Monday, August 10, 2009

Liberal Seniors are now getting it.

I was reading over one of my blogs that I followed and the segment about the commercial about how seniors survived the great depression, fought on D-Day, have supported the system during their working years and now they may have to sacrifice their lives because the cost will be too high. Add what else is missing in this bill about spinabifide, Lyne Sacs (sic), or cerebral Palsy. They're not covered. Abortions that the government determines which can be for anything. Heck, just abort them all if necessary because their carbon footprints are too high. Cancer patients will be determined by a cost basis. This reminds me too much of the Voyager episode where the holographic doctor has stolen and sold to a hospital that had a shortage of doctors and based their health care by rationing by a person worth to society. A janitor wasn't as valuable as a waste plant engineer. The janitor with a fatal, but treatable illness was allowed to die while the plant engineer got the treatment the janitor needed . . . for cosmetic reasons. To gain a few months of smooth skin. What's going to be the difference with this evil plan?

The people that are finally get it are the liberal seniors. They're finally seeing that they're first on the government's hit list for rationing for cost analysis. It's no secret the largest costs are, 1) from illegals that contribute nothing, and 2) seniors that have the greatest need with the longest care. Well, these thugs aren't going to throw illegals under the proverbial bus, so it's American seniors. The government can't control costs, but they can control, if they desire, the populace. Just look at how thugs are using threats and intimidation to suppress the opposition voice. have shown the true nature of this cost first initiative.

HMO's were greatly criticized during the 90's because they were more concerned about costs over care. It was the great cry for Clinton's attempt to take over the health care when it failed miserably. Now we have the government, in their very own bill, not only going to use those same failed practices that lead he battle cry for the first attempt, but put those policies on steroids with a government monopoly.

Having come out of a bad government monopoly myself, I can testify that most don't have a clue how bad and evil things can get. What I saw in one year in the education system was enough to eliminate my fear of death because there are things worse than death out there. Suffering, misery, forced destitute, and indentured servitude. Now we have forced abortions and euthanasia. I often wonder how we got to this point and the answer is simple: one step at a time.

At least now the liberal seniors have shown that they're not completely suicidal or have a death wish. Not yet anyways. Now they're fighting back. I just wonder if anyone is going to listen. So narcissistic our society is now, I fear that they're going to plead on deaf ears. Though the seniors have been a reliable source of votes, this move wouldn't make much sense unless they're votes are going to be silenced over age and competency issues now. Sudden the invalid aren't going to competent to vote any more. I hope the seniors no longer underestimate these evil goons.

My mother turns 60 next month, and my father figure is already 71. I sure in the hell don't want the government determining if they're worthy or cost effective enough to live in our society. I don't find that a pentacle of a free society and I sure hope they don't either. I don't wan the government making those decision even though my mother still supports this group of thugs. However, I find myself fighting my principles at times because I think the baby boomers are starting to get the government they deserve because this is what they fought for for over 4 decades now. Somehow, though, I don't find it gratifying to say I told you so and go to h*ll. In the end, I still have reverence for life, even if they don't. That's what makes me a better person than they. For that, I'm willing to join the liberal seniors in their quest to save their lives from their own misguided beliefs that got them there. Otherwise, what is the point of having morals at all? Right or wrong, those people they're going to hastily die off, but the government officials themselves, are going to be some body's mother, father, brother, sister, friend, neighbor or what have you. For that, I refuse to become them and let them fall into the pit that they dug for themselves. I often say that you must fight for what's right. In this case, it's the right fight. God speed all.

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