Friday, August 14, 2009

The ill will of American women.

There is a story and a personal observation that has come out that has me shaking my head. What's terrible is how the reaction of the women over these two incidence that has supported my belief that women in western society are so filled with hatred and vileness that they don't have any moral compass anymore. One was minor but telling while the other was horrendous but hey, men are all evil by nature and deserve whatever they get. . . right?

The minor observation, or I should say observations was on the TV show I survived a Japanese Game Show. For those not familiar with the show, 12 contestants participate in a Japanese game show called Majide which have the contestants do silly and crazy games in teams at first. The games are done in 3 sets, the first is a team game where the winner gains an advantage during the 2nd team game. Then the 2nd team game gains a reward for the winning team and a punishment for the losing team and they also have to select two people to do a one on one game where the loser is eliminated. This goes on for weeks til there are 3 people left (if one team loses too often as this last season had (Red Robots lost 8 of 10 weeks worth of games to the Green Tigers). Then the last 3 are in two elimination games. What I was seeing was a pattern developing. One of the contestant was winning every single challenge (she was voted to switch teams twice). What was telling about our western society was while this woman was winning, why nobody wanted her on their team even though a win saves the team members from elimination.

The woman, who eventually went undefeated and enjoyed every reward, including the grand prize of $250,000 and never suffered a single punishment and the first contestant, as well as the oldest winner, ever to go through a whole season of Majide without a single loss was a 37 year old soccer mom (one of the games her team won was kicking goals on a rather exaggerated soccer field with an rather BIG foot). Even though she was winning every event and instrumental in those wins, everyone saw her as a weak link. She was voted off the teams when they become too uneven because they felt as a MOTHER, she was useless and weak. I would had thought after the 8th straight win, someone would catch on that she's good at these games and a threat to them winning the whole game. Well, it didn't happen. Even when the finals were about to begin, the opponent stated she's a soccer mom, she can't be good at anything, much less at a physical contest such as this. Well, in the end, the MOTHER won the whole game and it wasn't even close.

What this state is how women, because it was mainly the women that saw her as weak and useless and voted her constantly to switch teams, seems to have the view that women that have children are weak, stupid, and useless. I didn't fail to notice how the in our society that we view those that have children, unless they're working mothers that neglect and just let the hired help do the raising, then they're traitors to the gender. The worse thing a woman can be in western society is to be a "breeder". First, the woman that lost wanted to win the money to have a big wedding, but had no interest in having children. Why? Because she was going to be someone, a person of value, not a mommy. Geesh, one of nature's greatest gift was the power of birth for women. I mean, nature gave women this ability by design and now if any woman uses it, they're viewed as being anti-woman. Forgive my confusion in failing to see the logic. After all, I am a stupid male. I mean my lord. Without moms, there are no people and we die as a race. For that, those that underestimate this woman, they were the weak ones and in the end, they were defeated because they were weak and failed to reconize her stength..

The story that's out is the one that demonstrates to me that 68% of western women are just down and out evil against men. A man was having an affair with 3 women from online dating site. Well, it was Craigslist which should say enough. The 4 women involved all knew of each other, how isn't revealed, but the three mistresses and the wife all knew about each other and devised a vindictive plan. They got one of them to set up a date, after months of all of them playing around, pay for a hotel and the four of them ambushed him, blindfolded, bond, and then super glued his penis onto his stomach. Well, that was vengeance at its worse. I have to admit, when it comes to revenge, women have us beat badly. What I found offensive and despicable, 68% of the women surveyed by the site that reported the story found the action of these women to be funny. They thought it was funny to take a man's penis and super glued it to his stomach. I wonder what these witches would think if four men, one the husband, conspired an ambush and super glued her genitals together or breast to her stomach how their reactions would be.

What's worse, these women justified their anger and their criminal acts. Chances are, because lets face it, the guy was a jerk, they'll get off because the man was cheating on his wife. What I don't get is what the women, at least the mistresses, were angry about. They knew he was married, and they paid for the hotels to have sex with them and they're angry at him. Like do women really believe that men have all the power in relationships or do they just not like taking responsibility for their actions? One of the women had the gall to ask the man as they were taking him to the hospital which one did he love the most. Who cares? What does love have to do with any of this. After this assult, is he going to actually pick one? These women wanted a fix and it was all about sex and self gratification. The fact they found out that they were being played as they were playing him doesn't change a thing. One of the women want to actually shoot him. Lovely. I'll sleep around with a married man, but if I get caught, I get to shoot HIM. Yet, 68% not only think what they did was morally right and he got what he deserved, perhaps should had been shot, but it was funny. I like to see that written in the next sit com. Yea. Yet women in the western world wonder why they have the reputation of making the worse wives and why men don't want to marry them. Tell them what. I'll cut my penis off and throw it at them before I ever be intimate with one again. Even though they'll charge me with assault for throwing it at them. No wonder they have laws like IMBRA passed. They couldn't get a man without it.


Anonymous said...

Great article, buddy. You sound like a man after my own heart.

American women are crap, let's face it. They have such a horrible bitchy feminist attitude, and American men (myself included) are waking up and realizing that they don't have to take this shit anymore from them, that they can go marry nice women from foreign countries like Asia.

Anyway, my golden rule is: Don't marry an American woman unless you want your life to be a living hell. Marry an asian woman instead and you will be so much happier because the asian women don't have this horrible feminist bullshit attitude.

You might want to check out my blog, it is called "I Hate White Women" at

I think you'll like it

Anonymous said...

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