Saturday, July 11, 2009

The future of America.

I have linked an article that was written by a well to do business that supports liberal people and causes. Despite this, LA is biting them in the rear for being successful. This is what I expected when the left took over the federal government. Now the local government of LA isn't afraid to be the banana republic that the whole state has become. It doesn't matter to the 3rd world citizens who you are or what you stand for, it's all about power, greed, and having control. Even though this company has been successful and promoting the liberal causes that LA, like SF, is so proud of, they won't hesitated to take their class warfare to them. In essence, they will eat their own.

This is exactly what BO has in store for us once he's done neutering his Conservative enemies, at least economically and politically. Tyrants first target once they have the complete power they crave is to go after their own kind that they suspect isn't completely on their side. They don't want someone from within to take away their power. What LA is doing is no different what BO is doing on a national scale. Just that LA has been doing it for a lot longer and have progress far more than the federal government has had a chance to advocate. What got me is the unemployment, frightening by this author's standards, is still 3 percent lower than the state average. LA controls 55% of the state legislature here in the state (why 2/3rds requirement was passed by Prop. 13 that they hate) so this mentality is also in our state government and why California is in the mess that it is. If things continue, this will be the norm for the whole country.

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