Sunday, August 16, 2009

The logic of Bizzaroworld.

I was listening to the clips of Obama's campaigning for his so called health care. Alice herself would be taking a double take after the latest attempts. Obama, off script given his um and ahs, was trying to make a point that any person with any experience and education in deductive logic. Obama was trying to down play the criticism of his health care plan by making some of the claims made by those that oppose him. How if his health care plan is passed that costs will go up, government will get in the way of your doctor, and bureaucrats will determine what care you will get. Guess what. That's going on already. I'll say. What exactly is he saying exactly. Logically, he's actually is making his critic's point.

First off, what exactly does it means to make a sound, logical argument. Math is seen as a progression of numeric operations with numbers. Well, another segment is deductive logic. Though if you go to your local college, you'll find the class in the philosophy department, it's a major segment, especially in set theory and abstract mathematics, in the study of higher mathematics. Basically, an argument is logical in its structure if the rules of logic are followed, then if the premise are true, it's with 100% certainly that the conclusion is true. When an argument is logical in structure AND all the premises are true, then the argument is said to be logical and sound. If one is false, then the argument is called unsound. For example, I can state the following:

All elephants are pink.
Dalphadale is an elephant.
Therefore, Dalphadale is pink.

This argument is logical in it's structure and a computer would accept it since they're a complete slave to logic (they make spook look like an amateur logician). So an argument can be logical but unsound. If it's both illogical and unsound, then it's gibberish. Nothing can be deduced and if the argument is unsound, it's either false or inconclusive depending on which premise is false.

Here is what the critics are reasoning about socialized medicine:

Since when some of our health care has been socialized.
Some of our costs have skyrocketed.
Some of our liberties have been infringed.
Therefore, complete socialization will completely skyrocket our costs and infringe our liberties.

Again logical in it's structure. The only question is are the premises sound (true).

Now, let's look at what Obama stated, that the criticism of the consequences of his health care plan is being higher costs, rationing, and government interferences. Then he stated that it's going on already. So, by his own admission, he's conceding that the premises of his critics are actually correct. He's conceding that there are some elements of socialized medicine already going on and the consequences on a small scale are already in effect. So in effect, he provided testimonial evidence that his critics are right. That government interference and the small scale of socialism is in our health care profession and that our costs have gone up while our liberties have gone down in its duration.

So what has Obama done when this is said and done. He's defending the COMPLETE socialization of our health care. His conclusion is that we need to make socialization complete. Though socialization has given all that our criticism have claimed even by his admission, he comes to a conclusion that's completely against the evidence. The evidence is that socialism is bringing higher costs, and government control. Therefore, the conclusions is to bring costs down and to have more freedom in our health care is to completely socialize medicine. This is what's known as a contradiction. We have what is known as A bring true, but he's claiming Not A is true. The man totally contradicted his argument for health care. What's I find ironic is that the media is playing this clip in attempt to showing his glib in convincing that we're all nuts jobs but if anyone one of a sound, logical mind will see that this man has shown his true agenda: complete socialism. He doesn't care if it raises costs, he admits it. He's admit this plan for energy, for our industries, for every aspect of our lives. After all, as a wise old Vulcan once said, "it's only logical".

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