Monday, July 20, 2009

Paula is unhappy. Too bad!

I've heard that Paula Abdul is unhappy with the lack of interest to get her signed and with a pay raise, unlike with Simon who doesn't have an interest in returning. I, for one, am sick and tired of Paula's mental tizzy fits and her awful appearances on the show. She's nothing but a drunk and stoner and too many times it shows during her appearance. I for one will be dancing and singing, and believe me, I don't sing, if this woman quits. She, as well as Seacrest, is why I got sick and tired of the show and stopped watching. Not to mention the talent of late has really been bad. Yea, the show is popular, and Paula is with the younger watchers, but guess what? The show won't suffer and they would be wise to dump her.

Though the largest voting bloc is the 18-25 crowd, they aren't nearly the largest viewership bloc. That distinction goes to the crowd the 18-25 hates and have complete contempt for: 50 and over. More 50 and over watch the AI show and frankly, they're sick of Paula and her stupidity. The woman adds nothing to the show but drawing the horny youths. They'll still watch because it's AI and they want to text their votes (look at Senjiya as an example. A kid that was on WAY TOO LONG) and he was as annoying as heck. The shows rating have been declining because the largest blocs are sick and tired of Paula and her whining as well as Seacrest and his childish antics. The show has become too much of a comedy act and amateur hour with the hosts and judges than the competition that made it popular. The show is in trouble and the producers know it. They're still stuck with Seacrest and his grossly over compensated contract, but they can be rid of their biggest embarrassment and hence why they're not reallying interested in her. Paula with her childish, whiny attitude is now using he media to cry, "I'm not happy!" Well, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I haven't been happy with the show the last 3 years, and last year was absolutely the worse.

Having 4 judges was a mistake. It just makes Paula more jealous, bitter, and inebriated. The talent, which Paula never really seems to have any criticism for unless it's so bad that it's both funny and painful, in never really critiqued. Only when the act both sucks and blows will she even really make any form of judgement. At least the other judges gives us some critique. Randy does the best without it being overbearing which Simon gets a lot of heat for. Paula would be just as content and effective if she was made Obama's ambassador to the UN because she has no backbone or knowledge of what's she's doing.

So with the shows future really in doubt, being less entertaining or even exciting, and disillusioning their largest viewing bloc, the producers know that they need to make some changes and the biggest one is Paula. Her act is stale and unmotivated and the lack of young voters won't effect the show that greatly. Mainly losing horny adolescent males isn't going to put that great of dent in the show. Losing their main bloc will. If Paula is unhappy with that, then too bad. Just take another shot and go on with your tirade. I doubt anyone is listening any more any ways.

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