Friday, August 28, 2009

America now has AIDS (or really VIDS).

So now that our tyrant in chief is going after the CIA for extracting information of terrorist activities from his Muslim brothers, it can now be said America now has AIDS or really VIDS (Voter Induced Deficiency Syndrome). This move only makes sense if and only if your goal isn't to make America more safe, but the exact opposite: to completely deball her defense.

In the body, HIV attack the T-cells that produce the white blood cells that defends us from infections that come from common bacteria. The CIA and the Military are the white blood cells of our nation from foreign invaders. Now that the military is under command by Obama, they're pretty much handcuff from doing any real defense. After all, BO thinks there is no war on terror. Just man made disasters. Like somehow these animals are misunderstood freedom fighters which I'm sure is how he sees them. Why else would he want to give them all the advantages by bringing them here to be tried in our civilian courts by civilian rules? And should they be acquitted, which they will because the rules of war aren't the rules of law enforcement, they will be given greed cards and welfare benefits. How sick! Worse, it's treason, but it's the messiah, so he knows what best for us. Well, I'm not taking that to the bank.

Now he wants to go after that dared to get information from his Islamic brothers and empower them more to accomplish what has to be his main goal: the downfall of our republic and our "transformation" to a tyrannical government like those in Islamic countries. At least to Marxist countries, but what's the real difference. Now the CIA that was told by lawyers what was ok'd at the time to extract information are now going to be deemed by these groups of Marxist thugs that the lawyers were wrong and they are criminally liable for doing their jobs. First, since now these lawyers are deemed to have violated the constitutional rights of the terrorists (I'm not kidding when I say that, that's what this evil clown is saying), that they broke the law and are deemed to be prosecuted and punished. The lawyers, if this insane reasoning reaches fruition, will be up for disbarment. You think any agent or lawyer will ever touch the war on terror again? Heck, will they even investigate any Islamic groups for that matter? I know I wouldn't. Without the ability to investigate or interrogate suspected enemies against the country, this administration has basically attack the last of the T-cells of the country. Without our intelligence agency to do any real investigations, our enemies are going to have a free reign to bring about the fruition of their plans without fear, or even a real threat, of arrest or interference. BO wants to bring this to the FBI as if it's a law enforcement problem, what if these plans are being done overseas, which they will do, then it's our of their jurisdiction and the state department is completely useless. We, like a body that lost it's T-cell and white blood cells, will be eaten alive by the infections of our enemies.

The CIA has had enough problems after they were gutted in 1976 when congress had hearing over the Nixon Administration and the agents and staff at the CIA were to testify in public hearings in the congress and had to reveal national secrets, including agents, their names, who they were investigating, and where they were located. Several agents after that were murdered and the CIA dropped using men on the street to gain their information. Did this make America safer? Let's take a look at past history.

First, because we can no longer use humans on the ground to get information because nobody, but jihadist, will have the death wish to try. Without them, the information is sketchy at best and unreliable at worse. In 1979 the CIA said the Shaw of Iran was well loved and is safe to rule for another 10 years. Two months later the Ayatollah Komani staged a coup and started the Islamic Revolution (which Carter did nothing to squelch). The CIA said there were fringe Islamic groups but nothing really organized or a threat when we sent troops to Beirut. Then over 200 marines were killed when they were truck bombed by the Iranian backed Hezbollah. Only till Hezbollah gave their speeches on TV did the CIA ever even heard of them. The CIA never saw the collapse of the USSR coming. They were clueless about the first (and later second) attacks on the world trade center. They trained Bin Laden and never saw the Islamic uprisings, and the formation of Al-Qadia totally took them by surprise. Need I go over the failure of the Cole that was bombed by a rubber boat with explosives in Yemen or the complete fiasco over 9-11. Satellites, electronic surveillance, technology, they can only get so much information. As the Messod could teach us from a country who's survival relays on accurate intelligence can teach us, without your white blood cells of the intelligence agency, you're country is in serious trouble (as is Israel which failed miserably to assess properly the weaponry and manpower of Hezbollah during their Southern Lebanon war in 2007).

Now, first the argument that laws were broken. Which laws are they referring to? We don't have laws about enemy combatants. Even the Geneva Convention, as was beaten over our heads by Ted, good bye and good riddance, Kennedy used to undermine America's defense, has no protection for enemy combatant which is a fancy term for terrorist that doesn't fight with the uniform of a government, but as individuals committing acts of terrorism against civilians. So unless there's some law giving terrorists citizenship rights that I don't know about, this is what we call in mathematics a vacuous argument. It's empty because it's based on a premise that's false so the consequences afterwards are pure non-sense. The second argument is if we're torturing our enemies, then they will torture us in return. Uh, could anyone show in the history of American warfare that our troops WEREN'T torture when captured by the enemy. It happened in every single war, especially by Japan in WWII and by the Chinese in Korea. Let's not forget how groovy the Hanoi Hilton was. These arguments from the left are stupid, don't have any basis in reality or law, and mainly, so full of hate for Bush, Cheney, America, and the Constitution that their ability to reason is completely overshadowed.

A country's military and intelligence are the main line of defense for their citizens. Without them, they get infected by enemies and they die. BO said that the most important job as President is the protection of her people. Well, it seems he has a strange definition of defense or worse, who her people are. Seems he thinks leaving us open to attack and en bolding our enemies to invade and attack is defending us. Or he thinks our enemies are America's people. After all, he think America is an Islamic country and founded on Islamic principals. I just know one thing. If he is successful in destroying the CIA which has enough problems as it now, we're in serious trouble. America is sick and destroying her last T-cell will be a death sentence. But, hey, we'll have free health care. Too bad it's not what's needed to cure America's illness. Without a political enema, I fear she'll die and us with her.

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