Monday, July 6, 2009

Why organize religion is losing.

I was at a sermon of my church last Sunday (the week before the 4th of July weekend) when the pastor made a statement that made me lose all faith in this man and this church. This current pastor replaced one that was put in temporarily that lasted little over 5 years. The previous one that made me a fan of this organization gave sermons that just didn't teach about the principles in the Bible and how they apply. He used anadoles in his own personal life, much with humor, that not only demonstrate how it applied to our modern world that too many think is too advanced for God's word, but how it applies to himself as well. A man that doesn't just preach it, but practices what he preaches as well as the consequences for any failures. I compare that to the man that's giving the sermons now, and I'm completely dishearten and disillusioned. What was the statement that has me considering dropping out of the church? It was about traditions and when it times to listen and time to speak up. He stated that the reason Christens are so vilified in today's society is we don't listen more and speak less. I was STUNNED!

Here, for the last 40 plus years, we have seen an advancement of socialist agendas from all our government institutions as well as our media and big labor. The one times we had given this front a big black eye was during Reagan's Administration, with the exception of NAFTA that he created and O'Connor to the Supreme Court, gave the Neo-Marxist a major black eye during the biggest growth period since the 50's. Today, that era has been taken advantage of by the leftist media as the era of greed. However, it was the only time Christians were able to have a real voice in our government and have our grievances address. Compare that today. When the last time the Christian church stood up for anything? Other than the Pope Benedict, who has shown a great deal of understanding of his enemies and those against morality and freedom with his statement that the biggest threat to human survivals wasn't Islamfascism, but moral relativism, when have anyone from the Church, and I don't mean Revered Jessie Jackson or the Nation of Islam which aren't churches but racist political organizations, have spoken up about anything. Other than the Mormons on family issues and the Russian Orthodox who know what Socialism looks like because they've lived it, all the others have been mute for over 20 years. They didn't even defend Palin or Miss California. Are they, like the Republicans they support, are just too scared of being called names? When California had Prop. 8 on the ballot, only the Mormon church dared to speak up for the initiative and the only ones trying to defend it in the courts and paid dearly for it. Did anyone Christians speak up against the vandalism? No, the problem is we're viewed so negatively is one, we have, supposedly, morals, judgements of right and wrong, absolutes, boundaries and don't worship idol gods like the state. Second, we're viewed as weak and easy targets which so far, we have been. No. It's not because we speak too much and listen too little. It's because we're acting like sheeps to the slaughter.

This is terrible news and policies because we got an out and out Marxist seated in the President's chair. We have an amoral political body making laws that will impede our freedoms, including those of religion. Just look at the assaults on our traditions that made our country great. Family, life, individualism, free markets, personal responsibility. All traits that are supported in the Bible. Our silence, good people doing nothing, is allowing this movement to grow. Our President just gave credit of our nation's founding and greatness to ISLAM!!!! A death cult that is completely in conflict with our freedoms and we let this evil man give credit to a death cult that wants nothing more than to convert us or behead us. Yet, nothing was said except by those in the blogosphere. The Mullahs are not clamping down and killing those that oppose them, yet we said nothing when BO didn't want to interfere but he has no trouble supporting an illegitimate dictator that wants to override a truly democratic process. We've said nothing when McVeig, who was an Pandist, not a Christian, to be associated with us. Obama is threaten us with hate crimes for our faith. He's promising a war against Christians and yet we're still saying nothing.

History isn't on our side in this war. History shows when Socialist take power the first people to go are first the businessmen as BO is doing right now. Just look at what's going on with our banks, insurance, and other financial institutions. Look at what's going on with GM. Soon, we're going to get hit with a major assault on our wallet when his Cap and Trade is enacted. The second will be any political opposition. Since most Christians are conservatives, we'll be targeted. Since most aren't really opposing him, they may get a pass. However, the third is religon and property owners. This is when we'll finally have to wake up to the evil that we allowed to go unchecked. By then, though, it will be too late. With hate crime laws, they can force us to accept homosexuals, abortions if it's mandated including forcing us to have them if the government deems it necessary and if you think I'm crazy, just look at China. We have to accept that the Bible is a hate book as being describe by leftist in our government and can't be allow to have it. You think it can't happen in America, just look at the case in Alabama where a judge was disbarred for displaying the 10 commandments. Tablets that are on displayed on the symbol of the Supreme Court, but a state judge wasn't. Many hate crimes are against only whites and so called Christians that have committed crimes against certain minorities. It's not a stretch since the left hates Christians to extend it to thought crimes regarding the teaching of the Bible. Yet while this goes on, we're silent.

As long as those on the side of what's right and just stay silent, evil will propagate. The problem isn't Christians are too vocal, they're too silent. Not willing to defend our laws and principles. Not willing to defend our God. All evil needs is for good people to do nothing. Also not in the Bible what happens to those that turn away from God and towards man and loses their way with Him. It's not pretty and we're heading in the same direction even in America.

God help us.

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