Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The birth certificate. The issue that will not die.

Seems that this issue about BO's birth certificate just won't go away despite all the media's and leftist jurist attempts to white wash it under the rug. In every legal proceeding, that courts have dismissed or toss out the suits basically calling them baseless or without warrant. However, a case in the military is taking this issue on another front. A front the leftist can't protect the possible illegal alien that's in the office and this could be the president undoing.

A member of the military is refusing to follow the orders of his so called Commander-In-Chief. When I saw the reaction by the Administration, I was completely shocked. The trooper won and had his orders rescinded without explanation. Now the President can rescind orders if he so chooses, but to rescind one because of a trooper's refusal. That's unheard of. In fact, it's an act of mutiny that is punishable by death if severe enough. Instead, this man gets to stay home. The question has to be, especially with this totalitarian socialist in office, why? Why would BO blink and deny this man the order to mobilize into Afghanistan, a war that he actually believes in and let him off the hook? Especially since the media and courts are letting him get away with his fraud of citizenship. The legal challenge our trooper claimed will provide the answer.

The claim the trooper made is that since BO refuses to provide the legal and legitimate birth certificate, he's not the legitimate Commander-In-Chief. That makes any and all orders he makes illegal. Under the Geneva Convention (remember that one folks? We were beaten over our heads with it during Bush's war on terror), any member of a military following an illegal order, like shooting civilians for example, will not be protected by the provision of the Convention for the treatment of prisoners of war. In essence, if he should be capture by the enemy following any of Obama's orders, he will not be under the protections of the Geneva Convention and the enemy can legally do anything they want with him. Since in the world court as well as our federal court, the burden of proof will be that he is indeed following an legal order and that means Obama will have to provide the long form birth certificate or else he and the trooper will be guilty of giving and following an illegal order and will be subject to the prosecution in military court of the enemy. So in order for Obama to win his case against this guy and have him commissioned to go, he just needs to provide that $15 piece of paper. Since he's continuing to continue in his escapade that he doesn't have to (spending over $100,000 to avoid producing a $15 document), then he has no choice but to grant the troopers request. Without his birth certificate to prove that his order is legal, he has no legal recourse against the troopers claims.

This is proving to spark a major upheaval in the military. Many others are now filing the same motions and claims against Obama. Should this continue, BO has a major problem on his hands and would explain why he wants his own civilian force that only answer to him. Because should the military not be bounded to him and he keep refusing to provide the proof that will allow him to keep the discipline, then they can mutiny and this could lead to a coup. All of this would be LEGAL! All Obama has to do is provide that $15 document. Put it to rest once and for all because his leftist buddies just can't help him here. If he discharges him, then he can sue and, unless he wants to lose by default, will have to fight it out in court and it's military court, not civilian. He has no control in those courts and remember who are the ones that defend this country and it's not the cowardly, pacifist morons that vote for him and run our media and courts. He would be completely exposed and vulnerable. That's why he's conceding his request to be deny deployment.

If this was a poker game, he would so badly lose this hand. This proves that he has no cards to play. Basically he's got the 2 7 unsuited pocket that so badly hurts a players hand and everyone with a brain and knows how the game works, knows he's got a weak and losing hand. Why are the Muslims so delighted, why Russia has so much contempt for him, why the dictators think he's their greatest buddy. To put anything more into the pot would be a foolish and a waste of political capital. Obama isn't going to play this hand because he knows he's lost. He knows he was born in Kenya and all the covering up will not protect that fact in a military court. Should that get out, he would completely lose control of the military because lets face it, 80% sure don't believe or support this man. The rest of the house of cards would crumble quickly after that as the media will have no choice to save their own rare ends to turn on him. With the media, he has nothing left to charm and con the useful idiots. Though he'll have his racist minion fighting to the bitter end, that would just lead to another civil war that this time the President would lose. Seems our military have been between us and totalitarianism so many times. Every time they been up to the challenge. Now to hope the rest of the military will be up to this challenge as they maybe fighting the biggest battle against the biggest threat to our republic in history. A battle that they maybe able to win without firing a single shot. The only real threat left is the communication czar attempt to keep this news from everyone by shutting down the blogosphere. Be valiant my fellow bloggers. We're the only support our military has to fight against this darkest and biggest threat to our democratic republic. Stemper Fi!

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