Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Bye Ted Kennedy.

Looks like for the next week or so we're going to be overwhelmed with the "greatness" of Ted Kennedy. Much condolences will go out to his family as well as the media are going to go muy loco over his career, accomplishments, and will be drooling over him during his funeral. The eulogies will be coming from all directions. Frankly, I find this much ado about nothing. The man was evil and I feel no guilt or remorse that finally he's out of the senate.

What would give me such a cold reaction. First, look at his family. What good have come from the Kennedy's? A family that made their fortune from organized crime, mainly bootlegging. The same business that Al Capone ran. Their history is sorted with many murders that they got away with, drunkenness, including under aged drinking, fraud, theft, corruption, bribery, and murder. I find it hard to have condolences to a family of such ill repute. Sure, he'll be missed by them. Mourning is a terrible emotion to have to endure. With this family, will he really be missed or what he brought to the family fortune.

Next, his accomplishments. There aren't that many considering this man had been elected to NINE terms. To put the math that shows how overdue this change was needed, had he lived to served the ninth term (he died after just one year of his ninth term, and is first term was just two years replacing JFK's seat) that would be 54 years in the senate. I don't know any man that's THAT good. Considering how long he's in there (I'm checking, but that's got to be close to a record), can anyone name any of his accomplishment. That man was in the Senate serving 49 years. I've been around 44 of them so that man has been the senior senator all my life and I can only name a few and few of them good. He voted for the 64 Civil Rights bill. The same bill his brother defeated in 57. Though a good thing, it was his motive I question because most Democrats were against it. Kennedy felt the black vote would make a good bloc for the Dems when most didn't and he was right there. He voted for the 1990 American with Disabilities Act. A complete disaster and boondoggle for lawyers. That bill didn't do a thing for the disabled. Their unemployment is still the same as it was when it was passed, 68% so it didn't do a thing to get them employed, they may have some more conveniences like ramps and restrooms situated for them, but other than that, it's been nothing more than a business killer and an arm of legal extortion by lawyers. He was the first to campaign, successfully so during Reagan's reign and now look at what we got. He opposed the first black Supreme Court Justice over racists reasons. Fortunately he was confirmed despite the Democrats manufactured sexual harassment nonsense. Perhaps if Hill had her so called witnesses tell the same story like knowing when she actually worked for him and not give the incidences happening BEFORE she was employed, it would had worked. He championed affirmative action and minority racism against whites. He promotes sexism while the Democrats maintain 70% of the women's vote with Rode V. Wade and affirmative action for liberal women causes like NOW and gay rights. He fought for the rights of terrorist and the enemies of America joining Turbin Durbin from Illinois by calling our troops, as well as those at town hall meetings, Nazis and for the prosecution of our troops for doing their job. Let's not forget Gitmo was started by this man. I'm sure Muslims all around the world are mourning the lost of their greatest ally in the U.S. Government, behind Obama. Most of all, the man best accomplishment is rigging rules so that Democrats remain in power. He just attempted such an end around in his state of Massachusetts by changing the rules so a Democrat can appoint another democrat as soon as he dies (most likely his sister Caroline). The man was an oligarch and an anti-American. If liberals find this offensive, too bad. I'm sure if Palin or her son died, these Democrats wouldn't be so gracious. Heck, they still hope Thomas will keel over because he betrayed the black cause.

Saving the best for last, this man was a murderer. Mary Jo Kopechne was his mistress at the time and became pregnant with his child (something often forgotten over the incident). This man just happened to drive his car off a bridge, into the pond, Swim for his very life while she's still trapped in the car, walk 15 miles home, wash up, go to work and had it all slip his mind. Think I'm being sarcastic, read Senatorial Privilege. That's exactly was the story he told. In the end, He was only charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Yea, one that HE caused. Most, rightfully so, felt he was guilty of manslaughter. He never called the accident in or try to help get her out. Frankly, I think it's worse than that because a mistress in 1969, pregnant before the Rode V. Wade era, and another election coming and a LOT of anti-democratic sentiment happening over the 1968 convention would had been a real danger to Ted's career. This whole thing reeked of him getting rid of the problem. For most of us, it would had been some jail time and a record, but for him, it just slipped his mind.

I don't wish death on people. What I had wished for for years was that those in Massachusetts grow a brain and elected someone of character and integrity to the Senate. Over time I realized that wasn't going to happen with liberals as they got more and more insane, bitter, belligerent, and anti-America. This man had made his seat completely safe for life. I just accepted that was going to be case for the life of Ted, so death or retirement was the only way to finally get new blood, unless, of course, it's rigged that another Kennedy gets the seat. A seat that the Kennedy's have held since 1952 starting with JFK. Frankly 57 years of this leftist, anti-America, pro terrorists, dysfunctional family is long enough. However, given the praise of evil that comes from that state, I'm not too hopeful.

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