Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obamacare is making me sick.

History is filled with pathways to hell being paved by good intentions. With this current health bill, not only it's obvious this pathway to hell is being paved with maleficence, it's so obvious that it's funny. Take the meeting that obot Canahan gave the other day selling the Obamacare to those present. It's clear by how he states the selling point with the passion of a dead, cold fish, but just by the merits of his statements that he's so full of BS that he's fooling nobody. His statement of how through efficiency that the government will actually make a profit, yes a profit, a positive cash inflow, of $600B. The laughter in the room was explosive. Canahan was definitely most annoyed. I guess this stooge was expecting complete support of Obamacare and expected those presence to be the brainless auto trons that voted for the man and just accept the Messiah's message of his miracle cures for everything, economy, racism, class warfare, and now health care. What's in this bill is anything but health care.

This bill is so bad for our health that the government itself isn't going to allow itself to be on it. As Kevin Johnson of the Black Sphere had noted while he was giving his stupid and ridiculous speech blurted out, "If it's so good, why isn't congress a part of it?". He just ignores the question and continues on his selling point. Anyone ever noticed that when a bill for a bad law is written, one of the first thing written is the government's exemption to it's mandates and this bill has quite a few mandates that should give us all pause. People never exempt themselves from good intentions. Since it's human nature to avoid that which is against our own interest usually, African Americans continue to vote for this racist party, it's a good indication that this bill has malevolent intent.

There's a passage that requires that senior citizens within every 5 years must meet with a counselor to go over dying with dignity. First, the bill doesn't define what a senior citizen is. So given this, they can define it anything they want. 50, 60, 70, 20 year old with a chronic illness? The other they don't define what dying with dignity means. This is the part that should raise the alarms. Leaving such a term so ill defined should give us all a sick feeling. This is to set up a federal mandates to all the states of physician assisted suicide or better yet, let's call it for what it really is, a code word for euthanasia. Using the death by dignity, they can justify any medical condition to warrant the medical profession to legally murder citizens. You think I'm crazy, a lunatic. Well, it's been done before. It was done in Germany. They had nationalized health care just before World War I and Hitler perverted that nationalized health care to do several crazy things. One of which was human experimentation. Now will things get that perverted with this health care plan? To be honest, since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, I have to ask the question are we willing to take that chance. This bill gives such absolute power of the government of our health care, and death with dignity can be made to define quite a bit. A depressed person desire to end it all, Trig's Down Syndrome, a 4o year old with painful hereditary arthritis (which runs on my mom's family) or anything that diminishes the quality of life? Who knows? It's not defined and on this basis alone, this should be shot down.

The next is this so called private insurance option. I have to admit this a nice piece of propaganda. Take a look at the numbers and reality for citizens and businesses, especially employer provided health insurance, and the intent of this provision becomes clear. First, the mandates that the federal government would have can basically regulate the individual and employer to eventually only accept one source: the federal government. Remember, the government mandates, not competes. The other, the government mandates that those that don't provide health insurance to pay an 8% penalty if they don't provide health insurance. Since that benefit, in general, is about 17% of their payroll expense, hummmm, let me think about this and do the math. I can 17% to a private insurer or 8% to the government. I wonder which one they're going to choose. I remember a call to a talk radio show how a small business owner praise the plan because he can't afford to give his employee's health insurance so it's great that the rich will be forced to care for his employees. I guess he didn't read the bill too closely. He's going to pay for with the 8% surcharge. So for those small businesses that couldn't afford to pay for any are going to get hit hard by this that can only lead to lay-offs or worse, going out of business. For those of us that choose that we don't need it and spare ourselves of the expense, well, we may not have a choice in the expense if self employed, or working as independent contractors. We're going to force to cough up our share of the tax, which is what this 8% penalty is. So much for choice of having health insurance or not.

Next, will be the costs. They state that since so many more of us will have health insurance, if you want to call it that, that will lower the costs because our hospitals will no longer be burdened with those that can't or won't pay. When has the government ever controlled costs. Spending is the one thing that the government does well. To get an idea how bad the costs will be, take one of the health insurance that government does have already: Medicaid. When LBJ promoted this weapon in his war on poverty, it was to cost, at present value, of $9 billion. It's well over $100 billion and wrought with fraud. In fact, it's the biggest victim of fraud in human history with about, estimated, $33 to $40 billion in fraudulent charges. That's about 40%. The biggest reason this fraud is so rampage is the government has no policy or backbone in investigating fraudulent practices. In fact, it encourages it. Much of the fraud is billings for goods and services never done as well as unnecessary procedures, and double billing. The reason is the government does no auditing or investigating of such practices. It's not their money, so they don't really care. It will be no different with this plan. The government has never been efficient as insurer, that's why we have private insurance, but with escalating costs, regulated by the government in this plan, it is sure to put the private insurer just on this basis alone out of business. Then, as the statement in the series Highlander stated, in the end, there can only be one.

Lately now, abortion is making waves over this bill. What concerning prolifers, and with good reason, is the lack of illegality of abortion on demand or even using it as anything unless it's necessary to preserve the life of the woman. This leaves it open for basically, anything. If the government decides we're too overpopulated, this can be used to do China's one baby a family policy. How about gender selection like in Sweden? For quality of life issue, those with Down syndrome, CP, Sac's disease, etc.? The lack of illegality makes abortion an option to enforce policies that the congress or President sees fit. This can be a very dangerous precedent. What if the government decides we have too many white people, it's too traumatic for a child to live with a single mother, just name your crisis. If I seem crazy, well, remember, BO sees his grandchildren as a punishment to his daughters. What's worse? What protections will we have against eugenics? Since there's no illegality of using abortions for such a policy, it's open for interpretation in the support of eugenics.

Lastly, given the lack of protocols, this leaves the system under the mercy of the will of those that pay their paychecks. Often with price controls, which this government is going to do, comes scarcity. When the scarcity gets so bad that medial care needs to rationed, how will it be determined who gets what care and who gets the option of dying with dignity? I remember an episode of Voyager where the Hologram doctor was stolen and put to work in a hospital where a person's care was determined by computer. What was the main criteria? How valuable the person was viewed to be to society. So a government worker (not valid under this plan since the government isn't forced to use it) was more valuable than a student, an engineering was more valuable than a waitress. Guess who go the care and criticalness didn't factored. A student was denied care because a plant operator need the medicine to make her skin look younger. Ok, a bit of a stretch that a life saving procedure would be used for cosmetic reason, but the point is, a person of higher status will get care for a minor issue over one less "valuable" major care. How did the endgame go in that episode. He make the administrator a patient in his own hospital by tricking the computer thinking he was someone else. Since the computer deny him treatment, the doctor obliged til he agreed to scraped the system. Frankly, it would be best we scrap this system before it begins. Otherwise, we're going to get a lot sicker as a society.

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Obamacare is making me sick...your'e not the only one!