Friday, July 24, 2009

Two sided Justice.

I fear what would happen should Obama gets his National Security Force and we may get an sample from jolly ole England. In England, their police forces are getting swamp with complaints and reports from crime against English law by their Muslim populations. Mainly with forced marriages and honour killings. The police forces don't want to upset ethic sensitivities so they're considering of having a police force consisting of Muslim officers and allow the choice of having the investigations and court proceedings in Sharia courts. I nearly gagged on my dinner.

First of all this is national suicide. England is already in deep trouble because of their Muslim population with crime and contempt for English law. I thought one of the purpose of a sovereign nation is to make laws and have them enforced. What's the point if you're going to allow foreigners and certain citizens to usurp those laws. The main reason is these groups have grown so much that the police are giving up on how to police them and just give them what they want. This is a very dangerous precedence.

Now a Muslim can have the best of both worlds. If he's wronged by an English man, he can choose the Royal court, if by a fellow Muslim or to dodge a crime he committed against Britain, Sharia court. After all, if a Muslim goes on a jihad in England, which court do you think he'll want? What will that court rule? I don't see Muslim going to English court to answer to the crime of terrorism when they can go to a court with their fellow terrorist on the jury and get acquitted on jury nullification every time. This is a recipe for a holocaust in English, if not outright anarchy. A servant can't serve two masters, and having a system that will be rigged against those that don't respect a country's laws and culture is going to take advantage of the more permissive one.

How did England ever get to this stage. Simply put, they allowed too many of their enemies in, let them do what they want all in the guise of multiculturalism. Simply put, this is the endgame to a government that no longer respect or protects their borders, language or culture. Now an enemy wants to overthrow them by multiplying to the point of changing the demographics. Well, now that's happening, they want follow the laws and culture of the 7th century sewer pipe that they left to turn England into a 7th century sewer pipe. Because England refuses to defend their borders, language and culture, they're being invaded and overran by their enemies and they're simply wearing them down. Add the race card that they've been playing and they get even more.

The biggest obstacle in the judicial responsibilities have been the language barrier. One police chief stated that a white man won't be able to converse with a sikh. First, why isn't speaking English required to being allowed in the country in the first place? I also find the statement racist and more of the hatred against whites that's perpetuating all over the world. So the solution is to become a second class citizen in your own country to foreign invaders. Really smart there England.

What's going to happen when the interests of the Muslims are in conflict with England's? Now having their own armed police force, it isn't going to be pretty. Given what goes on with police forces in Muslim countries, it will lead to tribal conflicts with means they will jihad against England and the police force will turned against it's own employer. Happens all the time in Islam. It's all about which thug rules, not the rule of law. Something England has forgotten in their haste to alleviate their white guilt. Perhaps I'll put that on their tombstones if they're allowed to have one when their Islamic enemies are through with them.

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