Thursday, August 27, 2009

The biggest treat of Obamacare.

I'm sure we're all sick and tired of hearing about ObamaCare. Frankly so am I. That's why I'm not going to write about it. Not the merits of the plan anyways. There's a much larger threat from this bill that has been under the radar. This bill is the largest threat to our democratic republic mainly from something the founding fathers never put in their equation: voting blocs.

Can anyone name the 3 largest employers in the world? What? No? Number 1 is the Red Army of China of about 4 to 5 million "workers". Number 2, is the Indian Railroad of about 4 million. Number 3, and this shocked me, is Britain's National Health Care with 3 million. We wonder why England is falling so badly. 5% of the total population or about 12% of the work force works for the government in the health care industry. You think they're going to vote against the suicidal, let the Muslim invade us, Labour Party when they're signing their paychecks. If you're a Labour Party candidate, you have 12% of vote locked up even if you say I'm all for having Muslims cut your head off in public and letting the police stand and observe. Given how much of their industries are nationalized, it's amazing that the Labour Party doesn't have 100% of the Parliament.

Now let's take a look at what we got here. We're all well aware certain groups vote in blocs for certain candidate just by the D or R by their names. 96% of blacks will vote for a D even if they're a stone cold racists for or against them. Christians will vote Republican even if they're for the ACLU or RINO's. The bloc that should concern us because they are socialistic in their very nature: UNIONS. The health care bill isn't about universal health care, that's the ruse for the big prize: the voting bloc of the health care unions.

If you want to see where this will lead the nation, just come to my home state of California which is on the verge of bankruptcy, our government is as corrupt as it comes. We make New Jersey look like a choir in comparison. Why we don't get investigated by the FBI is beyond me. The districts are rigged to have the same party elected every time. We've been ruled by the Democrats since I was born other than the Governorship and right now, that's nothing to brag about with that steroid ed moron in office right now. The simple fact is our taxes are the highest in the nation, our car tax, sales tax, government fees and so on are sky high and we have a proposition and a tax initiative that was suppose to make it difficult to raise taxes by requiring a 2/3rds majority. If it wasn't for Prop. 13, I fear what our property taxes would be like. It's considered a joke that the rates were are lower. Many politicians mock us for it, yet our property taxes are so high in dollars from our over inflated property values, that it doesn't matter. We still pay more dollars at the lower rate because property values here are 3 to 4 times the national average. Think what we would paying if these tax and spend Democrats had the means to raise the property taxes which are restricted to no more than an increase of 2% of the rate a year unless the people pass increases greater by a 2/3rds majority. Good thing that 2/3rds because only 36% of the population own property here. The lowest in the nation. If every non-property owner voted, which they seem to do because every increase is voted yea 65%. We nearly have tax inflation but are shielded only by 2%. If that ownership rate falls below 30%, we're finished. The state government is getting around the initiative by simply calling the taxes "fees" and avoiding the 2/3rd to a simple majority and since most of the fees aren't paid by the parasites of this state, they get an easy majority 92% of the time.

So what does that do with the voting bloc. The Democrats that spend money like water from another state (we don't have enough here it seems) just want to keep raising taxes. We already pay between 8-10% sales taxes, up to 10.3% income tax, and with "fee's", vehicle taxes and who knows how much higher rent we pay, I'll wager we're about 30%, more if you own a home, and with the Federal with gas, alcohol, and the ever loving tobacco taxes and the 39.2% income taxes and believe me, Obama thinks that too charitable, it's no mystery why business and people are leaving the state (except illegals). The main reason these tax and spend politicians are in habitually in power, despite term limits in this state that has done nothing to tide the stem of political nepotism, are the voting blocs, mainly from the unions.

California has about 12 million that votes. The teacher's union, and don't me started on that nightmare, has 3 million members and most of them aren't teachers that continues to lobby for politicians that do nothing for education except throw more money into the problem and get bad education in return. The next 3 largest union sects are prison guards, the lawyers bar, and the AMA. Those are nearly another 2 million members. You just need 6 million votes to win in this state at the state level. Add the fraud, illegals, double (or more) dippers, out of staters, invalids, the dead, and pets that vote here, it doesn't take much more to get the 6 million mark. Just with the unions, you have 5 million if you have that D next to your name. Unless your district is from a rural district which is about 34% of the districts, with 32% of the population, it doesn't take much math to see why the Democrats always have 65% of the seats. If they could get the health care trapped and enslaved to the Democrat party, this state would be finished. Nobody but a Democrat will be able to win in the state. We'll become a one party state. We're already teetering on the brink of economic collapse here already.

Now let's take a look at the national level. Health care, and the voting bloc they would bring to the Democrats, will guarantee D's on the California Senators for life as well, since we have 52 congressional districts and 38 are from large population bases in the cities (exactly 1/2 of the legislature comes from LA in my state, so LA really runs our state), guarantees 38 Democrats in the House. That's the worse case scenarios. Add a few conservative district where the voters stay home and it could well be over 40 seats for life. What will the situation be for New York, PA, NJ, FL, OH, and IL. These states from the blocs that would be committed to the socialists for their livelihood if this health care bill passes and will be Democrat for life. That's mean by just having a D by your name, you're guaranteed 156 electoral votes and you just need 271 to win. Heck of a challenge for any Challenger. With those in health care totally dependent on the socialist Democrats for their paychecks, they'll vote in a huge bloc for them no matter their views or desires. And that's just from the health care bloc. Add amnesty for the Illegals and you can add MI, WI, NM, AZ, and TX, as well as possibly, VA and NC. Guess what folks? Election is over and the fix is in because that's enough to win no matter who runs against the Democrat and no matter what the people really want or desire. We'll truly become a Banana Republic. Just a few more states, and you can have any amendment you don't like repealed, like the 22nd, 2nd, 14th, 1st, 4th, and the 10th. Personally, I rather keep the Republic we have. It may not be perfect, but it's far better than what's being proposed and where we're headed. Keep up the fight. This may turn out to be the biggest fight the American people have had since the War of 1812.

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