Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why conservatives need to dump the Republican Party.

This next blog has turned out to be most difficult for me. So much going, the dangers in the world escalating at an alarming rate, the economy tanking worse than anyone had predicted. Then Sarah Palin retires from the governorship of Alaska. Heck, even Colin Powell got a clue about the lesson of racism now that he's learning how bad BO is. What is most worrisome for me is the lack of choices for those that are the path for what is right have in the political scheme of things. I believe those that have Conservative values, freedom, reverence for life, personal responsibility and rewards, markets, the right to make choices in our lives so as long as it doesn't infringe on an other's person's freedoms are all under assault and we have not real options. I feel as long as Conservatives support Republicans, we are doomed to be silenced in the night politically.

Sound harsh, but we better start facing some facts before we become completely irrelevant: the Republicans no longer support us. They have become nothing short of a soft liberal party and if George Bush wasn't proof of that, what the Republicans are doing while all these disasters are going on should. They're putting up little if no opposition while criticizing anyone that dare to. When Sotomayor comes up for her confirmation, I predict the Republicans will put up token resistance but will end up voting to confirm her and we will have one of the most racist, sexist, and radical member to ever be appointed to the Supreme Court. The only branch of our government that's between us and complete totalitarianism. History supports that the Republicans will cave in.

As a matter of fact, look at how they're letting us down right now. Democrat support wasn't enough to pass this horrid and what will prove to be a regret that will plague a generation of Americans if not more with the Cap and Trade bill should it pass the senate. Eight RINO's was enough to pass this evil and intrusive bill. Now our only real hope with the RINO's in the Senate will be the Democrats. Many think it will meet fierce opposition, but give me a break, it will pass. There's no reason for a Democrat Senator to fear for their jobs since not one has lost in 8 years. Heck, an evil clown got elected (cough cough). They aren't fearing their jobs so it will pass and perhaps Republicans will offer a bunch of Rhetoric, but in the end will be ineffective.

Let's go over what the party has done for Conservatives since Reagan and even he had his share of mistakes. The biggest ones being O'Connor in the Supreme Court that was the deciding vote on so many corruption rulings that favored corrupt government and voting procedures that favor Democrats and ACORN and in the culture wars that favor the 3rd world over America. The other is NAFTA which has been a complete disaster for our manufacturing base. This was the brainchild of Ronald Reagan and he was just plain wrong on this, and the Republicans have been as well. To keep supporting these policies that destroy our job base here in the states in favor to foreigners is a huge factor to our economic woes we have. When the last time Republicans supported the job base here or do they make the claim that cheap imports make things cheaper for Americans. I don't know about you, but the unemployed don't have money to buy things.

In the culture wars, the Republicans have been MIA. Especially to Christians and Jews. Judeo-Christians values was what founded this country, not Muslims like BO contends. Last I check, it wasn't a Koran that Washington read across the Delaware. In fact, Islam is completely at war with the West because Islam is all about slavery, submission (which is what the Arabic word Islam means) so they are completely in conflict with our principal of freedom. However, Islam has been making frightening strides and gaining rights and privileges that aren't given to other faiths all in the name of multiculturalism. So while Muslims are allowed their prayers in public, bring their dangers to school (while they're dull and stitched to their pouches), are taught in our schools in extreme details while others are mention in passing or in negative light, Republicans are silent. While homosexuality, class warfare, racism including affirmative action, sexism including affirmative action and the hatred and emasculation of men, abortion, are indoctrinated into our children and the public with our submissive media rages on, Republicans are silent. While those that get educated (hard as it is in this country), work hard, take risks, build and create are penalized to reward the unproductive, lazy, and stupid in our country, the Republicans are silent. As the dictators in the world are getting more and more bold and dangerous as they expand their rhetoric and flexing their military muscles, the Republicans have been better, but since their defeat in 2008, have been in the fetal position saying nothing much. As we are constantly invaded by the 3rd world and reward them while penalize law abiding citizens, our hospitals are bankrupt and our schools depleted of resource, they do a lot of talk and little action. Seem what makes a nation, it's borders, language, and culture have been eaten from within and the Republicans didn't do anything of value to defend them.

So those of us that are Conservatives, who are we to turn to now? Neither party represents us but special interests now. We're forced between a hard and fast fascist state or a slowly but surely fascist state. This is completely unacceptable. The politicians are elected to represent we the people. They are there to serve for the people. Something BO clearly doesn't believe in and neither party either since only those of use on the blogosphere even noticed. There's a good reason why BO wants to make anyone that supports a 3rd party as potential terrorists. As the speaker in this state shown, these people think DEMOCRACY is terrorism. They don't want a true democracy because now we're in an oligarchy and both side like it that way. They don't want a competitive party to actually throw wrenches in their plans for greater power. The don't want to actually be qualified or compromise on issues. Have a fair and impartial government that limits it's powers. Until we have another party, we Conservatives aren't going to have any significant voice in our government. As long as we're under the illusion that unless we support the Republicans, we're going to become a socialist state. Guess what, we are already there and BUSH was the biggest step that took us there. If a so called Republican, a so called Conservative like Bush has done more damage and took the greatest stride, up to now, towards socialism, what hope do we have with this two party system? If Bush hadn't nominated Alito and Roberts, our war against the evils of socialism would be over. If we Conservatives want to regain our voice in our government, then we must dump the Republicans and start voting for those that will support us, not the some old line. Until then, and time is running out fast, we are destined to becoming a completely socialist country. A socialist, anti-judeo-Christian nation at that and the history of such government aren't pretty and bloody.

Thank you, and God bless.


conservative generation said...

I think we need to reclaim the party, not walk away from it. Honestly, I feel that myself and others were largely responsible for the problems in the party. We feel asleep. We didn't like the out of control spending of Bush, but we didn't hold his feet to the fire either. We gave him low poll numbers hoping he'd get a clue, but he was in his own world.

There were 8 that voted for cap and trade, but there were 150 that did not. I think we've been making excellent progress in weeding out the Rhinos so far and if we don't abandon the party, we will be able to push the rest out. If the conservatives leave the party, the party will still continue to put horrible candidates in office, we just won't have a say in stopping it.

I also disagree with NAFTA. It's the government that is shackling our businesses, not competition.

Good post.

madmath1 said...

Good comment. Just the type of dialog that the liberals lack. An alternate view with example and solution. Though you see that we fell asleep, I feel we were abandoned. The problem reclaiming is anyone in the Republican are so terrorified to being associated with conservate as to be branded a racist or fascist that they'll never let us. At least the old blood, like McCain. He once defended America when we were going to open our markets to unfair practice of Japan with the Fuji apple. It was like Fuji apples, illegals anemsty (this was in 1987 after Reagan, one of his bad mistakes in office, gave 3 million illegals anemsty) and now lights in Wrigely Field (the Chicago Cubs). Is nothing scared anymore? Now to the sell out that he is today. Perhaps there is more than one solution, but if the trend keeps up, there won't be any difference between either party.