Monday, August 17, 2009

History proves that liberals don't learn from history.

Seems that everyone have a dollar worth of their 2 cents worth of comments over the health care debate. What I read from those that support that utopia will come from socialized health care aren't in step with current realities from countries that already have it, from the realities that have plagued our since government intervention, limited as it may be, has infected the industry, and the political history just 15 years ago. I can see liberals just don't learn a thing from history or even current events.

First, let's take a current events: Cuba and Canada. Cuba is a poor, back water, 3rd world country, but hey, they all have free health care. The problem is the Cubans are getting less than their money worth's from it. There's a saying, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Or as we like to say in math adding nothing to nothing still leaves you with nothing. Go outside Havana that have minimal supplies and manpower in their health facilities, you have clinics that are grossly short on supplies, medicines and doctors that even want to be there. The average pay is $30 a month (hey, way to keep those costs down) with maybe a few bandages, stitches, and sterilizing agents. That's it. If you're seriously sick or injured, you have free health care, it just can't help you. The stat that they have the best mortality rate in the Caribbean, well, compared to what? Hati or the Dominican Republic. That doesn't say much. Be like comparing rotten apples and they're the least stinky, gooey mess. It's still a rotten apple and the mortality rate is far worse than it is here in the states. However, liberals still use Moore's propaganda to highlight they the road of utopia. I rather go to hell than in Cuba's medical care as well as the Castro Brothers who fly in western doctors and equipment for their care. Got to love the two tier system.

Canada is a first world nation with free health care that the liberals are also saying sets the stage for utopia. Well, I don't know a Canadian that thinks likewise. In fact, the biggest and loudest that are protesting against the current health care bill are the Canadians themselves. Jeff Crooner left Canada because of their health care that let his grandma suffer from her cancer and died a painful death in a gurney in the hallway at the hospital. The excuse by the doctors was there were no room for her at the hospital mainly because of some lipnis test about her age, productivity and terminality of her illness. Sounds like what the protesters are worried about and the left are in denial about. They can stay in denial all they want. Canadians come to the states for their health care because free doesn't mean accessible. The waits are years at a time for the most basic and fundemental of care. This is why the government wants their own plan. They don't want to wait 3 years for heart surgery or 18 months for a cat scan or MRI. Cancer dianosis are death sentences there. Yet the liberals just want to call it scare mongering. Ok, find some Canadian that really recommends Canadian health care. It's like finding someone to say, "man, I really recommend cable." You're not going to find them. They pay taxes that makes ours look minor and 48% of their national budget is health care (unlike ours with is Social Security). Like our deficts are bad enough.

The old Soviet Union (the one that was defeated by the evil War Mentality that we need to rid ourselves of as BO has stated) had major issues with their health care. After their fall, it only got worse and they have the lowest life expectatancy in the industrialized world (if you still consider Russia industrialized). They couldn't get enough facilities, doctors (which 75% of which were women interesting enough) or supplies quickly or efficiently enough. The only ones that got any decent care was the government, which also got the best food while the civilians waited hours to get one chicken, and the military. The government rationed the health care so the government were first, the military second, and the civilians got what was left over. Wonder why the government don't want to be on this plan? Perhaps they know something we're not suppose to know. The historical facts are clear. In the communist regime, the rulers were cared for, the people were not. To this day, they're still not and things are worse than ever with a life expectancy or nearly 40 years and manily because their health care is in shambles. But I'm sure Obama will find a way to blame us for it.

The political history, and the one the left is so clueless about, is the attempt to socialize medicine isn't popular here and for good reason: we don't want it. Most Americans, so far, know what government medicine will mean. Just go to the nearest VA, as my ex father in law had and now his health is a wreck, and see for yourself. minimal supplies, poor care, less than competent doctors, low pay. That's the future. What leftist still believe is that the Republicans won because democrats didn't support Hilary's health care plan. WRONG! They won because of the attempt, not the failure, of socialized health care. The left's strategy is to let the Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats defeat this bill and they will win in 2010 and be forever in power. I say good idea. When they lose BADLY because the attempt to pass this will greatly HUMILIATE the liberals and their results (unless ACORN steals them) that they're going to wonder what the heck went wrong. Remember, Hilary had a Democrat controlled congress and the bill was soundly defeated. Those that supported it were soundly defeated in 94, those that opposed were the ones that survived. Since they're basing the next election on a false premise, that Obama was elected because Americans want socialized health care. No, Obama was elected because 1, every racist African American voted for him, 2, White guilt-ed morons didn't want to be branded as racist for voting against him, and 3, and the biggest reason, was nobody wanted Bush 3. Now what they got is Bush on steroids, and yet now the left thinks it's the pathway to utopia instead of hell.

It's much like in 1860 when nobody wanted nothing to do with Buchanan (Who is debated as being the worse president along with Jimmy Carter) including his own party that didn't even nominated him for a 2nd term. The abolitionist had made a lot of noise and gained favor in the North, the Northern working class didn't want slavery expanded or free as to lower the value of their labors, and the South were terrified after a few attacks that lead to the deaths of a few hundred people didn't want anything to do with the Democrats or the new Republican party. The Whigs were sitting on the fence and losing support. The North voted for Lincoln because he wasn't Buchanan nor his party. The south voted for a candidate I forgot because he wasn't Buchanan nor the Republican. Lincoln won and the South seceded. Just like Carter won not because anyone believed in him, but because he wasn't Ford who was too associated with Nixon. Not because they believed in his agenda.

So to the stupid and insane liberals that believe America wants this socialized health care, go ahead with your plans to discredit the Blue Dog Democrats and the Republicans. Given what you know about history and the American people, it will be just what the doctor ordered to recovered from Obama's socialist agenda and save the country.

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