Thursday, August 20, 2009

How dare Obama try to use God!

I've been listening to Obama's statements made during a video conference made to his members of his faith based initiatives. First, I find this ironic since Bush took heavy criticism of his faith based funding as a violation of the separation of church and state which doesn't exist. That said, this man who hates Christians unless they're a part of the black liberation faith or Islam speaking to so called Christians, given his disdain and hatred for past transgression against African Americans, which by the way isn't totally unjustified, but is in the past and have learned from this dark history, or so I hope, was a bit too much for me to stomach. What he said isn't just the height of hypocrisy, or the height of arrogance, or even the devil giving us temptation, but this man is showing that he truly thinks he's the messiah. This man really thinks he's God.

First, his statement about those opposing his Obamanation care are baring false testimony. Those that are protesting are finding things in the bill and are asking legitimate questions. The false testimony is coming from the White House. First, he's not answering the questions when presented to him or to the people that ask them, just giving a bunch of run around bs circumlocution. The other is he then says one thing to one group, and another thing to another group. As we say in logic, you can't have it both ways. You can't have P and Not P both be true. This is a contradiction and one of them MUST be a lie. So BO, you're the one providing false testimony, not your critics.

The other is that we are to be our brother's keeper. He's using the verse in the Bible where Cain after murdering Able (ironic that he's quoting a murderer, isn't it?) asked God, "Am I my brother's keeper?" God never answers the question, just goes on to the crime as Able's blood cried out to Him. I think it's extremely ironic that he picked his verse. The main reason is twofold. First God doesn't answer the question because it's not a simple yes or no question. The Bible's lesson is clear: help those that are willing to help themselves. He's not for charity without responsibility (listening Vatican?). He not for giving to those that refuse to work for if a man will not work, let him not eat (listening socialists and welfare queens?). We are to be our brother's keeper if he's willing to do his share of the work and is a productive member of society. Just that in a world where man, not God, is entrusted to implement a system that's not perfect and we're now subjected to illness and accidents, there are going to be times that we're going to be down on our luck. As long as we're willing to pick up the slack after we're back on our feet, then we're to help. If one is just plain lazy and unwilling to support himself, then he's to be left to his own devices.

What more, if any Biblical scholars are paying attention, BO picked the wrong verse to justify this evil bill. God was calling Cain out because of Able's blood crying out to him. This was a series of events that ended up with Cain's exile for his crimes against humanity, the crime of murder. This was the demonstration of what sin does. It kills, it destroys, it breaks up family, and it separates us from the human family. That BO really doesn't address the rationing, which any historian with a ounce of worth will tell will happen with socialized health care because it always lead to rationing. You can't provide an unlimited service with limited resources, and by limiting the salaries, for example, you're going to limit the human resources even worse. This is going to make things even worse. There's nothing in the bill to PREVENT death panels from being formed and if it's so far fetched, just take a look at how he treated Tootie, his very own grandmother (hence why his critics use the term pulling the plug on grandma. He did on his own grandma). If this is so, the blood of those that die as a direct results of the so called death panels or from the ration care will be on the hands of every politician that voted for this thing. I think if BO knew that, he would had refrained from using this passage.

This demonstrates one of three things about Obama, perhaps both. 1, either he really thinks he's the messiah and the Son of God and his word is divine, or 2, as Imams aren't to be questioned in Islam and lying is a divine tools to destroy the infidels, he's a Muslim and is practicing what he was taught as being right in Islam, or 3, he's a down and out hypocrite using religion to manipulate the naive leftist faithful to be guilt-ed in supporting this evil. Either way, this man has demonstrated that he doesn't have our interests at heart, that's he's going to use religion, something he hasn't shown to have any faith in since taking office, as a weapon against us. Heck, at least Carter went to a Baptist church during his reign of terror. This isn't a man of faith unless you believe Jeremiah Wright's bigotry is a religion. To those of faith that are conflicted about whether it's a sin or not, the apostle Paul thought stoning Christians was righteous as well til the truth filled his heart. Also remember a terrible lesson from history that is proven all too many times: the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. Don't be a victim of another chapter.

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