Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th and salute the soldiers.

I'll keep this one brief. Happy 4th of July and give thanks to the vets and soldiers that fight and defend us and our freedoms. Unlike the liberals who see this as an excuse for a day off, we Conservatives appreciate what they sacrifice for. If it weren't for these brave warriors of our society, we wouldn't have the freedoms we have now and most likely wouldn't be expressing ourselves at all, much less on the Internet. So those out there that hate them, scorn them, and this country that they believe in and fight for, they have given you the means to ill spirited and the right to make fools of yourselves. After all, when Jon-Il, Castro, or Chevez comes invading, it's not going to be the homosexuals, the feminists, the abortionists, the media, the welfare cheat, the affirmative actioned, the Muslims, the education union, the unions, or the politicians that will protect you from their evil. It will be a vet and since 92% of vets are Conservatives, the left better pray (if that's even in their vocabulary) that Conservatives are never wiped out because there will be not nearly enough or anybody to defend them. God Bless you and steper fi.

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