Monday, August 3, 2009

The deafening silence of Conservatives on the 1st Amendment.

Good! Now that I have your attention, I want to address something that isn't reported in the US media and frankly, by very few, if any, conservative blogs, radio hosts, or media (if any exists anymore). There's an American citizen that has been banned in Britain as a threat to cause "civil unrest" if he should ever be allowed into the country. He has been listed with Islamic terrorist, racist skinhead murders, and other reprobates of humanity. What's interesting, he's the only one that hasn't committed any crime or instigated any illicit actions against any groups, except maybe illegals in the sense that our laws should be enforced. Yet the story isn't being reported anywhere but in Britain itself. Their head of national security, their version of the head of the HSA of England, was fired over it. Their national elections are being turned upside over the issue, but yet here in the state, the country that brought freedom to the world, the beacon of Freedom of Speech, is completely quiet on the issue. Unless you listen to the radio host of question or visit his website, I seriously doubt you know what the heck I'm talking about. It's the banning of Michael Savage from Britain.

It seems that some hokey excuse to put him with Islamic, and out and out racist nut job murders, has caused quite a stir in England. What was the crime that Michael Savage committed? Seems only speaking his mind. Though there are times I think he's off the deep end at time and could use a few lesson in tact, he's mainly popular, even admitting so by his enemies, because he tells it as he see it and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. That can have him rubbed the wrong way to some people, myself included at times, but that's what makes his show unique. You're not going to get some water down version or some one's spin on events and issue. Just one man's opinion, no more, no less.

What is strange is that this man has been banned despite having no desire to ever enter England in the first place. He feels the country has lost sight of their roots and are falling to their Islamic invaders as they invade England as Mexicans invade the US. Why ban a man that has no desire to come to your country in the first place. Seems that their version of the head of Homeland Security was trying to make a name for herself and in this case it backfired badly. It's become a major issue of true security and is bringing up legal issues over Freedom of Speech in England. She's since resign claiming that she's not right or up for the job. I'll say. Now if we could get ours to do likewise, perhaps some sanity would start to become instilled in our political body.

So when asked why he was put there in the first place, he was entrenched as being a man that spews so much hate speech and riotous commentary that his very presence would incite civil unrest in the country. Are you serious? If that was the case, the man wouldn't had survive 15 minutes on the air, much less 15 years. Not one act of violence can be attribute to anything this man has been involved with nor from statements or commands given on the air. If anything, he goes all out to seek that his listeners refrain from traps that the left often employ to make their enemies look like radicals instead of liberals. Especially when Illegals were protesting against him as being racists and xenophobic when he made an analogy about when a kid holds his breath when he doesn't get his way. You punished the brat by telling to do so till he stops breathing or when he refuses to eat then let him starve. It's was analogy of the protests that these groups make to get us to feel guilty and racist for enforcing out immigration policies. Many took the clips to mean that he literally wanted all illegals to starve and die. He made it clear that his supporters are NOT to counter-protest because they'll start something to make his supporters and him as being instigators to proving that he wants them dead or have acts of violence perpetrated against them. He didn't want to give them propaganda ammo. Fortunately, the attempts by the illegals to instigate an incident failed as his supporters listened to his request.

The issue that gets him the most trouble and create the most vociferous shrill of opposition to him is his stance on radical Islam. He makes no qualms that these guys are our enemies and he has no love for anyone that defends or support them. His biggest target is the Terrorist Civil Rights organization: CAIR. He has sued, and later rescinded, allegedly because they've threaten his family with death, but he won't admit it, and seeking other legal recourses because they used copyrighted material to portray him as a bigot and Islamophobe. I still like to hear the argument that the fear against Muslim is IRRATIONAL. It's rational to fear a cult that encourages and mandates that they murder innocents. Seems that message has angered CAIR. When they counter sued, they lost their case against him as well. As the facts on the banning has come out, for those that will report it since most of the information is coming from England, this will play a part in his banning.

The news coming out of England is he was placed there because of his speech and they needed to put someone islamophobic to balanced the number of Islamics that were on the list. It's believe that he was also put on there because he's Jewish. Something that wasn't known, even to his listeners, until the ban. Even so, England has left no doubt as to why he was put on the list in the first place: his speech.

Frankly, I don't care who England allows or disallow in their country. It's their country, so they're able to allow or disallow anyone they want. However, to place him with evil murders, one for bashing a head of a 4 year old girl, mass murdering racist skinheads, people that have actually committed atrocities just because of your political views, that's just wrong. Worse, it's slander. Thus he is suing the secretary for Slander and so far he's winning his case. England is in turmoil the Labour party is on the verge of a major election defeat over the issue.

What has me disturbed is not one blog, one media talk show host, not one conservative media outlet (ok, I'm talking Fox News) have reported on the case. This is an assault on our free speech and if this man can go down for his political views, who's next? Especially with this Administration. If one can be label among the worse of human debris just because of his political views, then who's safe? As conservatives lay silent over this, it gives the left a good view of an effective battle plan against their opponents. Just get some foreign country to ban them with other evil dregs of humanity. Then they can use that threat to ruin them to get them to conform with their ideologues. As the saying goes, when they came for homosexuals, I didn't speak because I wasn't a homosexuals, then the same for communists, Jews, handicap, gypsy, and Christians. Then when they came for me, there was nobody left to speak out for me. This is what we're heading if we let one person free speech be trampled. We will open the door for a domino effect that will eliminate the free speech of the next enemy and so on til they finally get to us on the blogosphere. The fact nobody has said anything but the man who's been wronged himself is not only disappointing, it's dangerous. We here know all too well the freedoms that are under assault by the current hostile administration. Are we going to sit around and let them get their foot in the door? I for one hope not and start speaking up. Speak up while we can. Speak up before they come and silence us. Deafen the thunderous silence before we're all gagged into submission.

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