Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The sexism of justice.

Well, I often say it. I hate it when I'm right and I was right yet again. I had predicted that despite Madoff's wife's involvement and complicitness in her husband's historical record breaking larceny (behind our government's that is), she will not be held accountable for some sorry reason like lack of evidence which there is plenty. Sure enough she will not be prosecuted and she will be able to profit from what hidden ill gains she got. I also predict she will cry a bunch of crocodile tears about betrayal and divorce him and live out her life in some tropical paradise with her hidden gains. This sorted tale comes as no surprise to me and it shouldn't for you.

Let's face it, the justice system is sexist and two tiered when it comes to prosecution and sentencing for crimes committed by men and women. Here's a few Anatole's to demonstrate. Remember Susan Smith? She was the woman that drove her car to a lake with her two young boys in it and got out and put the car in gear and had the car drive into the lake and sink. She made a bogus 911 call claiming a black man carjacked her with her children inside. Though this cited racial tensions and despite making a false 911 call, many defended her. I knew the story was fake from the get go and that she's killed them the moment I heard her 911 call. One, she really didn't seemed all that panic. The other, I know something about car jackers. They don't kidnap children. They just want the cars for parts or for sale in the black market, they don't want the complication of a child with them. This woman was so egregious from the get go.

Then there was the women that hunted down her 5 children and drowned them one by one. The last child knew his fate and try to run away in vein. She claimed mental illness and post pardem depression. Though she was convicted of manslaughter in her first trail, it was ruled as a mistrail because mental illness wasn't instructed as a possible defense and she was again convicted of manslaughter a second time. The public out cry, not over the death of five children all under the age of 6, but to her conviction was deafening. All we heard of was the evil and uncaring plight that male lawmakers have in making laws that doesn't account for women's suffering during child rearing. I couldn't believe the crap I was hearing. Like she planned, and mathotically executed by drowning her five babies. You wonder why I find American women so disgusting. To defend such an evil act. She just didn't want to be a mother anymore and got rid of the children. Do our society comes to the defense of the children? No, they come to the defense of the mother. Let's face it, what would had been the reaction if the father had done this? Not sympathetic, that's for sure. The prosecutor was so worried that this women would get so much sympathy, he only tried her for two of the deaths, not five in case the defense was able to get 12 village idiots or 12 children hating feminazi's to aquit her. Then they would at least have 3 others they could try her for later when things calmed down. Good news was she was convicted. Bad news was the sentence was a joke. 4 years. 2 for each child. The time they were alive.

What happened after she they both confessed the truth was really disturbed me. Susan Smith's motive was she was cheating on her husband and wanted to leave her husband for her lover. The problem is her lover hated children and didn't want anything to do with her or her children. The other just didn't want to be a mother any more. So they got rid of the problem. Susan Smith still lost him anyways. The sympathy over how if her husband was a better man she never would had waned and pressured (PRESSURED!!!) to terminating her babies lives. I was never so sick and disgusted in my life. And these women say if men had the babies abortion would be legal. It was the men, not the women, in our society that were showing the empathy for the children. It's legal because they're the sick ones, not the men. Susan was eventually convicted, but it was quite a fight in the jury room. The women didn't want to sent her to prison at all. I wonder if they would had such sympathy if John, her husband, had committed this crime for the same reason? Somehow I believe he would no longer be with the living if he had. She was convicted, but not sentenced to die. Those boys suffer for over 7 minutes, crying out to their mother to help them and she gets to keep her life. In the end they recommended life, but she'll be eligible for parole some day.

These were cases where a woman actually got punished, but no where near what a man would had gotten. The fact is, in our justice system, women convicted for the same or similar crime will only receive 20% of the time a man received. I guess that's equal rights, heh? After all the average male murder spends 18 years in prison, a woman about 3 1/2. That's if they're even convicted. The acquittal rate is 80% higher for women. The filing of charges for women involved in their crimes, like Ruth Madoff, is 20% of that of men that are involved in the same or similar crime. So the fact that Ruth help steal $150 Billion and will not even see the inside of a court room is no surprise. After all, her husband had gotten the book thrown at him and the public seems quite content with that. So divorce him, to the praise of the feminazi's out there, and live well. After all, crime doesn't pay. . . if you're a man.

Before someone gives the argument that women are the overwhelming majority of victims in crime, allow me to give some sobering facts. If asked who's most likely to be murdered in a spouse murder, the man or woman. Well, given how the media goes overboard with every wife or girlfriend that's killed, it's often believe the women. However, according to the Department of Justice, men are 3 times more likely to be murdered by their wives than the other way around. The wives engaged or instigate domestic violence 7 times greater than the male. It's just that the male, should he defend himself, is the one that gets the arrest record. Men are 8 times more likely to be murdered, 10 times more likely to be mugged, 12 times more likely to be robbed, 4 times more likely to be carjacked. The only equal statistic is kidnappings, but mainly children being equally male or female. Though women do have the statistic on rape, men are 3 times more likely to be falsely accused of a rape than a woman will have actually been. Remember the Duke University case? Don't give me the he said she said element because she nearly always win. In the Duke case, the boys lives where ruined even though they had concrete proof the woman was lying. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton didn't care, the women in the media didn't care, she said so so it must be true. Just look at Kobe Bryant case. If she hadn't bragged to dozens of witnesses of what really happened and since Kobe refused to pay the blackmail, it actually was going to go to trail til her case fell apart. She doesn't brag to her friends, Kobe would be playing for a Colorado State Penitentiary instead of the Lakers.

The fact is men are victims far more often than women, mothers are even 7 times more likely than her husband or boyfriend to murder their child and on average are prosecuted only half the time and convicted even less than that. Men will serve much longer sentences as women for the same crime because the women can generate sympathy, especially in this misofraternal society we live in, far greater than men can. So long as we continue to let them have this power and put more venomous male hating lawyer and judges, like Sotomayor, in position of power in our justice system, more and more Ruth Madoffs will participate in their partner's crime because in the end they know from what they have to gain compared to the likelihood of actually paying for that crime is minimal at worse. We all should be worried too. The Department of Justice statistics are showing this message is getting out loud and clear. Crime by females are sky rocketing and in crimes that usually associated with males like car theft is now 15% comitted by femals. 10 years ago it was negligible. Women just didn't steal cars. Hazing, assaults, armed robberies, have gone up over 300% just in the last 10 years and still growing. They're not receiving the prosecution and sentencing, so why not. If this trend keeps up, it won't be the man with the pants to his legs you're going to have to worry about soon. It will be the sexuality clad woman with him. Who do you think the court is going to side with?

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conservative generation said...

This is going to sound very weird, but the justice system has actually come a long way as far as punishing women go (that just sounds odd). Anyways, there was a time that people refused to charge women with murder or sentence them to death (still find it weird I'm talking about fairness in punishing women).

Glad to see a fellow accountant in the political blogging world.