Tuesday, July 7, 2009

America's brain drain crisis?

As the yearly monotony of what is our budget debacle rages on, as it does every year it seems. The budget in my lifetime (I was born in Oakland, so I've been a lifelong Californian) has only been passed on time SIX times. For those of you wondering how old I am, let's say over 40. For what? To pay off special interests like the teacher's union (don't get me started), the prison guards, state workers which since they've been laid off, things seem to be getting better. Money that goes to racist and socialist programs and community organizers. Though I'm not a fan of these type of ear marks, there is an organization that operates in the colleges that give resources and educational aid to students that major in math, science or engineering. Though it started as an racist organization and have been accepting whites since proposition 209 was passed and grugently it has turned out to have better results and does promote something this country so desperately needs: to promote the brightest and best. The program is called MESA: Math, Engineering, Science Achievement. It was originally for minorities of Hispanics and African Americans, but now include everyone, including myself (though I'm an unofficial member because I have a math degree and no degree earning can officially be a member). Though I have the privilege without record, this program is well worth supporting.

The brain power in the rooms of the students researching, studying, in study groups, or tutoring can be enough to make MENSA jealous. A group of highly intelligent and industrious individual with one main goal: to achieve in Math, Science or Engineering. I worked with a few of the members while getting good info on events, tours, lectures, contests, and scholarship (Engineering have the most but are the most difficult to get) that I would had otherwise been difficult to find or learn on my own. These disciplines are very time consuming in just the studies alone. Trying finding the right Chemistry tutor and one that won't take you to the cleaners as well. Need some one proficient in math? Research other experimental data on your current lab. Have some example of proofs or physics/Chemistry labs. What's the latest open house in UCD? A wealth of support and information to benefit the brightest and best because these majors aren't for the weak minded or the complacent. A great deal of thinking, research, writing, reporting and difficult materials goes into these courses and studies. To have such an organization that gives much needed support in such a difficult major is unmeasurable. However, this is all being threaten by the budget crisis.

To demonstrate how bad things are getting in these disciplines, I'll give stats on just one: engineering. Engineering is considered to be one of the most difficult degrees to get. Not only do you have a lot of difficult courses that would make most people cringe just thinking about it like a year of college chemistry (more if you're engineering in a biological field), 1 1/2 years of Physics, two years of 4 different engineering lab courses of various types depending on what discipline of engineering (I'm going for the gusto by selecting mechanical and aeronautical), a year of computer programing, not to mention the math that require the entire Calculus with Differential Equations and perhaps some Linear Algebra, Discreet Math, and Abstract Algebra and don't even have me try to explain what's in that. I had a hard time with it. However, in 1960, over 50% of the Engineering Doctorates were from the US. Today, with the hatred of education, intelligence, and achievement that the left have given us, it's under 15% today. These are the people that make the scientific discoveries, create our computer technology, make the cleaner car, invent the green technology (or so I hope, I'm working on an idea using fuel cells). However, our state is finding it necessary to cut all funding to programs that supports and aid those in the math and sciences (political groups seem to have their support though). Losing this organization will be a big blow to me because I may have help with my wife in the sciences, I have absolutely none in the engineering. I will be completely on my own. With MESA, I will have support in my difficult challenges. Without them, I fear I will lose a grade which can be the difference between getting into Davis or having to move to LA to go to UCLA.

When it comes to supporting organization that support and encourage the advancement of our smartest and brightest, we seem to get the dirt end of the stick. The lack of investment in our children's education is lacking at the k-12 from the bad education system and corruption while at the secondary level, in the form of discouraging anyone that doesn't follow certain disciplines or majors. The sciences have been the biggest hit and assaulted. Just look at the jokes and disdain towards those that are talented in such cerebral interest by our media and political arena. We place higher value on stupid entertainers, especially perverted singers like Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Hanna Montana or to actors/actresses that contribute nothing of value to our society except a few hours of entertainment. Just look at how violent and stupid rappers are revered. When is the last time you've heard praise for a scientist that discovered something (no, not Al Gore and his phony Global Warming religion)? Heck, even in the acclaimed movie Good Will Hunting, the talented math genius was portrayed as arrogant, mean, greedy, and profane. Not what I call a positive image. The professors were made to be elitists in nature. Now, the competition in the field I'm studying isn't that stiff though the standards are. What got my attention so far is how few Americans are studying the subjects. Most are foreigners

What this is going to lead to is not only will we not have the manufacturing base to produce goods, but going to be lacking in the intelligence as well. Soon, those that do learn the difficult subject aren't going to have a future here as there will be very few, if any, opportunities. We may soon be faced with a crisis that the Philippines have been facing for the last 16 years as those with such knowledge and skills have left the country in such droves that they have a name for it: The Brain Drain. Now that the Filipino government wants to apply some of the new investments from foreigners to rebuild their economy, they lack the talent to do it and they're not coming home (yet). Some from here in the states are because the lack of opportunity here and the high cost of living, but not yet. Or like in the Middle Eastm where everyone majors in Islam and not much else. They have to have foreign investment on the intellectual scale to support their infrastructure and engineering needs. If we continue the course we're on, we may soon be facing this crisis on a much more massive scale. Where we're going, not only will we be relying on foreigners to support our debts, but also to support our math, science and engineering as well. That will make this budget crisis seem pale in comparison. I, for once, support at least this organizations and those like it. We as a country need to support our smartest, brightest and best or we may find us in a Brain Drain to India, China, or elsewhere where they're appreciated. Provided we have any one left smart enough.

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Clifton B said...

I think in the end, Obama will be left with about 40-45% diehard supporters. He has about 20-30% hardcore lefties who will not abandon him no matter how much he fails. Then there is the black community who for the most part, will excuse away anything rather than accept that the first black president is a flop.

Come 2012 only someone who stands in stark contrast to Obama will be successful in defeating him. Right now the GOP leadership seems to be enamored with squishy and dickless moderates, who mixed up and muddled messages could never break through the cult noise. God help us if one of them gets the nomination.