Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gates isn't only stupid and racist, but transparent.

A lot is being published and written about the incident at Harvard with "Professor" Gates and the Cambridge police department. Basically, a residence saw two African Americans breaking in a residence and called 911 to report it. Nothing out of the ordinary there and hopefully all our neighbors will do likewise for us if they witness what looks like a break in. Since this residence has been broken in before, it's good that this good Samaritan called to prevent an encore. Remember this because later, Gates will show his stupidity and racism over this.

I often side with African Americans distrust of the justice system because there are factors that goes against many of them. However, those with wealth and prestige aren't effected. I went over the reason has more to do with income than race and since most African Americans are on the poorer side, they often get the shaft in our system of justice. If race was a factor, OJ would had been convicted of the murders (when he was rich), not the robbery (when he was poor). P. Diddy wouldn't be able to twice shoot a gun in a crowded night club and get away with both. So if one is of wealth and prestige, they shouldn't worry about the justice system.

I read the police report. I know the racists, like Sharpton who couldn't get the drool off his lips before marching onto the scene of this will just say the police officer is lying and was the one acting inappropriately. However, this fool, Gates, did it front of several witnesses including the woman who made the call. What I don't understand in all this it was the woman's call that started all this and she was white as well, but it's not her that he vents his ire against. She was right there, but he, by his own admission, didn't even addressed. The moment the police officer arrived, according to the report confirmed by the woman that witnessed the whole affair, started off on him immediately accusing him of racism and harassment. Gates claimed that the officer didn't give his name to make a complaint though the witness confirmed the officer story that he did FOUR times. The officer, once seeing the man's identification and convinced that he was indeed the resident of the facility, was trying to leave, Gates kept coming after him, screaming racist and asking, for the fourth time, the officer name that he gave and followed the officer out the door and continue his tirade drawing a crowd that was frightened and shocked over the whole sorted affair. Gates said that the officer continue to question him and then arrested him inside his home. The story from the others there aren't conforming.

A few other facts just don't add up for Gates. He claims that he couldn't lock the front door because it was damaged from a previous break-in. First, why wasn't that door fixed because after a break-in, it's not uncommon, especially at Harvard, for the thieves to return for second helpings? The other, if the lock was broke so that the door doesn't lock, why didn't they go through that door in the first place? Why break the back door (so now both doors are now broke)? I suspect that he knew people were on the lookout for burglars. The other is his complete noncooperation and contradiction with the witnesses. If I was falsely accused of a crime and the false accuser was right there, I would be going after them, not the police. I would be convincing the police that the caller is racist and after me because I'm white, black, Asian, etc. So he breaks in the only good door, goes after the officer not the caller that's right there, and eggs on the officer. Given that this man wasn't all that hurt or scuffled, I'm not likely to take his side. Add that he's a professor, and I've had my fair share of minorities professors, especially affirmative action hires, they see racism everywhere. This reeks of a set up.

The first thing he does isn't get a lawyer, but call the media creating this circus. I would be threatening false arrest, false imprisonment, civil rights violations. But he decides to draw more attention and screams racism. This shows his motive over this incident and he's did a pathetic job of covering it up. I wonder what would had happened if he didn't show. Why cry racism because they won't protect a black man's property of course. This man was looking for a fight and get his name in the papers. Not to mention he's perpetrating that blacks are always victims. This man is teaching at Harvard? The school that Bush went to? My, how the mighty has fallen. The fact Harvard is taking no stance on this, not getting the report, taking notes about what their police force witnessed when they arrived, speaking to the caller, has demonstrated how cowardly they're going to handle this and let Gates have whatever he wants. Most likely a settlement of a lawsuit when he files it against his employer. This is too obvious that this man is a bigot and is using the race and victimization card to achieve a racist goal. Why now only Gates knows and he's not telling the truth, much less anything else.

I'll add, that when BO was campaigning, I was explaining to my mother, an ultra leftist that I don't get along with very well and my wife gets upset by my treatment from her, why I will never vote for the man. That he's a stone cold racist and Marxist. When she called me a name that no mother should ever say to her son, I explained why from his books that I've actually read. He HATED his grandma and viewed the evils in the world are all orchestrated by white greed. So for him to take a stand and bad mouth the police department and calling them stupid and racist comes as no surprise. Even thought BO admitted that he didn't have all the facts (so why make a comment that can come back to bite you in the butt?) but he was sure it was racism since the police officer was white. This is what we have in the white house. I'm certain of one thing. If the officer had been black and the professor was white, I'm sure this story would be spun completely the other way. God, I hate it when I'm right. Expect more policies to exemplified more of this racist mentality from this administration.

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