Sunday, August 9, 2009

The bad news and good news about Sotomayor's confirmation.

Well, it's mainly bad news, but it's official, Sotomayor has been confirmed to supreme court. Though much fanfare is being made because she's the "first" Hispanic to the court. Actually, she's the second because the first Hispanic wasn't counted, much like Clearence Thomas as the first black, because he didn't fit the mold that those in power consider to be "black" or "Hispanic enough". The first Hispanic was also a Jew and it was that Jewist hertitege that they empathize. It was that mold that the powers to be found him to be to Jewish, thus completely ignoring his Hispanic roots and denying him the title of the first Hispanic on the court. You can call a rose by any other name, flower, plant, etc, but it's still a rose.

The main bad news is not just that the fix was in. There was no way this woman wasn't going to be confirmed. The votes were rigged and bigoted to the point that there's no way, unless the senators wanted to shoot themselves in the head politically with the President, and after the stealing of the election by that stupid and evil clown Franklen that made the vote filibuster proof, that they weren't going to rush her in. It's a shame because this woman is as qualified to be on that court as the stray cats that roam in my back yard.

Her confirmation doesn't proof her worthiness to be on the court. First of all, she fits the liberals mold. She's racist as her comment that because she's a Latino woman, she's more wise than any white man. I can only imagine what the senate would had thought of Robert's had he said something of the kind of as being a white male he's more wise than any Latino woman. This part was a rouse to hide the Democrat's bigotry. That despite she's less qualified because her grades and scores shows she's not very bright, she can do better. They're justifying their believe that minorities are less bright but with their guidance, they can go far in our society. Shoot, one just needed to look at Thomas or Gonzalez who they refused to confirm because of racist reason as well as he was Bush's selection. Jeesh, look at what happen when he became Attorney General. Instead we got Alito.

Second, she's not a smart woman. She's mainly known for her boasting and belligerent rants in the court. Many of her fellow judges find her to be a loose cannon and find her legal writings to be gibberish. Can anyone name, other than her racist finding of the New Haven Firefighter ruling, that this woman has made? Neither did the press. In fact, when the Supreme Court was liberal, her rulings were being overturned 60% of the time. Now we have a judge that the top court found to be legally inept 60% of the time is now on the court making ruling. Her stand on empathy and personal experience vs. rule of law should have disqualified her right then and there. She basically stated that she will determine what's right and wrong, not the law (hence why she's overruled so often).

This comes as no surprise because this is what the liberals want. They want emotional, hot headed, and those that ignore the law for judicial activism. The reason can be found from an old fable: A tyrant will always find a pretext for his (or hers) tyranny. This is why BO nominated her. He wanted a stooge that thinks like him to set up pretexts for his tyranny. That's why the media is portraying her as a leader (which she's not), as a step for putting the court towards the mainstream (which she's no where near as I have life long Hispanic friends that find it scary that she's on the court now), and bringing her up as the pinnacle of excellence. It's their hope to she, and hopefully others they can get while they have control of the senate and white house, to turn the court to being the speaker and legal precedence to establishing that pretext for the tyranny that the leftist want to bring to our country.

However, in spite of it all, there was one piece of good news in this sorted affair. First, as the protests are heating up over the health care bill, people are starting to wake up. Especially those that vote Democrat. More are changing to independent. More are joining the protesters against Obama and only after 7 months from taking office. The other was something I completely didn't expect: the Republicans were mainly in support against his terrible choice. 31 voted against her confirmation. yea, there were 8 RINO's but did we really expect to vote against her? This is the first time Republicans actually stood their principals and voted their conscience. Why I say this, take a look at the last time a radical was nominated to the Supreme Court: 1994. Ruth Bader Gingburg is as radical of a leftist nut job there is. She believed in International law over the constitution, prostitution and legal consent at the age of 12, the rights of the state over individuals and this was what was revealed during the hearings. Chief head of the ACLU. These alone, again, should had disqualified her, but she was confirmed 96-3. Only 3 Republicans had the balls to stand up to Clinton and this evil woman. I was figuring history would repeat itself. I don't know if it was the falling polls (Clinton wasn't popular either at the time) or the GOP finally have woken up and figure it's time to make a stand before we're extinct. Either way, it's the one bright spot on what was a truly dark day. Now to hoping they have the same fight with the death care bill.

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