July 24, 2009

Acting Stupidly. Presidentally!

Obama has come out regretting his choice of words over the Gate's arrest. Frankly, knowing the man from reading his books, the only thing he's regretted is how this whole thing backfired in his face showing him to be the foolish, bigoted, and stone cold racist he is. As the facts in the case is coming out that it was Gates, not the white police officer, that was the aggressor and instigator in the case, it made Obama look, 1, really foolish, 2, really ignorant, and 3, really racist. This is the man that was hearlded as being the uniter. Yea, first thing, break up the moral of those that defend us.

First clue that he was about to step in some deep doo doo and show his true colors, his confession of first, Gates is a close friend (no surprise there considering Jerimah Wright) so he may be bias in this case. D'uh! You think? Is it because he's a close friend, or just because he's black. After all, in his book he denies his white heritege because of the bigotry that whites people promotes so his mind was made up. The second, spoken right after the first so let no disclaimer be overlooked, is that he didn't have all the facts in the case. Then why go out and make a statement that implied that he DID have all the facts and can make a conclusion that the police acted stupidly in arresting Gates? Now he stills has the audacity of hope to keep the blame on whitey by claiming things would had turned out better if cooler heads had prevail. I agree. Problem is it was Gates that needed the cooler head, not the officer. Despite his claims to what he thought would protect him if the facts, which I'm sure he did know but hoped the media would white washed, pun intended, wouldn't hurt him in the end. Didn't take long to claim that insurance, did it?

I learned a long time ago that if you're going to stick your neck our on a limb, you better know what you're talking about. Our POTUS didn't do that and admitted as such from the beginning. He took Gates' side because as a black man he must be telling the truth and white men are all evil, racist, and slave masters. This is from his own book, so his statement didn't come as surprise and didn't really anger me because it's what I come to expect from him and those that support him. A stone cold racist. Once the facts came out that Gates instigated the aggression, spew the racist line and the media wasn't able to cover it up, he had to take an about face. Does anyone here really believe he would had taken an apologetic approach if the facts were covered up as attempted by the Boston Globe when they pulled the police report? Too bad for them it was out already (which I read in complete awe). To brand this department which comes from a state with a black Governor (who's also racist as he jumped the bandwagon against the police department), a black major, with a black lesbian police chief in a country with a black president and they're still playing the race card. The sad fact is despite Gates' criminal, racist behavior, he's going to get away with it using the race card as the misconduct charges are being dropped which I'm sure not from a lack of evidence, but political pressures.

The statement about not having all the facts but making conclusions shouldn't had come as a surprise to anyone. He's goes to Iran thinking that they can be talked to submission when the facts are out there they want their bomb, they want to use it on Israel, and they will steal elections and murder their own to pursue it and their antagonistic political grandstanding. Yet, he's going to talk to them expecting something different. With North Korea which Bolton, who really got hammered by the media while ambassador to the UN, warned has not intentions of disarming or letting down and shown that, called Hilary (and I'm sure they think the same of her boss) stupid, unintelligent, and laughable (they said funny, but I know what they really mean) and left the talks leaving the whole situation a power keg waiting to go off. He thought he could just talk his way into peace. Talk about not having the facts. How about just plain ignoring them. Seems to be a common trait for the administration.

So, seeing how ignorant, bigoted, and down right racist this man is, what will he do if he gets his National Security Force that only answer to him? What would had happened to this police officer if he had? Anyone getting the dangers involved here? How much more does he have to do before we realized what kind of man we put in the White House? Some in congress are starting to realize and little do they know, they're going to be first on his list because that's what dictators always do: go after those closest to him first. People should be up in arms about this. Seems we're waking up, so perhaps some good will become of this. His approval rating is below 50% in just 6 months of his first term. That's the lowest after 6 months of any President.

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