Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Obama Cult!

My wife was watching a segment call "inside a cult" on Hulu a couple of nights ago. In the Philippines, there aren't many cults to speak of since the country is 85% Catholic. Unless you count Islam as the death cult it is, there really aren't any cults that comes from the Philippines. So she was completely aghast and shocked over the way the members were so willing and open to the teaching and whims of their leader and how they accepted anything and everything he mandates as law. When one believes a man is the actual son of God, they don't question him and are willing to give their lives up for him.

Having been in a cult myself, I know what goes through the mind of those all so willing members. I'm not going to mention the cult I was involved in. It's a part of my past I rather forget about. Fortunately for me the cult I was in was unique in the sense it worshipped an organization instead of an individual. That protect it's members from the desperation of the individual that leads to tragic consequences. However, once a member is completely engulfed in such a cult, their thinking goes by the wayside to complete submission to the will and commands of their leaders, no matter how insane, irrational, or contradictory they are to facts. In the segment that we watched, the man made a prophesy of the end of world on October 31, 2007. However, when it didn't happened, not only did they still followed him because God gave a reprieve, they celebrated his extension. I can only wonder what will happen when the enviably happens because their leader is 66 years old. Faith can inspire men to accomplish great feat as well as terrible atrocities.

What did all of this have to do with anything? I take a look at what's going on in the country and can't help conclude that the entire country has been taken over by a cult of its own. The Obama Cult. I'll call it Obamanation. Take how this man does one blunder after another, breaks one promise after another and not even attempting to hide but rationalize it or just out and BS about the numbers and the impact. 95% of us not having to see any increase in our taxes while they're about to skyrocket. No more earmarks and the first spending bill he signs has 9000 of them, the most in US history. Pass his stimulus bill or unemployment will exceed 8% and now it's 9.5% and still climbing. How he needs to save GM because it's too big to fail and not only does it fail, but the government has nationalized the corporation as well as the banks and financial services. He's promised repair to America image and has accomplished to making looking like bigger fools for the taking. The media is now being nationalized with ABC now reporting right from the White House. If this had happened under Bush, there would be impeachment proceedings going. This is just the start, but on promises he's kept, we're pulling out of Iraq, a war I never felt never should had been started, but I never stabbed the troops in the back like the leftist animals have as well as disarming our nuclear arsenal.

This man has spend more in 6 months than all the other president's in history combined and yet people are calling him fiscally responsible. He's disarming us and allowing dictators to rise up and threaten their neighbors at an alarming rate, especially Iran and North Korea, and yet he's being praise as bringing us closer to peace. He says he supports the troops but not the war yet they're disdained and hated by the media and his supporters. One supporter called them hillbillies that live off the taxpayers. Nice attitude for those that defend their ability to be such stupid morons. Those that are coming home and not to the death zone of Afghanistan are going to be vilified and blamed for all the evil in the world. One supporter believes that our military has killed more people than all the dictators in the world combined. I guess the 100 million that the communists killed, mostly their own citizens, escaped this dense, dimwitted fool. He promised a transparent government, but instead we got one of the most clandestine administration that won't even release the man's birth certificate or even public records of visitors logs.

Yet, all this man does is sell us out to our enemies like his disarmament agreement with Russia with no oversight or confirmations. I wonder what's the odds that Russia will keep their end of the agreement. This man goes to country and apologizes and undermines America and embolden her enemies. This man is on a one way course to self destruction and suicide by these policies. Yet most Americans are content with the man. The thing is this man shows his actions are irrational, contradictory to his statements and promises, defy logic, and are a recipe for disaster and yet, given by the polls, he's still popular and people still have faith in him.

Having a state run media and the people don't see demonstrates the power this man have over the masses. He's shown clearly to be a fraud and is going to take us on the path of destruction and disaster, and yet, though 75% don't care for or believe in his policies and he's not taking us in the right direction and in the completely wrong direction, 60% believe he's a good man, a good president and doing a good job. If this isn't the mentality of a cult member, I don't know what is. I've been there before and what I'm seeing is beyond scary now. I'm downright frantic that the people of this country have been taken in by this man seeing him as a messiah though the fruit that he bares is rotten to the core. Even though he's shown to be a fraud, people still have faith, BLIND FAITH because there's no more evidence that he anything but a self serving opportunist at best, a traitor at worse and people still love him and believe in him. The media and the spin they put on him is so irrational that it defies explanation. The people of this country, the 60% that think he's a good man and doing a good job, are completely basing their believes on wishful thinking. The fact that he can do no wrong when most everything is wrong or as 75% are saying putting on the wrong path demonstrates that rational thinking has gone out the window and it's all based on the faith and believe in the man no matter what the facts demonstrates and all really without question by anyone but those outside the "group" has all the earmarks of a cult.

History has shown that when it comes to cults, the endgame isn't pretty. 90% of cults end for mainly one huge reason: self destruction. Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones People's Temple, The Branch Dividians (if you believe the official version, but if the government hadn't killed them, they would had themselves) have ended the way cults usually end: by suicide. BO is taking us on a suicidal course. The direction that cults take when one man has all the power and will of the people. If his empire dies, the people die with it and him. Once the endgame is over and there nowhere else to go, when a man has absolute power and about to lose it, he dies and his followers tend to die with him and in great numbers and doesn't discriminate either. 23% of those that die in cults are children and they don't discriminate by race either Given how we're capitulating to our enemies, it's only a matter of time before one of them decides to give us what we're wishing for (even though we don't know we're actually wishing for it and in some cases embracing it). Time to wake up and face facts here before the nation face the endgame of the Obama cult.

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